Book Review:Shattered Dreams : Ramayana (Book # 02)


Ramayana Shattered dreams Book #02 by Shubha Vilas is morphine for lover of poetry and philosophy. According to me this drug should be taken by everyone without doubt in mind. Ramayana is always my one favorite epic and ithihas of India that dipped me spirituality and trust. Lord Rama itself a drugs to truth seeker, dharmaic people and sages for years.

Ramayana as a tale:

  • Ramayana as a tale is most interpreted book in human history. It has been interpreted by view of Hanuman, laxmana, sita, lave and khusa, Ravan etc. but retelling of this tale make a spiritual writer complete. In My view I think its gives an opportunity to reader and writer to live with that legacy of mighty Rama and his principle of righteousness.
  • Ramayana, itself contain so many question and answer for youngsters of around the world. Its dissect dharma to religion. Its dissect atheism biggest fear. Its uphold the authority of righteousness & principle of humanity above than anything. May be above than God. Its hold love for a family, brothers, animals, assures & nature.
  • Ramayana hold glory of an righteous men, its hold principle for an ideal leader, brother, husband. Ramayana in words work as drugs to a disease body of illusion. Its work as eye drop in ill functioned world and manmade religious environment.


  • Shubha Vilas’s Ramayana seeks love amongst relations In Shuba Vilas Ramayana, he successfully able to illustrate the “Karuna Raga”. The only story where everyone crying for others, everyone wants to take atrocity happened on others. This book illustrates the things which are lack of current society. Harmony amongst family, order amongst people, dharma in society and trust on God will.
  • Shubha Vilas’s Ramayana seeks love amongst Humans Shubha Vilas also try to highlight the most generous massage in this installment that everyone weather they are believer or non-believer shall be read life style of Ramayana. It doesn’t hold people to obey some command or believed something. It’s actually highlighted most vibrant character of humans irrelative of religion and country. Its ask seekers to be compensate like Rama to forgive everyone who has done atrocity, he ask seekers to see himself as holder of dharma without putting pressure and except their atrocity as play of time. Its ask seekers to behave generously and pleasurably who has short sightedness. It’s also asking seekers to stand against injustice but not when it’s taken under compassion. Its ask seekers to respect your parents, Teachers, Brothers, Wife’s and wise humans.
  • Shubha Vilas’s Ramayana seeks love amongst nature: When Rama respect shayama tree, he worships rivers and others thing. In Abrahamic world it might be consider as crime for considering these things God’s. While they do not able to differentiate the meaning of respect and devotion. Devotion is multitude form of respect which is comes from experience in atheistic life without diverging from principle while respect is only a gesture to thanks all those things who served human life, directly and indirectly. Ramayana teaches us to Love relation, respect nature & devote to Lord.


Dislike : It’s really very hard to find. My side it has no fault.


I would like to thanks writer for such books for my collections.

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