Book Review: Rearming Hinduism

Rearming Hinduism: Nature, Hinduphobia, and the Return of Indian IntelligenceRearming Hinduism: Nature, Hinduphobia, and the Return of Indian Intelligence by Vamsee Juluri

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Rearming Hinduism: A must read book by Every Hindu and Hinduphobic to understand the Sanatana Dharma through lenses of an Insider.

“Rearming Hinduism: Nature, Hinduphobia, and the Return of Indian Intelligence” is bold book about hidden strategies of American and European academia against Hinduism. This book is a reflection of young urge against  false theory created against HINDUISM in Media, Academia and Hindu mind.

This book is an eye opener to all Hindus who are sleeping in sense that Hinduism is nothing but just eternal religion who cannot be destructed.

About Book:

Vamsi has parted this book in two sections: First section writer try to describe the problem of Hinduphobic historian, academic and their view to consider Hinduism. He described the myth of Aryan invasion, Vedic violence, Women Oppression and Cast system. Second, Author give reply of each question with logical and philosophical way.

Author has powerful sense of understanding religion as Insider and his writing boldly talk about Frontier of Hinduphobic group: Wendy Doniger. This book also describes ill treatment mentioned in doniger’s book: The Hindu: Alternative history, towards Hindus. Most of Book talks about various misconceptions which is wild spreader amongst Hindus due to ignorance. This book also hope that era of ignorance and mythical truth about Hinduism will end. This book also give idea to youngster of India to rethink about Hinduism and the way they consider Hinduism.

Why Hinduism is ill-treated by western Indologist and academia?

I personally very much agree with author and his notion of Hinduism. Author asked very genuine question to youngster that after having billions of kind diversity why western academia so eager to prove Hinduism oppressive and has violence in past. Is it their discrimination to a natural religion or just the way their religion are built up which they want to imposed over Hinduism with their academic lenses. Example: Monsoon never been part of violence for Hindus (Actually, for Hindus monsoon is part of happiness and rebirth of earth) but for northeast Europe it was part of danger like Vikings and Greece.

Why Hindus consider as foreign in their land?

Author want to understand that why western academia want to prove that Hindus were central Asian nomad tribe who came India with violence and house for destruction of native Indians (i.e. which very funny consideration that Dravidian just because their color and languages was different). Author purposed an ideology of western that why they think Indians are foreigner.

European always wants to put them in sense of superiority, so they developed theory like children of Ham. All black people are children of Ham and subjected to be slave cause ham dishonest Noah once. This same theory they applied on native Indians and told them, they were children of ham and came to America and killed their early natives. So they have right to oppressed them and killed them because they were also barbarian. Similar concept they applied to India. And made Aryan Invasion Theory based on color and language. Suddenly all white skinned people become central Asia human and group of Indo-European nexus. And native black become Dravidian. This fake theory of Aryan invasion they rotted till recent 2000 and 2014. But at last it has been denied by large part of archaeologist and scientist due to no trace of fight in early civilization or same DNA structure of all over India which can be trace back more than 40,000 yrs. in time.

Why Hindus, Vedas are misinterpreted as violent, primitive and oppression?

This idea of western Indologist is also described by author that why they are so keen to make Vedas primitive and want to have violence. As per author, Indologist are unable to see diversity of Hinduism and divinity in their life style. Hinduism is a natural religion (I used this term for such religion who care nature and worship nature as God, they don’t believed in Manmade rules and structure of society), hence Violence in Hinduism with nature is minute or may be necessary whenever required. Vedas hymns consider nature as divine manifestation of god and every single thing (Living and Non Living) has equal amount of divinity of god. Hence, Human doesn’t have any right to suck all natural resources without considering Nature as live. Author explains ideology of western thinker behind this:-

 According to author, ecosystem great effect on fundamental of religion. Western religion is developed under environment where nature diversity was almost null. Dessert was full of unified landmass, rules for survival and survival of fittest extinct. This extinct become part of Darwinism theory and also become part of social Darwinism. According to this social Darwinism a civilization can only survive when they fight against natural condition, when they fight against people with violence for survival. Hence violence is right, nature has violence. They don’t see problem in violence and sometime entertainment like movie SAW, The Hills of Eyes, Final destinations. Similarly they applied same view for Hinduism and consider that Vedic sacrifice is nothing but means of violence, but they forget that Vedas also assert mental sacrifice. We consider sacrifices in many other term rather than violence.

Hinduism is purely separated from the way Abrahamic religion developed. Hinduism has foundation based on ecosystem of India. Ecosystem which was diverse due to seven river of Indus. Diversity, Nature love, and homogeneity in diversity is similar like diversity in forest. Hinduism diversity and fundamental is inspired by forest life. Open space to anyone, No particular rule over millions kind of humans (animal in case of forest). No fight of survival of fittest because nature has everything for you. Respect towards nature what they give. Hence, psychological rules of Hinduism are inspired by Forest and Banyan tree.


What I Like

I like the way author describe Hinduism with context of forest and ecosystem. How he exposes the myths of Wendy Doniger book The Hindus.

Most importantly, this book urges native Indians to raise, study, understand and rebel against this Hinduphobia people, writer, scholar and other academic. This book urges Hindus to rethink their position and knowledge about their dharma. I also think this is the time when we need to remove clouds from our head about our dharma-Sanatana or Hinduism.

What I dislike

Well no so much, but sometime book drag you to depth of philosophy which is not digestive to everyone. Still I wish every Hindu or non-Hindu must read this book with open mind to understand the psychology of one billion people.

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