In 1871, east India Company pass an act against native people of tribal India which is known as “Criminal Tribes Act”. This Act was passed by British Government to demolished the protest against Government act.


In 1871 the British Government passed an act known as the Criminal Tribes Act. In 1876, it was applicable to all India. Under this act more than 150 tribes can be considered as “Criminal” if they act against British Government. Children up to age 18 were separated from their parents and forced to stay into rehabilitation center (Which is act as christen conversion center). Most of British later accused “Brahamnical Varna System” for this atrocity because that was very easy for them to blame Indian civilization for their Sins.

“Thugs” was one of the tribes which were oppressed by British Colonist. But they were badly mingled via atrocity literature(a literature or theory which is used to blame the native people for atrocity of others. Aryan Invasion theory & Theory  of Sanskrit is dead are few of them) that their name has entered in English dictionary as criminal.

Contradiction With History

Todays Many Dalit  social worker and Indian Leftist, blame Indian Culture or West fabricated caste system  for their contribution of this Criminal act. It is well established lie by Dalit’s and Indian leftist to many part of India for Dalit’s population with help of NGO (Working for US or Vatican church). The time that Criminal act was imposed British was trying hard to intervene the life of native people and resettled them under Christianity context of civilization after rejecting their vocal and oral tradition. Many tribes and Peoples protest against it, but British Government take help people like Raja Ram Mohan Roy who helped the flourished Christianity by influence of atrocity literature.

Major Contradiction has found that till now this atrocity literature become so powerful that many academic sites are propagating this theory as weapon of separatism amongst Dalit and Dravid in part of Karla, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

One of example given below link:-

The Legacy Of Criminal Tribes Act

Consequence of Atrocity literature, This kind of separatist thoughts could be dangerous to India and its integrity. Irony of India is that, Many intellectuals are supporting this theory on behalf of benefits provided by Europe and US foundation who want to spate this country based on their cooked up theory during period of Colonization.

Many Mainstream media, Highly Intellectuals are forcing hard themselves to create chaos within India by Blaming every thing on Indian culture, West Fabricated Cast System and their atrocity literature.