Book Review: Breaking India-Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines by Rajiv Malhotra

Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit FaultlinesBreaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines by Rajiv Malhotra

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“Breaking India” is the most factual book.

This book is open challenge to the forces which want to dissect India into million of pieces. This book asked question to the people of India (Specially Youth), when they will learn to stand up and make India’s grad narrative which should include every single Indians within frame work. Breaking India is beautifully divided and paired in very efficiently to show how British colonization, US religious freedom Policy, Indian Left wing with collaboration of Pan Islam and blunted Christianity looting Indian cultural heritage.

1) This book clearly show that how initial colonizers came to India to find out their own identity as “Aryan” and How one single word “Arya” (which is mentioned only 64 times in 5500 verse of rigved, become more than 3000 times mentioned in Hitler’s”Main kampf”) has been used by European indologist to change their race into Aryans to win against France. This book show how Aryan theory has been fabricated in lab of European evangelist and indologist and how it has been transformed into minds of every Indian. How there division of Labor “Varna” is transformed into a nasty nexus of “cast”.
2) “Breaking India” chapter 4th and 5th will drive you to “Myth of ham” from where European and British evangelicals propagated the claim that all American African and Indians are subjected to slavery because they all are sons of Ham. It will show you William Jones Map of Indian biblical ethnology. This book will show how Lord H.H. Risley (British administrator and indologist) experiment with Nose and wealth created a vast gap into Indian continental regards of Cast.
3) Chapter 6 to 10 will show you that how with help of St. Thomas myth and Portugal’s created Church, new Dravidian identity has been developed by anthropologist and Indian church. It will show the roll of many leader from DMK, AIDMK and others who openly support ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese (While both have been developed by US Church). It will show roll of G.U.Pope, Robert Caldwell, Campbell and D. Deivanayagam who propagate the ethnic theory of cunning Aryan and developed gap between Native Tamil Hindus and Indian mainstream religion. It will show how Kadam Kumari fake continental idea help the identity politics of India.
4) This book will show how the roll of many evangelic, dalit, Dravidian and left organizations playing disintegration with in india in name of ethnic cleanse. How india is moving towards a civil war and govt up to 2010 either avoiding the situation or pretending to be not known.
5) This book will show how US produced atrocity literature to weekend a country and how US used this strategies to make slave or attack into a nation (Iraq & Libya). This book review rolls of many neo-Indian and left Indians who are doll of US policy and how Christianization has been propagated by US in name of USAID, USCRF and GOA.
6) This book also enter deep into nexus of Moist and evangelical church, LEFT and Church nexus, Nexus of Dravidian politics and Pan Islam, roll of funding and money trail which is used for breaking India into Mugalistaan, Dravidstaan and Dalitstan. Its also show roll and interest of china and Pakistan to breaking India and US dilemma towards identity of India.

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