Mohanjedaro : Movie Vs Reality

Mohanjedaro civilization is one of the old civilization which lIves near Indo-Sarswati river system. But this is not the only one who define the indian culture. Rakhigari and lothal were another cities in ancient times which is pre dated than Harappa and Mohanjedaro. Rakhigari was double in area and populations than combine area of harappa and Mohanjedaro.

Now western Indologist has some theory about this civilization which support Aryan invasion theory or theory of foreign migration which is purely a white lie because its server or explain their logic of colonial atrocities.

According to them, Vedas and other Modern hindu culture is come from central and europe through foreigner in 1500 BCE to 1700 BCE. Before that their were native people (which they point out were dalit or Dravidian to create a divide in current political situation) which were image worshipers. According to them these new nomadic new people comes and destroyed old culture or may be digested or assimilated the old culture into new cultre. Now, their point that colonial atrocities were not new to india cause this same has been done to indians in 1700 BCE. This similar arguments had been used in United state of America for atrocity over native indians.

Now question is that why these kind of deflected history or study of history i dangerous to india?

Well, as we well aware that india is a country of multi culture and multi languages. These kind of deleted history (which is based on colonial study of India) create a gap between Dalits or South Indians. This gap show them as native people and victim while north indians as oppressor.

How movies lIke mohenjedaro help to alture the subconscious mind of indians and create a political n social unrest? I would lIke to point out some point from movies which show their biased towards Vedic history of india and service to western propagandist who want to break india in name of dalits and Dravidians.

  1. In movies, whenever someone speak something, in title block you can read which language actually he was talking. Its show’s various range of languages lIke sumerian, maccan, bulveria etc. But there is no mention of Sanskrit, few place its show old hindi..but there is no langauge named old hindi. Now fact is that, most of civilization was in primitive stage when mohenjedaro was flushing, there was no extreme cross culture relation bw them. Such languages Iconology show’s director want us to believed that there is no languages before central asia or middle east give us. These kind of assertion is nothing but effect of white supremacy on Indian elite.
  2. In movies, in one seen its shown that horse was came after in this civilization. Initialy, there was no horses. But this need to be understood that this is the similar to western theory who want to say, Vedas mentioned horses but as per geography of Indus Sarasvati there is no hourses. This show’s Vedas comes from outside. I have strong objection for this point cause we all known that hourses was not new to Harappa. It is possible that they came through trade route but this will not prove that they were integral part of vedas and vedas transported from outside. This link yet to be discovered.
  3. In movies, many Indo-Sarasvati symbols shown as a mark of seal. This movie clearly neglect the langauge of mohenjedaro. This movies want to say, Intialy there was no languages they speak in some seal tERM and there were division in people in tERM of trading seal. Only elite were able to get this seal of property. I. Reality, there is so much symbolic langauge of this civilization that no scientist yet successful to decipher it. But this movies is so wishy-washy about this.
  4. At the end, this showed that all cities where get destroyed and hero reach to another rIver. People asked what would they call this rIver and he said “Ganga”. This gIves a representation that all Hindus culture and religious accumulation is based on something illogical. For Hindus Ganga is not a rIver its a manifested goddess. Ganga is depicted as discovered, but in reality ganga and Yamuna both were part of Sarasvati river system and after drying of Sarasvati river (due to tactical shift),population of south and east civilization moved to Gangetic plain. Before this they were aware of ganga, yamuna, sarswati, Sindhu, Kaveri, Namrda etc that’s why they called it seven sisters. Second point is that, Rakhigari or lothal which was pre dated to Mohanjedaro was well aware of Gangetic plain and a small population is started to shifted towards it. That’s why in many verse ib rig Vedas it’s mentioned about madhyadesha etc.
  5. In movie, director tried to avoid all Vedic rituals and customs like fire altre, yoga, shiva worship which is proven fact about mohenjedaro.
  6. In movie director tried hARD to depicted that all indian civilization is transported through western and middle eastern civilizations which is surly incorrect.
  7. In movie director avoid all information about the places like rakhigari and lothal which was pre mohanjedaro or harappa.

I just want to say, movie is good but its only tried to defect history and alter subconscious mind of indians. This not so well-known subject is very dangerous to india. This also shows how defected indian hisTory has been used as weapon in last 25 years against native people of india. We can watch such movies but not having proper information leads us to deform face of our history.