TOP 5 Books About Sanatan Dhrama “Hinduism”

om-symbol-purple“Santana Dhrama” is world oldest religion which has been followed in Indian Subcontinent since 5000 Years and More. Foundation Teaching of Santana Dhrama is “Non Violance”, Karma Fala (Action Reaction theory), Re Incarnation, Meditation “Yoga” and spirituality. It’s mostly famous as colonial name “Hinduism” and subscribed by 960 million people in India and 12 Million people around the world. Hinduism is world most tolerate and stable religion. This religion has developed the idea of marriage, Scientific theory, Sprituality, written scripture. World oldest written text is “RigVeda” written in 1500-1700 BCE. Here, I have mentioned some fundamental books about Hinduism which every reader should read despite of Cast, Nation and Religion.

Land of India is contains many diversity in Nature and many things which western or even indians are unaware. India society has huge of amount of diversity in langauge and culture that it’s really hard to understand that how 1.25 Billion people living under such beautiful country.

More Over, Here below is my first book Which is give narratives about early ancient Indian culture.

  1. The Bhagwat Gita (A advice by Lord Krishna to humanity)


This Book is very fundamental philosophy of Hinduism. “Bhagwat Gita” is considered to be spoken by supreme Lord 8th avatar Know as “Lord Krishna” to his student and friend ” Greatest archer of ancient India ” Arjuna”. This advisory was spoken by God in crucial condition of war. where one clans were fighting over throne.

generally people consider this advisory to a war but actually this advisory is not meant for war. Reader can take this advice to any context. From Inner conflict to External conflict between two ideology and culture. It has explained detail about Nature of Universe, Nature of Humans, Karma Fala (Action and Reaction) theory, Nature of God, Nature of Moksha (salvation) and universal incarnation.

2. The Ramayana ( The story of Moral King Lord Ram).

Ramayana is a great Epic and Part of Indian History which is led by Lord Ram and His clan “Iksvansu”. Lord Ram was great king of his time know as “TretaYuga”. Lord Ram itself consider as 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu. This is life of a Child, a King, a husband, a yogi, a fighter and Most moral human in Indian history. ” Ramayana” by Valmiki or “Ramcharit Mana” by Tulsidaas is almost most famous text in indian subcontinent.

This story goes on to birth of a king to fight with a demon who was great scholar but yet his ego and power drag him down to death by this king.

Some Social Message Given by This text:-

  1. Polygamy is crime against marriage. A1yarV9-HzLA marriage should be institutionalised based on Love. Not Over Land, Kingdom & Business.
  2. All Cast and Jatis are same and God has no difference between about human’s.
  3. All Animals are sentient and our behaviour with animals should be moral.
  4. All King (leader/Power holder) should follow Three Dharma (Duty):- Eken patniverta (Single wife), Eken vancha (Single promise holder) and Satyawadi (True speaker).
  5. A human should try to live a more spiritual life rather than material life. And salvation can be achieved by completing your daily duty with faith without hardcore meditation and chanting.

3. Vedas:-A Parmathika “Oral traditional scripture” from itself Supream God

hinduism-indian-old-ancient-books-of-all-four-hindu-vedas-rigved-atharved-AC8AK0The Most primary text in hinduism is considered as “:Vedas”. Essential meaning of vedas in Sanskrit is “Towards knowledge”. Vedas has many section and subsection. Four vedas are fundamental “RigVeda”-Rituals and prayers, “Atharvada”-Duty and responsibility, “Samveda”-Dharma and Nature of God, “Yajurved”-Extension of rituals and social practice. Vedas subsection are Vedanta which is described by Shri Adi Shankaracharya.

4. Mahabharata (A great fight between Right and Wrong)mahabharata-original-imae9huh4gcw78rx

Mahabharata is another Epic and great history of India. Bhagwat Gita is part of this world biggest epic structure in early times. This epics contain more than 100000 Verse and each parva (section) is dedicated to different social aspect of life. Mahabharata is fight of one clan which has two groups. One groups were being so tolerated has faced so many problems, exile even death threat. But another group was tried hard to finish them. This story told about situation which are inevitable and people should need to choose right things for sustaining world order based on humanity. This is most astonishing text ever written in Indian history and any other civilization.

5. Upanishad (A river of knowledge)


Upanishads simply consider text which help to teach common people about vedic deep philosophy. This text has divided into 10 parts named below:

Rig vedic

Sama vedic

Yajur vedic

Atharva vedic

This text is really helpful to understand world most deepest philosophy.

Everyone should must read these text cause these text doesn’t talk about any particular faith, rituals, practice. These all text fundamental idea is Humanity and spiritual growth of Humanity.




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