Seeds of sedation in India

India as a nation is world’s largest democracy and implementors of a constitution which gives fundamental rights of every thing. But did you know these fundamental rights are always has been used extreme element of breaking India force as a protection shield.

1) One of the most misused fundamental rights is Rights of expression. Now these days, these slangs become a sharp weapon to abuse right-wing of Indian politics. These controller of freedom of speech is well-educated elite and contractor of Human rights. They have very selective approaches towards Human rights incident. They chose an incident which can serve their purpose of sedition or defamation of right wing but avoid all incident which show’s their biased. For example

  • Amnesty international organised a human rights progg. in banguluru in 13th Aug 2016 for showing the effect of curfew on Kashmiri people. But they started this progg explicitly showing that how indian army and state is cruel towards the stone paddlers of Kashmir. This progg show’s how family is affected. They brought out three families for this. But when its comes turn to talk about kashmiri pundit atrocity, they shut the voice of kashmiri pundit family. Then some kashmiri student started slogening against indian nation-state. The reply given by amnesty is that its freedom of speech. This same amnesty international is responsible for keeping silence on Saddam hussian, Gaddafi atrocities. This same organisation is responsible for pulverizing the image of jehadi jhon as  soft victim of brainwashing. This organization has mum on POK and pakistan sponsored terrorism.
  • Political parties like Congress and CPI. Political parties used this tools to enhanced the sedition within india. They want to create a divide in society for being in power which can harm national interest. When JNU sedation happened, than almost each party supported the anti national slogans in name of freedom of speech to gang up against BJP. These slogans latter transported to Jadavpur University and Hyderabad universities. Many social figure and organisation supporting such sedation theology in name of human rights which is quite dangerous.

2) Tolerance  the accurate meaning of this word is “something which is not accepted or respected but allow to stay in existence”. Now, many elite in india from last one years tried to convey that India is no more tolerated country. I am saying yes india is not so tolerated country cause this country believed in mutual respect. Why it should tolerate anyone when we can respect each other. But sedation and play of power is going on this word also. This word discovers by elite class on eve of Akhlaq death and used by many celebrities to shake of their publicity. But these elite were blind when india’s biggest ethnic cleansing done in Kashmir after independence. They were silent when 8000 Sikhs were killed by congress workers alone in Delhi.

using such words on special movement show elite class of india is nothing but puppet of US or others group which feed them with fame or money and they dance on their beats.

3. Intellectual fights  there is a silent attack is going on venerable majority of india which is Hindus. Their history is dismembered by western Indologist, their mind is boggled by biased history, their rituals are pointed as environmental breakdown to earth. Everything which can help to unit Hindus in grand extend shall be consider that harmful. This intelligent design to breakdown hindu unity and showing them primary evil is actually a plan to control the indian population.

now seeds of sedation is planted inside hindu itself. They had been brainwashed to hate their identity, they all been forced to digest western identity definition for them. They are foreigner in land in which they live. They are tagged as oppressors to fellow indians. This divide has been created by intellectuals in name of caste system, women oppression, pseudo liberalism and secularism.
Indians are under the siege, this siege is within india, within indian brain, within indian culture and customs. This siege need to be defeated by taking control on our hand. This intellectuals power shall be taken back from west to native people.

Surender Negi