The Lie We Live: Slaves of Globalization

We called our self Human being, we called our self the best creature of this universe. we claimed that we are the one who are in image of God. we claim that no one can be more powerful and intelligent than us. we believed that this world and animals (including other life) is inferior to us. And than we called our self sentient, Humanitarian, kind, merciful, loving. Seriously are we?

We Are Slave of Man made system

Every morning, when I looked into bathroom mirror. I really wonder, do I am looking to a real human who claim of free thinking or I am watching a mechanized or brainwash machine who are slave of this so called democratic, man made elite base corporation. Am I really able to do rather than these mechanized job which is assigned for me by this so called ruthless system. Am I really doing justice with my self to for selling my precious life in exchange of paper.

When I will realized that these paper is nothing but an exchange scheme which consume our freedom to fit into society. These automatic working system is nothing but a giant global elite operated corporation to use us as fuel for their so called globalized world.

I don’t understand why I need to pay a piece of paper as a exchange scheme, while in nature its free. No tree ask for money in exchange of fruit, No field ask for bank note in exchange of wheat, sugarcane and rice. No mountain and river ask for this paper of piece in exchange of water and shelter.

This exchange is man made to make human slave, to work under control, to control their free will of living. Are we really civilized or slave of system? I really wonder some time.

As a human, we are nothing but a programed machine which is made or trained for fulfilling the mechanized job of this large, enormous man made system. They control us by fear of liberty or religion. Than they control us through greed of fake and concrete home. They control us with disease created by them and us. They control us this dilute idea of nation, Religion, Cast, Creed. We killed, hate and even do inhuman things for this man made feeling of sameness, community and identity.

We killed animal in name of Food, but condemned if some animal killed a human in reaction. And we called our self intellectual and secular. But we are raciest.

We love, help, belongs and do everything for them who look like us, who pray like us, who wear cloth like us, we  kill who doesn’t follow our way of living, we killed people in name of fake gods, we claimed they are true. we claimed God is merciful, but he is enjoying ride in heaven after seeing a child died in malnutrition or in hunger. And we think we have done humanity.

We called yourself merciful, but we hate each other for our religious view, we want to convert them like us to be get right in front of God. We believed some midlives era books and their customs but our brain is stuck and jammed to question them. We fear to questions our holy books, their writer & their preachers. Still we think we are loved by God. Seriously, actually we are controlled in name of God. where is God when a child or a minor die in brutal rape. where is god when a father or priest rape a small kid. where is God, millions of innocent child die due to hunger, a small kid under bus tire. where is god? how he is merciful, kind and loving.

If Still you are think that you are human, your brain is clouded by knowledge and slave scheme created by human.

We are slaves of this so called Globalization. But if want to free, we need to ask question & fight back to this giant .




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