Book Review: What Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat.

What Young India WantsWhat Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


What Young India Wants- The fav. quote was “If Hindi (language) is your mother, then English can be your wife and live together in Harmony”.

About Book

This book is I think first Non Fiction from writer and No doubt he has done great work. Writer expose many inspirational space inside young Indians mind which they want to be cultivate in environment of globalization. Writer itself belongs to market (writing and banking) where ideas get mixed with money, so I understand that he get nerves of young Indians.

Book drags you deep Inside Young Indian Minds, their idea towards future India, their urge to explore and utilize the opportunism given by globalization. Writer briefly show where India (as a Governing state) can do much batter then hollow talk, or where Indian (as a citizen) can do more to country and its integrity. Writer also tried to expose some of hidden threat which is been organically raise young Indian minds like threat to their native culture by globalizing westernization. That is the only place where I do not relate to writer, he had taken this threat very easily in name of modernism while I do consider modernism has nothing to do with westernization. Moreover, Book is great treasure to implicate and understand. Writer has done deep digging inside young minds.

My Likes:
1. Chetan explain each issue in extensive detail and not dropping pace or interest.
2. Chetan done great insight of young minds and their need (But he left the anti national background which is grown up under our nose).
3. Chetan also success to hold his ideas to young India which crystal clear in nature.

My Dislike

Well too many, sometime lose grip on subject. Some time extensive detail which is certainly not required.


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