Why Every Indian Should Read Breaking India By Mr. Rajiv Malhotra

This book is not about conspiracy but about facts. This book talk about deep developed fault lines by west and their enhancement to use this fault lines for making it use of indirect control on Indian politics.

I never find such factual book in my whole life based on current event and ongoing trial of US and EU for breaking India in many pieces.

This book is based on factual account and real time money trail going through NGO which is work against Indian unity. E.g. Ford foundation, Teesal satelwad’s Org and 1000’s of NGO which enjoy abroad money in name of social work but covertly do their job for highlighting and producing atrocity literature which divide india in many ways.

I would like to highlight few facts which I learnt from this book and which I understand by observation also.

1) Communist based education which infiltrate the young mind and convince them that India was never a united state before independence and idea of united India is new

This can be clearly seen university like JNU, Jadavpur University and Hyderabad university where students openly shout anti national slogan and talk about plebiscite of Kashmir by influence and convention of communist professor.

2) Framework of Dravid identity to breaking India as south and North based on color, race and ethnicity. For that Indologist developed Kadam Kumari, Aryan Invasion theory, St. Thomas Myths, Relation between Shiva sidhanata and bible, producing anti Brahman or anti north Indian sentiments in mind of people of TN, AP, Kerala, Karnataka.

It can be seen clearly when shakrachrya of shingeri has been stopped and not allowed to worship shiv temple of TN. Raise of Party like DMK, AIDMK based on ethnicity and Dravidian fault line. Anti Hindu sentiments and Dravidian christen is also part of this plan.

3) Using Dalit’s as identify and dismantling their consciousness from their Hindu past, than making them secular and then converting them Christianity. World Vision and Gospel for Asia kind of Organization is distributing money to ULFA/ALFA/ Maoist of India to doing fight against Indian state at red corridor states like Odessa, AP, WB, Nagaland, Manipur etc. and planning missionaries in India based on their agenda to convert 1 million people per year from India alone.

This can be seen clearly when Jesus idolized as Krishna, Buddha and their Hindu like temple is planted in tribe area. This is clearly seen when a book named “Jesus in India” shows that Jesus was actually a Buddhist monk (Utter lie for making Indians, Buddhist and Dalit’s fool). When WV and GOA comes to save Maoist in India. And US stooge like Jhon dayal, Kachan Illaya, Arundhati Roy, Amritya sen, Ramchandra Guha and all JNU or communist intellectuals talk about plebiscite in Kashmir, Nagaland, Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh. When they cry for human rights of Non Hindus but chose to be mum on KP’s Issues, Hindus killings in WB and Kerala and Nation like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

This Book Must be read by every Indian and Indian need to understand that there is many wolf in skin of rabbits and acting like secular n liberals who just want to break India and its ancient identity (Hindu civilization) for butt licking of their Uncle Sam (US).

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