My Strory of being blogger

I-want-to-write-1024x1024.jpgHello!! Friends, I know it’s much wired question to ask personal experience. But first, I would like to share my story of being blogger and writings thoughts in Word Press. Than may be I can ask for your story.

Thoughts inside mind are very powerful especially when you don’t have any way to share it out to others. I am an Engineer in an construction company and always surrounded with boring people generally! Yeah, that’s hard to be in Construction Company when you have so much to say about things!! My parents has given me one good habit to be with books. Books of any kind & subject: fiction, sci-fi, religious, nonfiction, and history.

These thoughts which created during my reading was looking the way out to be discussed, getting suggestion, getting reactions… Or sometime getting attentions. Unfortunately , in my professional world very less people  is interested towards my passion.

So I chose to be a Blogger and write something.

I chose to be share or at least records my though before they vanished from my mind.

This is my short and true story of being blogger,.

I wish you will also share your short story of being blogger or your passion about writing in comment box.

Thanks !!! 🙂



  1. You have done such a difficult field which I think not majority do that. Its a good thing to share your feelings to the people through words. If you don’t mind should I reblog it on WordPress? Thank you!

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