The Politics of appeasement- The Indian Politics chart

One side, India is world’s largest democracy in term of population and other side its world’s largest country to hold many religion and Languages. Yeah !!! Its sometime make it great, but some time venerable to dividing force who want to break India into pieces.

Well ! I am here only raising the question of appeasement politics which is now has become bloodline of Indian political biosphere. Lets see some example of appeasement:

Muslim appeasing politics in India

Kamlesh Tiwari’s is one of the politician of Hindu Mahasabha. Now story start when Samajvadi party leader Azam khan made one abusive comment about One of the right wing party of India “RSS- national organization of Self-service to nation” saying that “People of right wings are Gay, that’s why they don’t get married. But in reaction Kamlesh Tiwari did something which was unacceptable, he target Prophets of Islam and here’s come the mess. He instantly get arrested Under National security threat. But the Guy Azam khan never been feel shame for his comment.

“Now problem is that Okay , if someone hurting religious sentiments of other religion than he should get similar punishments like Kamlesh Tiwari. But In India, Painter Hussain, deliberately abused Hindu God’s by making abusive painting, Many Political leader Like  Owasi Brothers (MP from Hyderabad) made abusive comments on Hindu religion and their God are free to preach hate. They have not arrested under National security threat. Dr. Zakir Naik (televangelist) who continuously showing supremacy on a society where religion is consider equal, he is continuous in calling Hindu God is fake God’s. But still roaming around freely. Yes !!! This is called appeasement Politics in India, where less united majority is nothing in Well united minority. ” Now Muslims community is nothing but Vote bank to politician like Azam Khan and Owasi brother who instigate them in name of religion. They are blocked Vote bank.

Dalit’s appeasing politics in India

A Right wing politician made an abusive comments on a politician which belongs to Dalit’s community (Oppressive class like red Indians – What they think about themselves). He was thrown out from the party and even get arrested by police in case of hurting a women and making abusive comments. In second day after his comments, many supporter of victim politician made abuse comment on accused family women’s in public. But there is denial from society to arrested them also.

“Now problem is that, an accused is accused. he doesn’t belongs to any creed, caste and structure. Law of land is equal to every one. we cant practice two different law based on birth. Now, both (Supporters and politician) shall be thrown into the Jail without bargaining. But that’s not happen in India. cause Dalit’s are vote bank than Humans. Politicians continues remind them they are oppressed class and they can only get salvation after giving vote to a party and politician. (In reality, they have done nothing to done except using them as block vote bank for being into power).”

Dravidian Appeasement politics in India.

A DMK member was accused of murder and instigating separatism amongst Tamil Hindus and other caste. He was also accused for unlawful conversion by giving money and other lofty things to poor people. Now this member is Leader of this party. he demand some useless law, like Dravidian Dalit’s christens so they can convert Dalit’s into christens and also enjoy Dalit’s reservation. This men was stop one of prominent Hindu Guru- Shankarcharya’s of sringeri math to worship lord Shiva in Tamilnadu when he was in power. On other side, whenever Tamil Hindus protest against these atrocities they were thrashed because there is no vocal voice for them.

“My problem is that these kind of Dravidian ethnic identity which is fabricated with help in last 60 years to break India based on skin color and languages are anti Indians. Every single Indian know that they all are part of India. there were no separate civilization but different kingdom. All of them well aware of idea of India that is Lord rama is worshiped in rameshwaram but Lord Ayyapa has temple in Himalayas.” Tamils has become block vote bank in name of ethnic identity.”


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