Book Review: Rearview My Roadies Journey- Raghu Ram

Rearview My Roadies JourneyRearview My Roadies Journey by Raghu Ram


(Rating: 3 star/ 5 star)

RaghuRam a.k.a Raghu a.k.a Raghu Roadies 

Yes, This book is about a person who made MTV youth show like Roadies. I don’t know why I pick this book. May be I have seen many session of MTV Roadies, that’s why I thought this book has something different. Well !! I will not say this book disappoint me – But This book give me feeling that he doesn’t need to wrote his editing expertise for fans of roadies.


Rearview of Raghu Life is actually rearview of Roadies only. Raghu tried hard to convey message and has done honesty with this book and his life in various point. This book start with a seen of audition where he trying to show that people are crazy for him. Yes !! They are crazy for him but dear Raghu, You exaggerated it in first chapter.

I am sure !! People love his personality but he also understand that his fan following is nothing in front of others. Okay, Lets dissect this book fairly with out any favor.

Roadies is the road show presented by MTV in production and direction under Mr. RaghuRam and later its become never ending season of “Games of Throne”. Indian people like it cause it was first of its kind. People enjoy the tricks and ploy played by contestant in show. Indians youth population was getting attractive towards pop culture and such show promote this. Specially Youth Like it.

Dissection of Book

First chapter, start with an audition scenario, where Ranveer and Raghu cheer up people of Puna. People chanting their name like Mantras and these people acting like that they do not give a Fuck to these fans. Later things moved and Raghu-Ram flip back in his history.

Things moves with his story how he get a complex birth with his twins brother “Rajiv”. early days of childhood and later their KG songs obsession. He tried hard but failed to portray the bullies situation in his life. I will say, writer has done tremendous work to make it interesting but seriously Raghu its nothing new and interesting . In India, Journal people get bully in any kind of form and there is not always solution of back off. some time people learn to live with that and worked hard that their next generation wouldn’t face that. But in his case, he was lucky to having understanding parents and friends.

Raghu life change when he get Job in MTV as a trainee. he showed his will not because he like job cause there is no other option. (Raghu try hard to hide this thing but I know, he always wanted to be a Rawdey or a stud). he work hard, get recognition around him. Than he patch with a mentor name “Rahul Vaid” who was psycho like him and he tried hard to get detached from Rahul cause he was not letting him personal life. Serious observation, Raghu You are fucking doing same thing with Ran-vijay. Its reflect on your book. May be he is unable to say but stop considering him your kid or small brother. he is the men of his own destiny. Don’t fuck his life for roadies. He has potential to do more movies rather than cheap one . Later in his book, he managed to get out from grab of Rahul vaid and directly landed to another mentor “Mr. chitanmani”. He used him like Kejriwal used Anna Hazare to get into again in MTV.

From here he tried hard to make things different, he seriously worked for Roadies 1 and there he got his another puppy love Ran Vijay Singh >. Now, stories moves with his different experience with Roadies session and people. He seemed to pissed off with Ashutosh, who made his chutiya by his logic. . later at stage, Raghu has got sign midlife crises, he lose his work-life balance. his relationship with her wife, Kuhu gets ugly (I have pity for this girl who has faced this assholes for years and she is real sweet). Now after running here and there, Raghu identify his trend of narcissism and lock down him-self. But this time he get offer for two movies, specially TeesMar Kha where I think he get his status and glass of narcissism get broken. he back again for his only fame show Roadies and started his journey again.

Now get into the most ugly part of this book, which is quite offensive for me Somewhere in Book, he mentioned about Babri masjid and Gujrat roits, which is according to him become reason of leaving his religion , First of all Raghu, You don’t know about dharma, Like I don’t know about roadies . I seriously pissed off, when he simply targets Hindus for atrocities but Fuck You !! Where were you when more than 3.2 Lakh Kashmiri Pundit thrown out of valley, when 10,000 Sikh were get killed just to apply political cream to asses of Congress . He than suddenly, declare he is Buddhist, but in another page, he said he listen that Buddhist were saying ill to another religion so he left the Buddhism also with note that Buddhism is a philosophy which he follow, not religion. Ha Ha Ha, seriously all religion is philosophy not only Buddhism some are worse due to hard core eccentric believed of world dominant and some are nice when say ” this world is one village”. 

Final Word

this book is good for reading and learning how can a person change his life by hard work & how life can flip by luck if you have enough luck to be “RaghuRam”.

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