Book ReView: Ramayana : Stolen Hope Book #03


Shubha Vilas: Without Doubt an poet of Lord Rama Life

There is many thing which I can say about this book, as I am writing review for all related series of Ramayana : The Game of Life. No Doubt this book drag you into the deep sentiments with Lord Ram, that its almost impossible for coming out.

Personally, Two time I feel tears in corner of my eyes when I read about, How Writer success to describe the pain of Lord Rama Heart without Mata Sita and When writer explain the pain of shabri. This book is another best of work for all those who really need devotional touch in life.

This book Start with Journey of Rama in Punchwati, their play with nature. Introduction of different kind of animal, demons and supranakha. This story point towards the most pure form of relation between an husband and wife. Between Younger brother and old brother. Between demon and God.

Things can be Noticed and appreciated…..

  • Surely this book is not for those who really studies Ramayana for any kind of philology. This book need an reader who really either don’t know about Lord Rama and at least have courtesy to be compensate the men who lived like God. This book is ocean of melody and praising word. This book is short note for all problems comes in Human life through mind manipulation.
  • Writer used his mystical power to relived Lord Rama Story, as soon as you dipped into this. You feel an special environment is raising around you. all character in this book will be relive and play amongst you. This book shows how even God is bounded with Law of Nature? This book ask an serious question who is bigger God? or Law of Nature? or they both are nothing without each other?
  • Writer also get into detail description of 14000 destruction chapter. this is very confusing for people in other countries to understand how can only one human can kill 14000 demons without scratch. This thing might be forced them that may be Ramayana is not real account of history but an fiction. While in this book writer try to explain that it is possible for an men to destroy 14000 demons with his sharp magical arrow cause power of self control, Yoga and dharma can make an human as God. Or God can destroy trillions of demons in second.
  • Writer also explained the Viragiya Bhaav or Prem Bhav In last few chapter where Lord Behave like an madmen after disappearing of Lord Sita. This show that, an human avatar of God live his life like human. By knowing itself everything, he doesn’t act he know everything. Example, Lord Rama was avatar of Lord Vishnu, who were aware that why Marchicha has come, and sita is going to be abducted. but after knowing this he showed his prem to mata sita by crying, this doesn’t show he is hypocrite and acting like hero. This show that Natural law shall be followed by God even he is the maker, This show that God is even bounded with law of nature. he do raasleela for humans.

Things can be criticize..

  • Well, Nothing can be criticize. This is the most perfect form of Ramayana.



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