Book Review: How to be Your Own Financial Planner in 10 Steps by Manish Chuahan.

Book Name: How to be Your Own Financial Planner in 10 Steps 

Writer:Manish Chauhan

Page: 158

Rating: 4 out of 5


This is the word , when I read out last page of this book. Reader like me can utter such words for very few financial books due to terminology of commerce world. But for me this book is a “Must Read for every Indian and others”. This book (as subjected) is about personnel financing planning introduction by writer (Manish Chauhan is financial adviser in Jago Invester firm and blogger of financial issue. he is having rich experience in financing).

As I said, if you miss this kind of book in your early age. actually you miss a lot in your life.

About Book

Book is written by financial adviser of most famous firm on financial investing in India. This book is one of the implementing kind of book. I also recommend that when you read this book, have a pen and paper with you. Book start with 10 steps strategies which helps you to reach your financial Goal. listed below topics are describe and given quite simple solutions for the problem which common people never imagine.

  1. How should everyone shall care of Health of your family
  2. How should everyone shall plan Life of family after your sudden death
  3. How should everyone plan for Problem face by your loved once (if you sudden die)
  4. How should save money for maximum gain.
  5. How should everyone plan their retirement
  6. How should everyone need to handles their account.
  7. How should everyone shall be ready with emergency funds
  8. How should everyone shall take care of legal property distribution.
  9. How should everyone for short and long term Goals
  10. How should everyone take and repay debt.

Book has many calculating formulas and untestable language for laymen in financial issues.

In Short this book says to you “To Do” Below thing without fail and ASAP.

  1. Term insurance (up to 50 to 65 years) of your life up to 1 Cr.(Don’t forget to take accident/ accident disabilities covers in this.
  2. Health Insurance (from 5 lac to 15 lac) with no claim bonus and critical illness of at least of 5 lac.
  3. Having Emergency Funds in case of your job loss and minor accident.
  4. Planning of retirement from early stage at least up to 5 Cr from now.
  5. Making Will now, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Things I like Most

  • Manish has managed the pace in his writing like any other professional writer. he has also successful with his stories and example to jog people from state of inactiveness about their financial life.
  • Manish has given each chapter a special value after adding a table at the end of each chapter. which help people to do some mental calculation according to their lifestyle.
  • Manish also has explained many things in brief for non financial people like Mutual Funds, Importance of Will, Importance of health insurance and retirements.
  • Manish given a theorize idea about the financial loop holes of every common Indian or may be any person under devolving country.

Things I hate

  • He need to write more pages with more formulas or situation.
  • I hate a chapter where he tried to help people how they can set their goals. but that table was so confusing for people like me who has dead brain in finance.


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