Hindu Metaphore:Forest and Banyan Tree


Every moments of our life is part of a grand metaphor. A metaphor generally, we don’t realize but it is around us. This living metaphor which is invisible to us, but reacts on our response to situations and environment. It’s really hard to understand for those who do not have any idea of Hinduism concept of Dharma and Karma.

Forest Vs Hinduism

Let’s start with Forest, as we know forest is very diverse and interdependent ecosystem in which everything depends on some other things. Forest is open for everyone and it has capacity to absorbed more people but without disturbing the existing ecosystem. Forest also has character sticks of very diverse nature of reality i.e. A lion doesn’t think deer is his victim of violence but for him he is natural food which he can have without guilt. While other side deer also doesn’t have feeling of victim but has survival technique which help him for survival of situation.

Indian Social structure was similar like Forest ecosystem. That is why, many epic of India has very important concept of forest dwellers. In Every Epic, Hero of epic has to go forest for understanding the very nature of reality. In Hindus, Varna-Ashram-Dharma system, most important part of life is vanaprastha ashram (Going to forest for understanding the reality). Hindu Society also has character sticks of Forest. These societies are open in nature. Anyone can come to India; learn spirituality and very nature of life. This kind of society experiences the natural reality rather understanding it from Holy book.

Forest shows the internal structure of Hinduism, how Hinduism has open structure of new ideas, reformation and people doesn’t worry for changes at large. It also show how forest gives us real meaning of truth and reality of cosmos like Hinduism gives people real meaning of dharma and goal of life.

Banyan Tree Vs Hinduism

For Understanding Hinduism, another metaphor is very popular- Banyan Tree. This tree also mentioned in Holy book of Hinduism “Bhagwat Gita” as central idea of Vedic culture. Banyan Tree Hinduism has one central trunk which is Vedas. All central knowledge of Hinduism is comes from Vedas and Upanishads. But Hinduism is not completely depended on Vedas. The knowledge system and social system also controlled by many trunk like roots of Hinduism which is originated from Vedas but serves independently.

Hinduism has lots of customs, rituals, worships pattern, religious ideology which is seems very different in nature but actually all are originated from Vedas and serve Hinduism in Independently. That is why Hinduism is able to sustain such diversity without any major inner conflict.

Banyan Tree is another metaphoric form of Hinduism which is perfect example of unity in diversity. When all diverse system of societies will be mingled with each other and serves the main religious knowledge system without hurting mutual respect. Than only this world can be live in peace.