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About Book

 “Am I a Hindu?” written by Mr. Ed Viswanathan is nice book to know about Hinduism but I have seen lots of problem in this book. I advise reader to do not believed on all content written in this book.

Good Points

  1. Short explanation of different kind of Shastra, dharma sutra.
  2. Try to cover almost every aspect of Hinduism. (But surly not fully explained).
  3. Writer explain in question answer manner so easy to understand.
  4. Writer has basic knowledge of various topics discussed into book, but failed in History and understanding basic foundation of Hinduism, Vedas.


There is no particular criticism about this book because its almost very handy or helpful for youngster to know about Hinduism. But I would like to recommend that, please don’t relay entirely on this book because inside this I have found many contradictory lines. I am just highlighting these issues page wise and giving very short answer for my criticism.

  1. Page 5, from this book explain …So in Hinduism, you can worship the almighty, which is formless and timeless as Krishna, jejus, allah, moses or anyone or anything…..

Krishana was not claimed he is supreme being god, he just said he is one of avtar of supreme being and hindu can worship in verities of ways like pooja, dharshana, tapshya, sadhana or bhakti. but requirement of worshiping jejus and allah is abolistly different. So yes hindu can worship any way which is mentioned above but they can not or shouldn’t worship any god just because author think Hinduism has open structure. What is the point of being hindu, if he started to worship others god or if he started what is logic to worshiping them without their theology. its an attempt to diluting hindus identity into universalism created by west. Can an muslim and christen worship krishana and brahman if they are same?

2.Page 8, book said …cheraman perumal converted to islam, left india and died in mecca… This is not entirely true, he has visited madina but that was for trade purpose. so auhor claim is based on one myths.

From Wikipedia, The land on which the Cheramun Jami Masjid stands, was donated to the Muslims by Hindu King Cheramun Perumal of Kerala. According to legends, Cherman Perumal, travelled to Madina to visit with the Islamic prophetMuhammad. BuPerumal and the pickle.But some other sources deny that, he rather visited Medina for trade purpose.He died on his way back and is now buried in Salalah, Oman.

  1. Page 9, Book said …saint Thomas, came all the way to madras, and died in mylapore in madras…

Pope itself declare that saint john never crossed Indus civilization and died somewhere in north India (now in Pakistan). 14 CEPortuguese has created the church of saint Thomas in 15 -16 CE and started Christianity in India. All these theory has been developed by European orientalist and Church to misguide and create Dravid Christianity as a tool to break India.

  1. page 14, …In rig veda, we see a nomad community just getting settling on the bank of indus, worshiping all natural gods and ….

Rig Vedic period the Aryans was constantly engaged in battles, and drinking and gambling were part and parcel of their culture…

Entire rig Vedas and other vedas never mentioned about any foregion selltelment of other nomad people. I have studied vedas for 3 yearsm this myths has been taken from Aryan invasion theory by writer which is failed by Harvard study of genetic code of indian cast. they have taken more than 63000 samples of genes and compare it with people around india 9including north and south) found that there is no changein genetic code from 4200 BCE to till date. hence author misinformed reader about this fact. Fact is that rig ved itself contain word arya only 64 times in more than 5500 verse and its clearly claimed in Rig ved, its an pronounciation like bhrya which means wife, similar like arya (means oh noble men).

..gambling is discover in india and were not part of any foregion Aryan system. there is no Aryan invasion in history of India.

  1. In Page 16, Author is being patriotic towards Christianity by claiming that author of Book why I am not Christian should had change his book name. I am confused, what it has to do with Hinduism. There is an book of Kancha illaya, why I am not Hindu is exactly copy paste of same book.

  2. The whole chapter on Christianity in India is full of false statement. For example..

…70 A.D. Christen were worshing in India…..

…65 AD Malabar had many Christians…

….original text of gospel is found in 1945… 

I have checked every evidence regarding these statement but failed. all these statement are mentioned only either evangelical churches which is doing conversion in masses and supported of fake Dravid Christianity or European orientalist who supported that idea to prove that Indians are B grade race of European and British. Now, question is that why should an Hindu believed on statement of an organization which is responsible for cultural genocide for conversion. author seems to influenced by many writer which were actually evangelist in form of Hindu preachers.

  1. Page 21, Writer is so obsessed with ayaran invasion theory that he don’t want to miss any chance to prove his point, Un-till o page 21 he has mentioned fact of Aryan invasion theory more than 10 times. He introduced here term Dravididans which were never mentioned before 17 CE cause these term had been invented earliest colonist based on skin color and liguastic diversity. that time they used their philogical lenses of race science and denoted south indian peoples as dravidians. British Indologist like Max muller, John Williams and Lord Risely actually created this idea…Please read “The Battle For Sanskrit, By Rajiv Malhotra” to know more about This.

  2. Page 23 and 24, writer tried to said that ..all south Indians and dravdians were shiva bhakat and has hated Vishnu bhakata based on Aryans color (paraphrased) .. while reality is that itself shiva sidhanta talk about adobe of Lord shiva in kailash which is part of north India. here auther tried to distoreted the fact that shiva was well know north Indian deities in south and funny fact is that Vishnu in Vishnu puran talk about adobe of Vishnu into sheer sea which might be indication of Indian ocean. There is no doubt that there were clash between with these groups but it might be normal authority war over temples and area.

9.Page 24, ….most saivites today do not give much important to Bhagwat gita… This is not even closed to truth. Most of early translation of Bhagwat Gita has been done by south Indians Like C. Rajagopal Chari etc. Bhagwat Gita is universal book beyond country, race, and religion.

  1. Page 30, Jesus has nothing to do with Yoga, it’s all western church frame to digest Indian intelligence.
  2. Page 40, Writer forget to mention about “John Williams” first Indologist who discriminate against Indians and Muslim. He called as “The one who give Hindu & Muslim law to India”.
  3. Page 42, In Vedic system there is no exorcism, one side writer claim that Hinduism doesn’t believed in devil and second side he asked about exorcism in Hinduism.
  4. Page 45, Rig Vedas has no single verse about settling down about Arayans, they only used word “Arya” for people who are intelligent & its similar like “Dear, Wise”
  5. Page 46, No cast system mentioned in Rig Vedas. The only system mentioned in it is Varna system which means, social divide on basis of labor in which people are very flexible.
  6. Page 54, writer mentioned about some rituals which he concluded that only Brahman do these rituals. But Dhrama Sutra says, all rituals like Upanayana, Viveha, Anthyeshti shall be done by all people.
  7. Page 55 to 60 writer try to portray manusmriti in very negative shade, like shudra & women oppressive. While manusmriti itself agreed that rules and moral can be fluctuated and change according to time, country and will of people. Manu smriti give many privilege to women like equal share of properties, power of home and said that country which doesn’t have respect for women can be prosperous. This is long discussion I will write a separate blog for this.
  8. Page 208, and many other places writer talk about an tribe “Thug” which he consider man eater tribes. But I do not agree with writer and I think he has very ill knowledge about this tribe. Please read below blogs regarding this. Sins of British colonisation- Criminal Tribes Act, Year1876
  9. Page 237, talk about Sati Pratha which is social evil generated during Mugal invasion in India. There is no scriptural account for this customs. Writer try hard to shade this custom in negative but the real story behind sati customs is when mugals try to capture an state, they raped with many rajpoot women and sold them in market for multiple rape or as a sex salve (Like ISIS is doing), for saving herself that humiliation, women will force to burn with their husbands death body. This is most brutal customs started due to Mugals torture and later become issue of male dominant societies.

There is many mistakes in this book so reader should care full read books on Hinduism cause they have been either written by leftist historian and writer who has none interest in Hinduism and outsiders who see Hinduism as an subject rather than vibrant religion. They will do praise and criticism which is contradictory at same time.


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