Top 10 unique facts of Hinduism

Hinduism in his popularity  come under the light where  Christianity and Islam are standing. These Two major religion has occupied the worlds 56% Population all around the world. Islam is growing fast in Africa, Asia and Middle East (Due to High rate of children per women) and Others Nation (Due to migration, conversion and job follow). Christianity has constant growth rate in 1.5 Child/Women. Even in Europe it is in Negative 90,000 Person/ Year.

Now I would like to discussed about Top 10 unique facts of Hinduism . Hinduism subscribed by 13.5 % people all around the world. Mostly concentrated in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Here’s come

Top 10 unique facts of Hinduism:

1.Hinduism is world’s oldest Living religion and an only religion which is pre christen survived by waves of Islamic expansion and Colonial expansion.

2.Hinduism is world’s Only religion which contain Monotheism, Pluralism and Atheism in single philosophy. It is consider that if you don’t believed in God or Vedic concept of God. still you can call yourself Hindus cause of its embedded way of style in every Hindu who practice it.

3.It is the world’s Only religion who doesn’t have Founder, centralized system for control, Centralized Holy book, centralized system of rituals, customs and practice. Hinduism is perfect example of secularism under which many customs, ritual’s and different faith survived without fear of wipe out or oppression of imposition. that is why Term Dharma is consider as righteous way of living nearly equal to secularism in modern term.

4.Hinduism is world’s Only religion which allowed women to be worshiped as Goddess and consider them Priest, scholar to kings and equal to men in every aspect.

5.Hinduism is world’s Only religion which consider sentient and Vegetarianism in High values frame. Its consider that all loving beings is part of Cosmic energy hence shall be respected equal to humans. Under the cosmic law of Hinduism nothing is above and below then Humans. so humans should respect nature also.

6.Hinduism is world’s only religion which has three way of Worship. Nirakar “Formless” way of worship which include Meditation, Yoga and Japa. Sakar “Form” Which means people can worship with Idols, river, forest, tree. Any means which satisfied their thrust of worshiping. Sanyasa or celibacy way, this way need complete devotion and people generally devote their social life in search of divine.

7.Hinduism is world’s only religion which is constantly evolving from 5000 BCE to Till date. This is only example of incarnation of Religion itself. Sanatana Dharma incarnate after colonization as Hinduism. Many people believed that this is world youngest religion in context of reformation.

8.Hinduism is World’s Only religion which has idea of Living Gurus and saints (a person which has divine experience through Bhakti, Gyana, Karma and Purusharthas).

9.Hinduism is world’s only religion which is highly tolerance in case of criticism and reformation. It is highly responsive for new ideas and thoughts. The perfect example is that an customs which was 450 Yrs old in Near sanisignapur temple where women were not allowed in inner sanctum of temple has been broken under one pleaded of a women. Think if it would be Abrahamic religion there will be bloodshed to change one simple rituals.

10.Hinduism is World’s Only Religion which has many section, many belief system, languages, histories and way of living but still one Vedic philosophy which bind them integrally without conflicts.

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