Sin Of British Colonisation – American Orientalist


“American orientalist” is coined term for some of prominent american Indologist (Sheldon pollock& Wendy Doniger) ,those have great knowledge of Sanskrit and they are self claimed revival parents of Indian society .



American orientalist like sheldon pollock are very hard working in their field of learning sanskrit and sanskriti (culture). But Their outside view of understanding the most deep core idea of hinduism, makes their understanding fabble about the insight of hinduism.
Their approach towards Sanskrit or Indian society first seems to very friendly but as they studied it more and more their interest about Sanskrit and Indian society or religious structure seems doubtful.

Their basic agenda is propoagting political lobby who can disintegrated the mainstream hindus from dalit, Muslim, christen and budhiest. So they can play thier role in breaking India.

These people are most dominant left Marxist toung in India and Media like NDTV or Tahlaka seems influenced by such scholar who tossed term like Sanskrit toxicity and a language of oppression.

Their main propaganda towards Indian culture is highly infiltrated and influenced the study of social science with in India. That is why Most leftist who study Social science in JNU/JU are turned against Indian culture cause they seems Indian society through lenses of an Marxist and West influenced scholar who preached Sanskrit often oppressive but hide its scientific and mathematical approach in early India.

I wish few of us will do something against this infiltration which is actually bullying us to study our Indian history in school n university in distorted manner.

Burning of manusmriti is one of kind of propaganda of leftist to support such oppressive argument against Indian culture with help of such american orientalist.

When we will learn to respect our self. every society (including west, Europe & Marxist) all have downfall, but they rectified it. Not like Indians who actually carry burdens of such guilt’s everywhere and all times. Its time to rectify our social evil and proud to be our Sanskriti (Culture).

This is the samll atempt to exposing such intectualls who are not traditional but trying hard to reform Hinduism on behalf of their western thoery of socilaism.

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