Natural and Organized Religion


Human hunger for knowledge, understanding the universe and natural phenomenon or giving them meaning is endless pursuit for humans. Humans as social animals have these natural embodied character: terrestrial, identical, curious, power and revolting. These nature character humans , help them to get together as a community or common identity.

Now, the relation between Human and religion is a fight for common identity in such diverse world. Or we can say it “Identical syndrome”. In this, Human community acts as an identical unit and common consciousness to behave in society. Now, Question is that what is that common goal of such homogenous society? Here, God and his act enters into human realms. Religion can be distinguished into two broad area- Natural religion (eastern religion) and Organized/Man-Made religion (Western religion).

Natural religion (Eastern religion)

Humans in their early stage seen many natural phenomenon like Sun, Moon, thundering, rain, ocean, fire. Due to primitive understanding about natural phenomenon all natural religion consider this natural phenomenon is act of some being which is supernatural. Which is beyond human control. Explanation, understanding of such act in philosophical way can be consider as natural religion like Greek, Romans, Mayans, Egypt and Hinduism. But what is fascinating me is that wisdom of Vedas, are beyond these natural religion. In many verse, Vedas supports single identical super being “Brahman” while in some location Vedas suggest that this universe is work on principles of Brahman. These principles are inevitable, strict and immutable. Some of them is Karma, kala, Maya, reincarnation and spirituality.

Vedas in many locations suggested that “Om tat sat” or “Aham Brahmanismi” which means Human itself a God. If human can understand the link between universal consciousness and consciousness of himself, he can get wisdom. Vedas suggest that, it’s not impossible for humans to become deities (Not Supreme God) by learning and meditating. So basically Vedas and Upanishads were more evolved in term of basic religion and structure from another religion/Civilization at that time. Mayan and Egypt has learned many things and knowledge system was bilateral between two civilizations. In Vedas, some verse clearly mentioned that trade between east and west was part of Indus civilization and knowledge system transported from Indus to Roman, Egyptian & Mayans.

Takshshila and Nalanda was famous universities in ancient Indian time. These universities were prime instruments for flow of Indus/Vedic knowledge to all around the worlds through missionaries and students. It is assume that Basic structure of democracy, idea of secularism, idea of single god was generated under one of these universities. It is considered that very idea of Nation was originated in early India, by which Indians had idea of Chakravarty Samrat (King of Nation) “Rural of entire land and kings of different states”.

So, the time when Natural religion was ruling the world, center of power and knowledge was Indian subcontinental. Later when natural religion encountered many questions from charvakas (atheist) and other social and science reformer, this natural religion was started to transformed towards spirituality.Social reformers like Mahavira and Buddha was powerful and influential. These people questioned authorities of Vedas and social structure which had become so rigid.  Social experiment of producing higher being through not engaging cross class marriage becomes rigid up to oppression at many pockets of India. I would like to clear my point here that, class distinction between Hinduism was not purely blood and race basis at early stage. Social engineers like Manu and others sages want to try a class experiments to produce super quality being through restriction of marriage and others customary practice between different classes. From early 12th CE to 14th CE it was normal to people that what they want to become Brahman, Vaishya and shudra, but the same time social evil was in some pockets of India . Till that time it was only labor and marriage restriction. But later stage when priest become powerful holders of temples and pilgrimage. They become rigid to these class structures more and more with time. Thanks to British raj who also ignite these class structure dominancy from small pockets of India to everywhere by help of their ethnicity structure study and race science.

Moreover, Eastern Human Mind and Natural religion is so connected that still people of Indian and eastern Asia has tendency to bend over rules and change even if it is not belonging to morality of current time. But easy transpires in their belief system also generates thousands of superstitions and numbers of fake god man without basic knowledge of religion. Hence, Eastern religion may be very flexible for reforms (cause it is always been part of their progressive culture system) but equally diverse in everything. From languages to customs eastern religion is very diverse cause of feminine nature of colleting each identity without modifying it. That is why Sanskrit after being prime language of India, never overthrow other local language, that’s why we have goddess and we called this earth Mother Nature/Earth.

Calling Eastern religion is Natural religion, the most basic reason is that these religion is developed through natural ways, these evolved under constant progress in pockets of society wherever required, doesn’t hold any man made authorities. Natural religion is formed to accommodate the cultural, ideal, customs, social identity in different form or kind. Natural Religion doesn’t imposed central idea/philosophy to anyone but give chance to seek the way of evolution to any group/identity. I would like to call Hinduism is mixture of Organized and Natural religion. Hinduism is natural for identity/group/people but organized for Person itself. Hinduism teaches to be organized for itself and at personal level but stay diverse in Customs/Groups/ philosophical level.

Organized religion (Western Religion)

Organized religions are counter reaction of natural religion which is flourished in Western Asia. Knowledge which transform eastern philosophy in early stage, become empire like Vikings, Romans, Greek, Mayan and Egyptians. All these early civilization in west was Natural in religious structure, But due to transformed knowledge such civilization become socially oppressed in absence of transparent debate and argue over civil rights and evolutionary lack of vision. In these civilizations, Priest was able to get political power. They have managed the transform knowledge from Asia but social code of conduct was not transferred at the way which was applicable to eastern priest at early times. Now, after much oppression by western king system and dynastic rule (surely without morality to civilians and scholars) become so unbearable that People like Moses and Jesus came forward to dilute the effect of oppression. But instead of eradicating the dynastical tyrant, they moved one step further to eradicate social misbalance on Civil rights, Dynasty power and richness (the same time Buddhism and Jainism comes in India in same way but in nonviolence form). For that they need to restore the very basic identity of humans, the division of believed system. I would like to call Moses and Jesus more than world order changer rather than reformer or God. These people learnt that how can all people under single god can be more identical, territorial, powerful and common in behavior. Their idea that how much less different we think, we fight less over issues. This social reform was in early stage was indigestible so Roman fights with followers of Christ. Later with popularity of Christ idea of equality among people become so popular that middle class roman people get into support of Jesus. By seeing such flaw, in social system the killer of Jesus itself converted to Christianity. But Jesus itself don’t want to change that system that’s why they strictly attached to this idea that people shouldn’t worship others God cause followers were fearful of another influence in their social system. But Islam goes one step further and even neglects the idea of further reformation and other reforming books by banning and saying that their holy book is last and final. (Overdose of Monotheism)

Christianity in later stage somehow, worked in same manner as eastern religion cause Catholicism appoint again an priest to reach Jesus, which was opposed by protestants. On the side, identity of Jews who doesn’t want to lose credibility over Abraham and Moses remains same. All early text of Jews and Greek is similar to eastern religion. All teaching and inclusion of Goddess is similar like eastern religion. Now, actual transformed started in Europe when church started to interfere in social rights and state imposition of rules over civilians. That was the black era of when women killed, crusaders done bloody war against Islamic rules. But this time people were sure that no other reformer will come, hence they revolt against system and separate church from state. Later scientific revolution becomes more powerful and people started to reject early faith and instead of god they were more patriotic to nation. Now their identity was not Christianity but nation which they belongs. This produce european war in many decades and other racial issue. Church again interfered in racial issue between Black and white, Indians and Western. This interference is still in western people. The reason behind calling such religion is Organized is that these religion is formed by social reformer for resolving the issue of different identity clashes, social imbalance, terrestrial expansion, closed circuit developed, controlled manipulation and last making word in homogeneous in context of customs, languages, religion, cultural identity and human identity.

Moreover, human mind under western religion is more rule-loving but rigid to new ideas (West change this mentality after scientific evolution), but this raise thrust of making world in unisons that they do not consider cultural demolition as crime. Under Western religion, reforms were hard and absence. But thanks to wisdom of 21st CE that now they consider other culture equal. But still many Islamic and christens countries has racial behavior based on skin color, philosophy and ideas which is transported from west. One of them is “Idol worshiping”. I would like to highlight this more because many eastern religions itself (after getting influenced by western ideology) consider it as bad practice. But here is my discourse.

Idol worshiping in terms sin is started in Monotheism not because people were sinful or it was a wrong practice. We need to understand that used of symbolism in religion is very basic priority. Without symbols no religion, nation and even human itself can’t describe anything. Language itself a special kind of powerful symbolism of lines and sketches. From early Pre-Vedic era there were no symbolism because of teaching was oral hence people were aware of meaning what they are doing and working. But without absence of written symbolism their word wisdom was very short lived. After languages, next thing which transformed into reality is Vedic wisdom through Vedas & Upanishads.

Than people turns idea of God into symbolism like Shiva lingam, swastika, natural things. They started to store their history into poem and higher symbolism. These were that time only easy way to symbolized god into something which human mind can understand without reading voluminous books of Vedas. But later in time, it become only matter of worshiped. Now, people many people know, Idols are only their way of worshiped like other religion does. Burning candle in front of Cross is similar like burning Diyas in front of Idols. Eastern Idols has very higher level of symbolic messages in each idol. Like Sarasvati has veena and Crane as vehicle which can be concluded that people of higher knowledge shall be sweet voice like Veena and their mind should be transparent like color of crane. This kind of higher symbolization was used in early puranic era. In each era these symbolism had mixed with current condition of eastern Asia, their history, Vedic wisdom, social code of conduct, devotions and emotions of love, mercy & spirituality. I think idol worship is similar like others but more symbolic & natural than any other religious worshiping method.

Conclusion: Giving any straight answer to such question like “Which one is batter? Which one will be the future religion? Or there will be no religion?” is very hard. But I would like to assure you that its human tendency to be into religion, be an identical into some kind of group. So How hard science try, people will be in religion and if science will try to snatch this privilege they will make science their God. Like Romans did.

So In my opinion, every religion no matter its Organized or natural will be destroyed with time and re-incarnate with new name and identity and be ever on human mind & this earth. Hence don’t worry, In Past Natural religion rule the world, in present organized religion ruling the world, future may be again natural religion gain the power, so on…

So stay happy and be enlightened for religion in which you are…



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