The Question of God?

This is Most asked question in History of Human. What is God? Who is God? Where is God? How does he look? How does he Behave? What is our relation with him? How to see Him?

My blog will drag you deep into the question of god. The God, Almighty, Ominousness, Omnipotent, Creator, Kind, merciful, Lovely but still unknowable, without form or with form. What is behind his plan to we pony Humans.

What Is God?

This question is answer by many leaders, prophets, avatars and saints. God is always one for them. God is all powerful for them. God is unquestionable for them. God is all powerful and never revealed his to pony humans. But still humans has to follow his paths, still humans has no right to question him against his teaching of moralities.

Let’s Introspects my view about God. I disclaim that this is my personal view but it has developed after reading about this invisible friend. You are free to reject me or accept me. You are free to argue me but you are not free to disrespect me for my view.

God, the unknown is not powerful, not merciful, not kind, not originator of moral lesson for humans. But still God is omnipresent, ominousness and inside us.

Now, question is that why I am only agree with half of the definition of God?

Why God is not powerful, merciful, kind and dictator of moral books. Cause all these emotions of power, mercy, kindness and morals are subjected to humans. These characters are related to humans realm. Humans feel need of power and mercy. These character of gods are human imagination. God has nothing to do with mere human life. God also don’t need our prayers to get pleased and control our life. He has embedded or manifested himself in each living and non living things. he is interconnected with everything in cosmos. he is visible in form of prakrti (nature) and his presence can be sensed in thoughts and enlightenment of people who found him. Who touched him. They are our living teachers who touched that divinity through practice of claiming mind and heart. These living gurus are real example of god. But they are not authorities of Gods? They are just messenger of his law. They cant decide what God should be called, what should be follow by all humans cause all humans has potential to reach that level of divinity.

Why Need to Pray God?

Now question is that why need to praise God? In Real way, there is no need to prey god. Preying is human concept of praising like we do whom we follow as ideal. Like we do with our famous hero & heroines. Like we do to our parents and a noble men.

So what God need? Ahaaa!!! God need search. God is embedded in this nature. God need to be seek rather then submission to his mystery or love him unconditionally. Searching his values and understanding God’s realm is important than any other way to worship him. And why its important? cause God wants to give us wisdom of universe. he want to teach us law of nature. The law which govern the world & Universe. Blindly following and loving is humans idea to praise god in image of human emotions and realm.

Where is God?

The answer is given by one of the Upanishads when a student asked his teachers that “Where is God?” The answer given by Teachers is “Everywhere !! Including you”. and next he said “You are God” if you are able to enlightened your consciousness to level of supreme consciousness of Universe or God. God is in every living and non living things. But its need be carved at the level where this has to be connected to real divinity. That is why idols, who chose to be worshiped are not ordinary stones. They have been chose to do pran parthistha (carved into God by giving Vedic mantra) or Symbols (Like Kaba/Sermon of mount/Vatican), These Non living symbols are manifested reality of his presence. where he send his avatar/messengers/prophets to teach people about his laws of nature.

How does God look?

God does look like nothing or may be you and me, may be like goat/horse/Lion, may be like star. May be like earth, river, tree and stone. We can not capture this omnipresent entity into form things and non form things. He is not a single entity, he not like a white men in heaven. he is within us as a consciousness. His looks depends , what his seekers want to see him.

What should we do now?

Nothing !!! You cant do anything. all these ways of worships is just way to be happy that yes do something for almighty. But ask question to yourself. really you did? You just utter some words of praise, some action & customs which is being follow from last 1000’s of years.

If you want to touch his divinity, seek him. Try to keep indulged your mind and heart into lonely place. And ask question …Who are you? Why you need to follow some practice without explanation? why there is question and rules which cant be avoided? why you are bounded this materialistic form of life? This why is your salvations/liberation/worship and everything. Your heaven would be the wisdom which you will get after deep introspects inside you.

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