Being Different: Four major difference (Series #01)

Being Different is one of the memorable books in my life which inspired me to write down short post about this book. Many people are not able to read that one or may be not interested about what is going around as in name of secularism and liberalism. My Blogs about being different will highlight the important points make by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra Book’s Being Different- An Indian challenge to western universalism.



This world is going through under very complex time where wars between boundaries are over but war between cultures are continues. These wars amongst culture will be proven to next world ruler by intellectuals and controls.

Introduction chapter open up with some definition which I shall also use as understanding my series blogs. Here is some definition:

“West is referring to cultural and civilization of Judo-christen which is forced fusion of biblical tradition and Classic Greece and Rome.”

“India will be reference for both nation and civilization of Indian sub-continental which emerge under Vedic culture and tradition including sanagm literature”

“Dharma is used for family of spiritual tradition oriented in India which is Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.”

Under this introduction we will shortly read about the major discussing Topic. My many blogs from this series will be emerged from these topics.

1.Embodied Knowing Vs. History Centralism

2.Integral Unity Vs. synthetic Unity

3.Anxiety Over chaos Vs. Comfort with complexity and ambiguity.

4.Cultural digestion Vs. Sanskrit Non Translatable.

Embodied Knowing Vs. History Centralism

Dharma family religions have developed under extensive range of experience thoughts. These all religions are come into existence after inner science exploration done by an enlightened person. For Example Hinduism comes under the existence after extensive experience gain by many Vedic rishi under deep meditation. They had transferred this knowledge of deep meditation through oral mode of communication. Similarly, Sikhism has oriented by Inner knowledge of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Buddhism comes into existence after inner science experience of Lord Buddha, Jainism from Mahavira Ji. This inner science commonly known as “Adhyatama Vidhya” or “deep Meditation” or “raise of Kundalies” in Tantra tradition.

Those who revealed these religions might be considered as highly regards but they don’t consider as messiah, prophet because their world is not considered as exclusive truth of nature. These words utter by such enlightened people are neither code of law nor a history of past revelation. These words are experiential truth about nature and natural law experience by such people who is guide for replicating and transmitting the experience and its transformation powers. Their truth must be rediscovered and directly experience by each person.

While Abrahamic traditions, depend on historical revelation of prophet who speak in collective density of whole people and humankind. Any Human act is considered to be sin if it’s disobeying the direct command which is revealed by Prophet to their people. Each individual born as sinner due to Adam and eve original sin. For same reason human cannot reunion with divine. Only those who follow the path of revelation and lead their life under the path of predetermine sets of law spoken through prophet shall be entitled to enter into heaven or get salvation. All those who will not follow these specific set of rules and some pre-determined philosophy/ Revelation shall be entitled to go under hell without being judge based on their charity and behavior within their Non Abrahamic religion.  All others God shall be consider as “False God” for not sharing history centric revelation.

From above we received two definition:

Dharma is embodied knowing which is referring to inner science and adhyatama vidya. Claim under dharma can be checked and verified by any individual by any point of time by using adhyatam vidhya which means inner deep meditation”

History centralism is another side refers to fixation of specific and often incompatible claims to divine truth revealed in the course history of time. These revelation are non transferable, non changeable , incomparable, inexperienced and non mutable.”

Integral Unity Vs Synthetic Unity 

Integral Unity is term pointed towards the philosophical link between all schools of dharmas. All Dharmic traditions assuming that ultimately the cosmos is unified whole in which absolute reality and relative manifestations are profoundly connected. The dharmic tradition used a metaphor known as “Indra’s Net” which says, all Living and non-living things are interconnected with a web like manifested unity of cosmos. We all are part of this connected unity and it can be experienced though righteous way of meditation and yoga or Adhyatama Vidhya (inner science). The dharmic tradition in metaphoric form is non separable of all reality, physical and non-physical, from divine which is referred here “Integral Unity”. In Simple this means, Dharma tradition call for sameness in inner values, philosophy, and way of living is connected with divine. There is no sin and boundaries for this connection. Any human can be connected or experience divine by simply doing adhyatama vidhya rather than physical manipulation or implantation of ideas and code of conduct.

While In Abrahamic religions unity is synthetic in condition of objective sameness. In Judo christen philosophy or metaphor, God and Human are separated through Sin and utterly removed from one another. So This Universe is agglomeration of atomists particles. So that is also disconnected from divine. Only reliance on historical and prophetical revelation ties humans to the past and lure of salvation keeps them fixation on the future, resulting the dissonance the present moment’s. Such world view can achieved the unity amongst people by forcing similar code of conduct in society, similar rules with changing with time and situation, similar way of dressing, similar languages everything similar which can be done same by outside. But the inside and philosophical unity with divine will be separated. This separated metaphor from divine lead them to follow a lip served identical unity which is synthetic or oppose any new change in society. This will become synthetic unity and non-productive or inorganic with time.

From above we known to two term

Integral Unity is neither separated you from divine due to any original sin, nor its claim is based on historical event revelation. Claims of Dharmic tradition are based on re checking and re-experiencing the divine in any frame time or any number of people. Unity between divine and human is not blurred and exclusive claim. it’s can be achievable by Inner science practice like yoga and meditation.”

Synthetic Unity is term used for a sugar-coated and objectified unity in code of conduct, conduct of society, institutionalized control over divinity and obsession of looking same at any respect of socialites. Claims under this exclusive and non-transferable knowledge  of divinity is neither experience nor able to introspect . Unity between Men and divine is either blasphemy or should be achieved through institutions churches.  No authority is applied for any follower who claimed it outside premises of churches.   

Anxiety Over chaos Vs. Comfort with complexity and ambiguity

Dharmic tradition of India has always been influenced with diversity, complexity, non-linearity, mixture of thoughts. Dharmic tradition found that non centralized and unpredictable things are not a problem in scale as sensed by western tradition. Dharmic tradition accepts more and more difference, uncertainty and nonlinear way of thinking. These traditions actually celebrate difference and complexity. The term chaos is not applicable of dharmic tradition because people under this tradition are often relaxed about unpredictable situations and content. There is no compelling need to eliminate and terminate the difference. It’s generally seems that Asian (belongs to Dharma tradition) are comfortable in case of sudden change of planning and ideas. They show relaxation over complex things.

While other side western tradition is feel urgent need to eliminate the difference or if they can’t at least assimilate the difference. For them it’s very hard to digest complexity or they need something to satisfy that can make them feel about sameness. For West, Chaos is a profound threat that needs to be eradicated and control by destruction or complete assimilation. Western by large contrast tends by and large to be fearful of unpredictable or decentralized situations. They regard such difference as “Problems” and want to fix them.

Cultural digestion Vs. Sanskrit Non Translatable

Many Sanskrit terms are simply nontransferable. If you tried to change them English they simply change their meaning and the central idea behind the whole passage been evaporate somewhere. Few of them I mentioned in my linked Blog:

Non Transferable SanskritWord- Top # 06

Cultural cross transportation can be easy and dangerous when the core idea from languages like Sanskrit can be produce in other languages without understanding the soul meaning of word. Many words can be manipulated by many scholars to digest Dharma mind. For Example:

“God is one and Many Path can be lead to God”.

This phrase has been manipulated by evangelist and Islamic converter to suit their logic. They always been found that God is one and these many paths is religion of the world. Hence an Hindu can be consider “Jesus” and “Allah” is their god (But You will find that considering reverse will be consider as blasphemy in their religion cause they neither consider Krishna and Ganesh as their god nor they can approved the way Hindu worship). This is biggest hypocrite difference whenever they misquote this phrase.

The real meaning of this Quote is “God [Brahman] is one, and there is many paths [way of experience like yoga, meditation, Bhajan, japa and social duty] will lead to him.”

Such attempts are in numbers, in name of religious harmony but the real motive is only disintegrate dharmic people to their religion then by manipulation of their text [or using their ignorance to their religion] to convert them”.