Why God does not help millions of starving children around the world?

God is mighty, all powerful, Kind, merciful and great. He is controller of mortal world, he is father of all creatures, and he is Master of Universe. Yet he is failed to save millions of child who is dying daily under starvation, disease. All Children’s doesn’t have chance to play their role in this mortal world. Children’s who has no sin since they just born. Children which doesn’t mean to hurt anyone still dying such painful death.

This is the most burning questions when it’s comes to accept the authority of God? Answer is boggling the mind.

Is God is mighty but cruel? He can be kind but powerless? He is all powerful but senseless?

Let’s see through the lenses of Sanatana Dharma and its explanation for this question.

Authority of God in Human life.

As per Abrahamic religion god is consider as all powerful, merciful and sentient like us. He must have to answer the good and demolish the non-believers. But when it’s come to question that “Why God does not help millions of starving children around the world?” he seems illogical in many way. Let’s see through what Sanatana dharma told about this question. Well, In Bhagwat Gita when Arjun asked to Lord Krishna why Lord Krishna cannot end this war at once. Why every innocent solider need to be killed in process of dharma. Than Yogeswar (Lord Krishna) reply to Arjun, “Oh Kutiputra !!! Every human born with three basic natures in itself Sat, Raj, and tam. These natures derived their life but still humans have given choice of choosing good over bad. These choices create an parallel string of karma and their Fala which effect of humans and world. With constant rule of Time and Nature, every human get affected by this influential act, and beyond this birth. It also affect rebirth. Only way to get rid of this cycle is devotion and human service without desired of benefit”.

Now here we need to re think the phase that every human being virtue and bad luck is depend on their karma from past and present which fabricate his story of future. Every human born with an chance to survive and get rid out of this mortal circle expect those who were part of tremendous or brutal act in their past life. So here could be answer..

“God doesn’t play with life or death of humans, neither he play with their fates nor with their actions in current times. The result of death of millions child could be just bad karma of their past life or their ancestors. I know I couldn’t produce scientific evidence for this, but it is only reasonable theory for this. Life is not only once, it is an cycle. Each time we get chance to elevate our life by following dharma. It is simply a game of snake and ladder, where ladder is dharma and snake is ignorance. But this game is never ending and at last everyone should reach at winning post. It can be clearly seen that god has not any authorities over human’s life. We are just facing the consequence of our action, action which has done by us in past and before this life.

Why all problems solved in once, if God itself is mighty?

Answer of this question is a counter question. Why not America bombs all Syria and Iraq to get rid of extremist of that area? Answer is simple and clear, it will cause more innocent casualties than real damaged to extremists. And suffers of such attacks will be innocent and non-active partners. So, why God turns everything in Good if he is all mighty. Sanatana dharma clearly stated that, karma is moving factor of this world. Every event which turns into action has past history which is impossible to trace but yet can be co relate. In Bhagwat gita, lord itself says that he is not forced to obey law of nature and karma but still he follow because law of nature and karma is above than anything even god itself. So this law of nature & karma forced individual to get different result and fate in single condition. Similarly, it might be possible for divine power to help all children to help at once but it will be injustice to those who following their life in right way. Such action will be direct disobeying of Natural law and karma fala. Such actions by god cause ripple in ocean of time and nature.

For My point of view, that is why God doesn’t help such children’s in once cause its break his law, but he has another plane to help them. God create the opposite collective consciousness inside society for such things and create collective karma to get rid of this problem in form of enlightened people teaching about disease, social reformer and human activist.

Now, May be many people will not agree with my point. but it is the most considerable explanations for such question. Our problem starts, when we started to assumption for short answer and explanation which not support natural law. He can do miracles, that’s why he is not god. he is god that’s why he can do miracles. God has nothing to do with our tiny life, he is not like us. The famous five character of God is Nirguna (No Character), Nirakar (No Size and shape), Nirmohi (No affection), Ananta (No ending) and Anadi (without start).  all these characters of God doesn’t show any relation with humans and their fate. so children death is only subject to their past karma and natural law.

(on request of my friend) Here’s my view on this, Science is only method to understand and discover the objectivity of universe. It is the method where we learn how things work, how complex they are and how they relate to each others. But often its failed to answer subjective question? Like why things in life has an pattern? why we feel free after charity? why our mind feel more lighter after yoga and spiritual experience? How two lovers are so connected that they understand things b/w them without saying? how elevated consciousness work? All answer can be get if someone practice things as insider. Mostly scientist are Outsider, they learn religion as subject, but never try to be an insider. Once an person ask me “why do I believed on God, when I haven’t seen him?”, I replied to him” God is only expressed by experience, experience are personal, they cannot be shared like scientific theory and idea, without proper understanding”, God is real its depend in what context people want to see them? answer for “why children died in Millions”, simple Karma and reincarnation, we have just passed dark ages, it will effect our future and present also.



  1. from here I want to make a conclusion for myself, God is not how we define him and these words has more broad sense. If you believe in reincarnation then only your personnel devotion is not going to help, you need to cancel out evil otherwise you will have to face consequences of their act as you have to come back, basically he is asking you to make earth better bcz you are gonna come again and can come back in any life form. God can take any form or can speak trough any one he have chosen but he does not exist in a way as we are trying to see and we can never conclude as God is Nirguna (No Character), Nirakar (No Size and shape), Nirmohi (No affection), Ananta (No ending) and Anadi (without start).

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  2. well Dear, reincarnation and karma has co-link with our life. but for complete Nirvana you need to have dharma (Righteous action), Karma (righteous action), Purusartha (Righteous motivation), Artha (Righteous earning) and Moksha (Righteous way for liberation) and I am sure its not very easy thing. Hence, How hard we try we will have to come here again. so we can control only our action in righteous way to make this world batter. actually manifested God is idealistic parameter for humans to achieved the status of deities (Devta) while supreme God is only an Universal principle which governess the universe without sentiments and sentient consciousness.


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