Book Review: Arjuna by Anuja Chandramouli


Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince




Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince by Anuja Chandramouli

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Story of Arjun is always impressive for the people who read Mahabharata. This miracles hero, sometime he behave like child, sometime he was very virtuous men, some time he become arrogant and sometime he consider himself god (under influence of arrogance). Overall he was a hero. Hero of an epic which had most brutal war in Indian History.


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About Book

This book revolves around Arjun and his beloved one. Its show how Arjun gain all celestial weapon to fight most miraculous war of the human history. Arjun as a student, worrier, eunuch, sage and father. How his journey for celestial weapon has taken turns and twists. Writer tries hard to explain each detail of Arjun through her powerful writing. Book character’s Arjun show how he loses temper and become egotist to his powerful bow “Gandeeva”, how Arjun play an awful roll of powerhouse for his Pandva brothers. How Arjun and Bhīma dual enjoy victory in many war. Arjun father Indra intervention for helping his dhramaputra is also well explained. Character of Lord Krishna is well explained and showed here that how after being God, Lord Krishna follow rule of universe. At last Arjun journey end with many victorious tale, many shocking events. This book bound people from start to end.

My Likes

I like the way writer stretch the story. Writer has mentioned each and every episode of Arjun life in this book. But still some of them are missing (but it can be adjusted that cause Mahabharata is really a big epic to mention everything). The bond between Arjun and lord Krishna has showed very beautifully and relation of these two friends cum cousin had played great roll to turn the war for Pandeva’s. Beautiful description of Karna life and pain of his life explained. Here writer also explained many things from the point of view of karna. Writer seems in some pages more sympathize with karna then Arjun.

My Dislikes

Bad illustration of Yudhistra, writer showed that how Yudhistra was acted like fool whenever he tried to follow dharma and how his addiction of dice become reason of Pandeva’s misery. I am not full agreed with writer cause Yudhistra and Lord Krishna was only persons who were following dharma in this grand epic. Yudhistra was always in dharma conduct mode and his addiction of dice is result of dropadi attraction towards game.

Dropadi character also blame for many ill way. Using word whore for a virtues lady is just like using killer word for Arjun (hero of her epic). But whatever, dropadi pain has less illustrated. Dropadi disrobed showed as result of her insult to karna and duryodhana. I am also not agreeing with writer on moral ground in this subject. No single women (weather whatever crime she has done subjected to mistreat) should face such event no matter how grave sinner she was.

In Many locations, Writer pace of telling story get disturbed and writer get into so deep details of things which can bore some people.

Moreover, Book is really appreciable.


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