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About book

Hanuman is most powerful avatar as per many acknowledge and claimed saints of India. Hanuman is rama bhakata, sankatmochana, ajaneyputra, kapinaresha, vayuputra or maruti. Each name of hanuman is name of great devotion.

Vanamali book on lord hanuman is cluster of all folk tale about monkey god. Vanamali neatly explain Hanuman origin, Incident connected with him, his upbringing under Vedic God Vayu, his devotion to Lord Shiva, his training Under world first Adiyogi Maheshwar Shiva and last his devotion for Lord Vishnu incarnation Lord Rama.

maxresdefault.jpgStory of Lord Hanuman start with his mother curse from Guru Brihaspati and end when Lord Hanuman decide to spent his eternal life by chanting Rama Nama Mantra in Himalayas.

Hanuman is in eye of Indians are Incarnation of Lord Shiva 11th Incarnation. He is son of Lord Shiva and Mohini (Female Incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Its look like Hanuman is common bond of Shivaism and Vaishnavism in 11th to 14th  century. H devotion is unmatched and his love for Rama made him more famous then his own owners.

Most touching line of this book is that “Hanuman will remember Eternal by people, Till the time Ramayana will be listen by the people. And Ramayana is listening by the people till the time ocean and mountain is survived on the face of earth. “Another my favorite line about Ramayana is

हरीअनंत हरी कथा अनन्ता, कही सुनहि बहु विधि सब संताmeans “God is eternal and his story is infinite, it has always been listen and present by many ways by many scholars”.

Hari Ananat Hari Katha Ananta-By Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan

Ramayana is one of the greatest tell from Indian History Which has special place in Indian Mind.

Vanamali tried to illustrate the concept of RamaRajya (Kingdom of Lord Rama), that kingdom contain everything in Order and equal. Under kingdom of Rama, no evil can be trace, No unnatural death occurred, no greed and lust for money present. Under kingdom of Lord Rama, everyone is equal, powerful, transparent and at last Vedic. Each corner of Lord Rama city has flash of Vedic culture and its divinities. Each street of Koshala has hymns of Vedas. People obey their duty without being corrupted.

Story of Lord Rama was one of the best Historical events in Indian History. Ramayana teach many lesson on to people and leader about how to perform the duty under code of dharma.

untitled.pngFew lesson I am mentioning here.

  1. Leader should follow the way of Righteousness for that he should sacrifice his personal life, if required.
  2. A leader who doesn’t care about allegation of his people cannot be follow dharma
  3. Leader should sacrifice his all efforts to make his people happy without thinking of instruments of use. Leader should carry his promise at any cost.

Lord Rama life’s is full detail of many virtuous examples and Vanamali has explained it very beautifully.

This book is shows, life of hanuman from eye of lord Rama and vice versa. Book drag you from hanuman early age event to his devotional journey to Rama. Book also represents view of Rakshasa Ravan and Sita. Way of presenting Sita reunion makes my eye wet. This book is detail example of sacrifice or love made by Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Sita, Laxmana and Bharat.

49a2d38b17b3aec45aaa29a980bec316.jpgThe way of sita exile at Uttar Kaand was amazing, heart breaking and full of sorrow. Bool neatly explain the dilemma of virtuous king for his kingdom and his dearest wife. Vanamali also explain many events which is much unknown to Indians. Tales from different Ramayana and expose of reincarnate birth of Valmiki into Gowswami Tulsidas explain very passionate.

Stories of dwapara Yuga (Age of Lord Krishna) and Kali Yuga (Current Age) are also explained with transparent divinity. The devotion of hanuman is still unexplainable by any book. Even Lord Rama was unable to measure the death of hanuman devotion. With Last note

“Let there be always an age of Trata Yuga, let there be always An incarnation of Lord Rama, Let there be an devotee Like Lord Hanuman, let there be always an Beautiful Ramayana-a nectar of knowledge, sacrifices and Love. Hail to lord Rama and hail for his eternal devotee hanuman.”

My likes

  • Beautifully explain d neatly written the whole Ramayana by view of eternal devotee hanuman
  • Every part of book, every story of lord Rama, every incident of hanuman has been highlighted with great devotion. And intact intension of portraying shree Rama with hanuman is amazing.
  • Showing the way lord Rama judgement, Verse at each chapter, devotee songs at last, many stories unknown to many people is fascinating.


My dislike

  • Incident of dronagiri mountain sajivani has been shown many times. As per Valmiki Ramayana its only one time.
  • Many folk tales is added which crush your excitement to read the original work sometime.
  • Book try to misquoted and misrepresent in many places i.e. story of hanuman Mothers, meeting of kesari and anjana is such dramatic, confusion of Hanuman birth, ill representation of lord Rama after victory of war.
  • Using word aswamedha yagya as hoarse sacrifice. This is purely misunderstanding of this word. This word shows only sacrifice made of different sacred things which is misquoted.
  • Many time Vanamali tried to shows Rama as rigid owner of Hanuman devotion.
  • Calling every time Oh! Monkey to hanuman is one of the drawbacks. Hanuman was equally respected by everyone in Ramayana. Even Rama pronounced him by kapi-naresha (king of vanras), anjaneya-putra (son of anjana),kesri-nanadan (lovable t kesari), arya (Nobel one),bhrata (brother) and sita-priya (lovable to Sita).



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