Book Review: Being Hindu-Hindol Sengupta

Being HinduBeing Hindu by Hindol Sengupta

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This book certainly attract my attention by Title “Being Hindu” and I was expecting new ideas rather than atrocities statements based on British colonization.

few Points which I found writer should need to study more.

1) Idea of Brahmanism : This idea is not based of Hindu Scripture but based on Aryan Invasion theory (already debunked by Many genetics) and writer seems not interested to debunk this myth.

2) Idea of caste system: Writer again seems to be doubtful that weather caste system is originally carved from Hinduism or something else. More Over, It is seems like that writer is not able to throw his secularism in context of Hinduism. In Many places of Book, writer seems to defend Hinduism for Untouchables & Brahmins while in reality, they are not part of Sanatana Philosophy.

3) Books drags you into his own childhood where he shown nicely the conversion and impression been made by convent schools on young child. he also portrayed a very well image of a confusing child Mind who want to understand Hinduism but failed due to people in India avoid being spiritual and having knowledge of Hinduism for Secularism.

4) This books also indicate the lack of centralize Institution within Hinduism in India which can show paths to Young, Middle and Old knowledge seeking Minds.

I wish writer next time write on Brahmanism and Untouchable after extensive study of roll of British and Europe Indologist on young Indian Minds of India and abroad.

This book is good and forward move for describing Hindus and their culture.
Like: Explanation about why Hindus do idol worship and spiritual knowledge.
Unlike: A hidden fear of writer to call him more secular than Hindu.

Come on Men, calling himself “Hindu” will not ended secularism in India and around the world. It is not crime to being different but biggest crime is ignoring it.

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