#OneIndiaOneLaw: Why UCC is important to India?


India is one of the most diverse nation in world in respect of religion, customs, personal law, rituals and linguistics. Indian constitution one side give chance everybody to be upheld their rights but second side same constitution demand uniformity in law for all citizen. UCC (Uniform Civil code) is an mandatory norms in Indian constitution which has to be applied for all citizen. But as Indian politics, More about Vote bank rather then real development. These Code never been implemented by Govt. for fear of losing vote banks. Many Minorities doesn’t want to establish these code for fear of nothing, but only losing religious authority over peoples. Specially, Muslim Personal law is against of this cause these law will prevent them to practice their religious law.

Now, Question is that? What India will gain after implementing of UCC. Well, If Indian government will be successful for implementing these law. It will unified all religion under one law and demolish all personal law. Indians will be more integrated and unified in sense of criminal law, marriage law, law for properties dispute. Even constitution section 44, forced government to implement unified Civil code to people of India.

Hindu personal law had been demolished for implementing these UCC. But All pervious govt. fail to convince Muslim personal law clerks to demolish their law.(Well, Its also seems they (Muslims clerks) don’t want to Implement UCC, cause they want to show Muslims that this UCC will snatch their right of religious practice).

Indian Govt (BJP) now approaching law panel for knowing the status of implementation. But still its seems very hard task to any government cause BJP genrally tagged as right wing party of India, and their any move to reform society consider as action against minority (while factually, they have spent more money on minorities issue rather then UPA govt.) . Till the time this illusion will not break, its hard for BJP also, to reform this society. Mostly, Muslims need to support this cause their women suffering from triple talaq, unequal properties dispute and women rights in conservative areas.


We as a nation need one right, one duty, one constitution and last #OneIndiaOneLaw