Sin of British colonization and effect On Indian social fabric- Western Atrocity Literature



From the era of enlightenment in Europe to this day, Western Academic has play very important role to fabrication of history of Indian and south Asian society. In 500 Years of Modern history, European had colonized America, Africa and South Asia. They have tried hard to create a grand narrative of their history attached with south Asian history. They had fabricated many authenticated lies (about race and history) which is indulged among Indian culture.

This blog try to highlight how European Academic construction leads for brutal genocides throughout the world.


In 18th Century, Europe itself struggling between the traditional religious orthodox and enlightenment era lead by many scholar of early Europe. The same very times Europe discover India, their language and culture who was not yet intact by any enlightenment movement till that time. European orthodox religious scholar was dreaming about relive their lost religious identity through India. In search of identity they began to propagate an idea about external race known as “Aryan” who was later merged with Native people and enlightened them with intelligence and spirituality. They started to consider themselves descendants of Aryan race by misreading of Indian spiritual scripture. They fed this idea to German nationalism, anti-Semitism and race science. How some scholar like Mr. Ernest Renan (European Indologist) convinced that they are super breed because their ancestor was Aryan and comes from India. By this way they themselves detached from other European race. Later on this theory has been used by German nationals and scholar to breed Nazism and the holocaust of Jews by considering themselves pure race and Jews just primeval native of Arab.


In Late 18th century, Max Muller suggests the Aryan theory but with a different twist of race science developed inside Europe. This theory of Aryans with race science or caste had propagated by scholar like Max Muller during their time of India colonization. They detached Indian people on basis of Color as they done with Africans and Jews. This very basic idea of Color discrimination was their obsession to proving Noah flood story from biblical myths real comes in existence. The  church started to consider all black peoples to descended of Ham (One of the son of Noah who actually once mocked Noah and get crushed of life time slavery and his children by children of other

brother of ham, by this actually Europe church justify the slavery on black people). Max Muller based on Mr. reaslly data on early Indian Jati “Surname lineage” later converted into caste by British (Another Indologist who had done survey based on jati and categorized them based on color, social position and wealth) purposed that all wealthy and fair skinned Indians are “Aryans” and descendent from Europe. They came with language which “Indo-European”. Now these days this theory has been propagating by Christen missionary to accurse south by casting them “Dravid” or “Non Aryans” “Native people” or “rakshasa” according to Hindu scripture.

Sri Lanka

Church has successfully play same role In Buddhist thrived country and context all Sinhalese as “White Aryans” and Tamil as “Dravidian”. This division encourage by colonial administration slowly accepted by society. Many south Indians Tamils turn into antagonism by new identity towards so called Aryans. The result was seen as biggest Civil war and genocide in Sri Lankan history.