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Indra’s Net by Rajiv Malhotra

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Indra’s Net is the most researched and valuable book of my collection on Hinduism.

Indra’s net is written by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra Ji (Philanthropist, Scholar of Hinduism, Social Activist and Public speaker). This book is recommended by me, everyone who has interested to know deep culture of Adavita Vedanta and Swami Vivekananda.

This book share many deep idea of Hinduism and reveal a conspiracy about academic misrepresentation of Swami Vivekananda character or work. This book, closely inquire the deep threat which is behind mind making against contemporary Hinduism. This book will open the gate for new young mind who want to know more authentic reality of Hinduism and its deep and vibrant relation with nature.

I would like to brief book in short.

About Book

Indra’s Net Started with an idea which is mentioned in Atharvaveda’s about reality of Cosmos. Indra’s Net is a philosophy which says

“Every Living and Non Living things in cosmos is connected with each other in a deep web that each living thing represent cosmos or cosmos in macro level represent micro universe”.

This book initially revolved around a group of people or lineage of institute which propagates that modern Hinduism has no resemblance with ancient Hinduism. Modern Hinduism has based on Swami Vivekananda idea’s which borrow from Christianity. This book challenges this academic view and gives factual answer based on evidence that this assumption is nothing but only myth. This book also argue that how Indian unity without any stick boundary can be trace through scripture like Adavita Vedanta, school of Samkhya, school of dualism and Yoga sutra of Patanjali.
This book breaks 8 famous myth of Hinduism which has been propagated by western academia from 1960’s to till date.

I will describe all eight myths in short.

• India’s Optimum state is balkanization
• Colonial Indology’s biases were turned into Hinduism
• Hinduism is manufactured and didn’t grow organically
• Yogic experience is not valid path of enlighten and tries to copy western science
• Western social ethics are incorporated as seva and karma yoga
• Hinduism has no prior self-definition , unity and coherence
• Hinduism is founded on oppression and sustained by it
• Hinduism presumes sameness in all religions.

This is school of neo Hinduism is started by Paul hacker and inherited by many another Indologist like Ushar King’s and Rambachan. Now this information which has been cultivated by Western academia from last four decade is now reached to deep core of every Hindu’s mind.

This formation of myths making actually was attack on Swami Vivekananda efforts for reuniting the Hindus against social evil which was based on Adavita Vedanta.

These so-called secular and liberals group of academia wants to inject an inferiority complex in every Hindu mind that they are second class humans which has given enlightened through Jesus theological church.

Most important point which I would like to highlight that, these group of academician has malign goal to established the theories which show that modern Hinduism is an experimental result of colonization and it has nothing to do with ancient Hinduism (which was according to them is oppressed and racial).

At last this book explain, how Hinduism is currently getting digested by many giant academia and losing its originality after many flaw theory against ancient ideology.

I would like to mention how we can help to not getting digest and use some poison pills which can protect authenticity.

Hinduism can help when its maintain some core and fundamental theory without being intact.

1) Hinduism should take strong stand that the all people in Hinduism are divine. (The Hindu Good News) Hence, There is no need to get salvation through Jesus because we are not born sinner while we are born divine who can experience divinity by any means of worshiped.

2) Hinduism should take strong stand on theory of Re-Incarnation and Karma because this theory only explains the sudden death of children who haven’t done any sin. This rebirth theory will break this urgency of getting radical in one birth. This theory will give space to people, for revived their life.

3) Hinduism should take strong position in living gurus. We all know that there is many enlightened Guru in our history like Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishnan Pramhans, Shri Arbindo, Swami Sajadanand (ancient Guru) and Swami Yogananad, Ramkrishan math, Swami PrabhuPadh-ISKON, Swami Pramukhanand-Swaminarayan Organisation, Swami Chinmayanand, Satguru or I want to Include Mr. Rajiv Malhotra in this list also for current living guru. Cause I am very much inspired by Him.

4) Hinduism should take strong position on Jivamukati (A state of liberation after many births and experiencing the divine) .This position is totally different from concept of Heaven or Jannat or final judgement day. Because this position propagate karma and reincarnation or direct experience of divine without following way of any prophet.

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Things I dislike

Are you kidding? This book is must read book by every Indian and Hindus.


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