Sin of British colonization-Invention of Dravidian Christianity

Dravidian Christianity is the new term which has been developed under colonizers of India along with caste system and Dowry system. In this blog we will go through the journey how Dravidian Christianity is fabricated by British Colonizers and now, being feed by US Indologist and church to break India.

Dravida is the term used in Sanskrit for denotation of the state where Dravid language is popular likewise its stated about Punjab-Punjabi, Gujarat-Gujrati, Sindh-Sindhi/ Pasto, Maratha-Marathi. In National songs of India, it’s mentioned as a state which is an integral part of India and language is Dravid.

“जन गण मन अधिनायक जय हो
भारत भाग्य विधाता
पुंजाब सिंध गुजरात मराठा
द्रविड़ उत्कल बंग
विंध्य हिमांचल जमुना गंगा
उच्छल जलधि तरंग
तब शुभ नामे जागे
तब शुभ आशिष मांगे “.

 Historical background of Biblical ethnology behind Dravidian and Black African.

Biblical myths about the story of Noah claimed that Noah has three son- ham(Indians & blacks), Shem (Arabs)  and Japheth (European, American and British). On one occasion, Ham laughed at Noah’s nudity for some reason. Noah’s get angry on this reason curse Ham, that descendants of Ham will do slavery of all others descendants of his sons means Shem and Japheth.


For Justifying African Black slavery by white people and European church increase that Myths of Ham. During European colonization of India, They declare they have found another race of Ham whom they can be colonized and do slavery. This idea is later adopted by British colonizers.  Founder of Protestant movement, Martin Luther believed that categorically sons of Ham are satanic and have bitter hatred towards white people.

“Most of the account they declare that dark people are descendent of Ham, and degraded Christianity and adopted idol worshiped as sin.”

Early development of This theory by European/British colonizers and christen evangelized

Francis Whyte Ellis and Alexander D. Campbell studied Tamil grammar and language and purposed that these languages are different from Sanskrit. Brian H. Hodgson invented term “Tamilian”.

Bishop Robert Caldwell (1814-91) evangelist studied Tamil and written a book ” Comparative Grammar of Dravidian race”. He used Aryan invasion theory to justify his philosophy of difference in grammar that early Aryans were cunning and they simply imposed their view on innocent Dravidian by using Sanskrit and new theology of religion “Hinduism”. (Aryan invasion theory is debunked since recently genetics declare that there were no invasion in Indian continual by Outsider)

De-Indianizing of Tamils traditions had been taken place by detaching tail extensive work on spirituality based on Vedas and Buddhism. Robert Caldwell declared that “Thirukural” is not based on Vedas and maybe it is influenced by Jainism. Later G.U. Pope another evangelist reject above theory and declare that “Thirukural” has been originated from bible as it is not suggested idea of idol worship (So does Vedas, it could be vice versa that bible has taken idea of not being idol worshiper transfer from east to west) but he rejects another mentioned name in scripture such as Indra, Vishnu, and Shiva.

“Thirukural” later Christianised by G.U. pope by producing the fabricated theory of myths of St. Thomas. He declares that “Thirukural” has been written under St. Thomas and writer of “Thirukural” has engaged in dialogue with St. Thomas. he said later cunning Aryans/Brahmans has imposed their view and with the time they changed this scripture into Hinduism.

G.U. Pole later worked on Shiva Siddhanta. First, he declares it as the conspiracy of “Brahman” but later he suggests that relate with Christianity by justifying that has closed relation with songs of Solomon in the old bible. These songs talk about a universal teacher which is Jesus Christ and representation of Shiva is the cheap attempt by Brahmans to make it their text.

First Experiment based On Aryan and Dravida ethnology in Sri Lanka.

Theosophical Society, founded in the US has a major role in the civil war between Sinhalese and Tamils. It is started to propagate that Lemuria (Kumari Kadam) based on the relation of geographical similarity of Africa and south India (They neglect that fact that India was once sub-continental of Africa before shifting towards Himalaya in approx. 1000000 years ago). They suggest that in between Africa and India there was one largest continental where Dravidian civilization flourished and developed. later they moved all over India and founded Indus valley civilization while another reason people of Greek, Persian, Romans (commonly known as Aryans) and started to subjugated the original Dravidian. Kumari Kadam (imaginary subcontinent) also flushed undersea and all Dravidian only squeeze up to south Asia. This theory of separate Tamil identity is used by theosophical society.

They were also able to convince the large population of Sinhalese that they were Aryans who were Aryans who educated and developed Tamils Dravidian and they have right to rule Sri Lanka.

This conflict of identity which is created by Indologist and Churches of US and UK transformed as a 30 years barbaric civil war which almost killed over 80,000 people and displaced almost 9,00,000 people.

This theory has currently been applied between Taliban’s and Afghanistan conflict, Iraq (Shia and Sunni group), Myanmar (Rogiyaan Muslim and local Buddhist) and India (Dravidian and Hindus or Naxalist and Indian state). Their current target is north which is under church effect showing sign of retaliation against the Indian state.

Digestion of Tamil Hinduism into Dravida Christianity.

Myths of St. Thomas:

It is propagated myths that St. Thomas visited South Asia in 53 CE which is one of the biblical myths about apostles St. Thomas. Father Henry Heras (1888-1955) Indologist claim that St. Thomas died in Madras. But this claims had been rejected by Christen church for lack of evidence.

In 1970, M. Deivanayagm again started this myth by twisting Tamil text that its support Christianity. Many Tamil loving scholars promote this idea for identity politics. suddenly a news had been flashed that Cross of St. Thomas had been discovered near famous Hindu pilgrimage. This suddenly caused tension between two community and matter has been considered as “Hindus are attacking Christianity” in India. later case gone to Madras court wherein 1975 this was publicly exposed as the hoax. It was considered that in 15th-century Portugal made one church near that temple and buried cross which was later considered as the cross of st. Thomas.

In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI gave a speech in which he said that St. Thomas came to India through Persia. Which disappointed many Dravidian christen that he didn’t reach South Asia ever.

Digestion of Hindu tradition into Christianity.

Institutes of Asian study in Chennai which was run by a Japanese converted to Christianity writes numerous books declaring that Shiva and Nataraja are Dravidian in Nature. he conceptualized Shiva danced is based on Ananda Tandva (which has the Tamil origin) but neglect all fact that Shiva many places described in the north. In Tamil literature, Shiva origin was described in the Himalayas. Name of Kashi and Another Jyotirlinga which is found in North.  The artifacts of Shiva belong to Indus valley also.

fabrication of Fifth Vedas known as ” Ezour veidam” was propagated by Robert de Nobili (1577-1656). later in 1774, Pierre Sonnerat visited India and take study under a scholar Brahman. he found that document is forged and has no relation ship with other Vedas. Later due to embarrassment in society, European Indologist eradicates that documents and tagged it “Exhibit No. 452”.

Navratri (nine days a famous Hindu tradition for divine mother goddess) was Christianised in 2008, declaring that it is parallel with Vijayadashami. A customs amongst christen is celebrated to wrote the name of yeshu Daivam in a plate of rice grains while it is used by Hindus for writing ” hari sree ganpathaye namah”.

Later christen church claimed that Vijayadashami had the historical background because same day Jehovah enlightened Jesus with Knowledge. In Christianization version Laxmi & Saraswati is christen saint paul and subastains.

Futher church claimed in Tamil Nadu that Maha Shivratri is also christened festival because Night of Shiva is actually the night of Messiah.

dance of Shiva (Tandva) later been declared by a christen website that this dance belongs to Jesus by father Francis Barboza, a priest, and Hindu art dancer. Kalai Kaveri collage of fine arts founded in 1977, replaced dancing Hindu gods with Fr. Francis.

The Dance Pages of Dr. Francis Barboza

Leela Samson a prominent dancer of Bharat Natyam was found in controversy of changing rules and demonizing Hinduism in her controlled Institution.

What the CAG report said about Leela Samson

In above discussion, it is clearly seen that Dravidians identity is used for dismantling Tamils from Hinduism and rest of India by using analogical tools such as race science, biblical ethnology, ancient geography, linguistics and anthropology.

These Projects are still running to disturbed Indian growth and Idea of nationalism. China was once the victim of such ethnology but later they mutually growth and become the problem for the US. Now, US Policy doesn’t want to give such environment to India for reformation and unite. their Christianization of society will produce more loyal slaves to the US than India.

All Readers are strongly advised to Read “Breaking India “ of Mr. Rajiv Malhotra and others books of the same writer.