Book Review: Hindu Under Siege- Dr. Subramanian Swamy

“Hindu Under Siege” is very shortest but most informative book on issues about Hindus and Hinduism. This book highlighted the most burning topic of town where its compare the siege under Hindu community.


Why Should Every Indian read this book?

Most misinterpreted fact about this book is that it is related to Hindutva and expansion of hindutva identity amongst Hindus. But, This book is far beyond and above than this hindutva identity. This book share the facts from ancient times to till date in very short summery where it tried to show that why every Indian has a bit of Santana dharma in their nature irrespective of their religion, language and state.

its also state that why people of India should promote Hinduism. Hinduism mostly consider as equal to religion which is comes with social rule and regulation under restricted boundaries. while in this book Dr. swamy try to highlight open architecture of Hinduism which allow every kind of faith within boundary without dissolving their own culture and customs.

This book show how Indians are able to developed an culture which includes everyone and work as thread amongst Indian. But, if we have such homogenous but diverse cultural system, we have siege under this also.

This siege for Hindus and Indians are explain in five points.

Misunderstanding of Concept of India and correctness of History is major hurdle for united India. JNU’s historian like Irfaan habib & Romila thapar (included US writer & Indologist like wendy & Pollock)  are funded historian of India who has control over education systems of India specially in north India.

Concept of India according to corrupt historian, is very new to India and its formulated after independence. But they have sideline many facts from ancient India like Ashok describe India as an nation before way beyond. In Many religious scripture, Like Ramayana and Mahabharata, Ashwamegh yagana (A ritual in which an chakravarti (India’s King) king leave an horse in different kingdom and who tried to hold horse has to fight with chakravarti or accept his power after defeat) show how India was ruled under one king. Lord Ram, Yudhisthar, Lord Krishna and Asoka was an chakravarti King.

Many ancient documents, local folk tales and scripture confirm idea of united India and their united philosophy while Left funded historian have taken swore to break India in pieces by ignoring that fact.

Below mentioned links help people to read some books based on authentic work and video on history of India before Muslim invasion.

Secularism by definition is separation of state from religion. Short history of secularism state that Martin Luther, who fight for separation of church authority from state rules and regulation. But In India or amongst Hindus, there is no “Church”, “Book” & “posture” who act as a middle men between state and religion. hence, idea of western secularism is annoyed for Indians. Indian king was following the idea of enlightened secularism from time immortal. “Enlightened secularism” is having an country with linguistic, cultural and customary differences without tension amongst them. India has successes in such state more than 2000 years. But Now situation is different, this secularism is using as a tools to fight against Hinduism and Hindu customs which is quite dangerous practice for Hindus. Now, they have been forced or brainwashed to abuse their own practice, customs, rituals and practice on name of universal secularism. But Christianity and Islam in India violating these rules.

Holi (Rang) an Hindu festival which used with water and color has been demonized by media for wasting water. while during bakar eid many tanks of water is waste for cleaning of blood and flesh of sacrifices but no media demonized same practice.

Bali (an animal sacrifice) to kali Mata (goddess in Hindu religion) is demonized by many NGO and media but they mostly keep quite during bakar Eid.

Diwali another hindu festival is demonized  for pollution by media and NGO but during chiestmas and New year spared by media while they have more pollution than Diwali.

Rakhi & Karwachouth is consider as male dominant festival or sign of women slavery by  NGO and Media while they keep mum on practice of Hizab, triple talaq etc.

These above example are strategic war on Hinduism and Hindu customs which seems no harm but front targets of LEFT intellectuals and fundamentalist.

These kind of issue can not be solved till time, people of India will not accept their common heritage. Christens and Muslims ancestors was Hindus. They should understand that separating themselves from an native religion and combining with export religion will produce identity cries amongst them. They must practice the religion whatever they want but they shouldn’t forget their ancestor heritage. This heritage is common for all and that is : Wisdom of Vedas & Vedanta. secularism and their understanding towards country history. Indonesia successfully understand this and have relation with their Hindu past. this doesn’t lead them to deprivation of their current religion.

A Uniform Civil Code shall be applied to all religion, Than only India can unite and act as a superpower.

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