Maria Warth and A Converted Hindu.

Once on a flight back from Germany to
India, one of those smart, intelligent, young Indians sat across the aisle. He was a science lecturer in an US university.When food came, he asked for non-veg. I teasingly said “Non-veg??”

He replied, “Yes, when I converted to Christianity 8 years ago, I started to eat non-veg.”

“What! You converted…”, he had not expected my reaction. He probably thought I would say “Oh, you are also a Christian”, instead he got a lecture.

Why would anyone voluntarily sign up to believe blindly in dogmas which never can be proven as true and which are highly unlikely to be true. In fact, they simply cannot be true. Hindu Dharma gives anyone the freedom even to worship Christ, so why pledge to believe in the whole belief-packet when in the west Christians are happy that they finally have the option to officially opt out from it – an option that was granted only in the 19th century?

“So do you believe now that Hindus go to hell?” I asked him.

“Yes, we have to believe that”, he said, and did not look so smart and intelligent anymore…
There may be an explanation for his decision. Missionaries are good to spot especially Hindus who feel somewhat lost in the west. They do this in Germany, too. The offer to ‘belong’ may help in the decision to convert. And of course the attitude they have heard at home in India for ages: “All religions are the same.” 

They are not the same. The “we alone are true” religions contain unacceptable dogmas, like Hindus burn for all eternity in hellfire. Such wild claims must either be proven (they cannot be proven of course) or dropped.