Indian tribe and Christianity in India


India is nation of thousand tribes which is living in interior of Indian forest and far away from the light of development. Some people called them “Adivashi” because they think these people are early symbols of natural people who lived with nature without harming it. With time, people shifted to metro cities while some tribes chose to saty in abode of Nature. We think they are backward but in reality they are nature lover not backward.

Most of the population found in state like Jharkhand, Chattishgarh, Odisa, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Bangal and eastern state of India. Most of people are who are living in forest are not connected to basic modern facilities like Education, Employment and Medical. After being integral part of India, they are far away from developments. That’s why they become attractive place for Christen missionaries.

This situation is not new and built by British government , which systematically planted these Christen churches there for converting them by Money and in exchange of education and medicine.

In 1857, after failure of first independence movement of India, many freedom fighter planned to gorilla attack on British. So they hide in woods and made these dense forest their homes. Finally, after British government put an bill of Criminal tribal act to eradicate these elements from societies, according that bill they can kill any person without court trial. They can hung people with their family members and children must be killed with parents. This was the most brutal genocide in colonial history. These tribes were forced to attendance weekly in policy station and their leaders were restricted to territories decided to them. Most of them killed or hung by British government for forcing them to surrenders these freedom fighters. There was great resistance for this act by people like Govind Guru in Rajasthan. The only purpose of this act is:

Prevention of any freedom movement after 1857.

Making grounds for Christen missionaries to converts Hindus, Muslims to Christen in exchange of Education, Money, status and Power.

Tribal peoples were already very poor but these acts and behaviour/Discrimination of British government made them extreme poor. Many disease like Malaria, plag killed many tribes. British government than announced that they will help church organization in these areas and they announced money for conversion. By their help, many churches (Including Mother Teresa church) adopt many tribal women and children (whom father killed by British itself) and brainwashed them towards Christianity. These children and women were now becomes nuns and missionaries to convert more peoples. Few years later, a new breed ready which just look like Indians but by brain they are christens to harvest the crop of Jesus. They use similar technic which they used now, each time any natural disaster they covered the area with bible and money. Poor people which is annoyed this play, get into the trap and found that now they are christens.

After this long play, British government access a whole generation who were ever supporter of any act of British regime.  These new generation were think that all people who wear dhoti, Kurta and other traditional dress, speak regional or Sanskrit was backward. In their eyes only people with English languages and literature is intellectuals and Higher class. These new generation were benefited by British regime, they get promoted, get special access in market and place of business. these people become new rich and British inside skin of Indian. This method effect so much that congress politician like Nehru, Jinnah, Gandhi was inspired by them but have sympathy for poor Indians. They become new limelight of India. People of India think, they were their leaders but they were people with little nationalism or more English brain.

In similar fashion, todays church of England and Vatican has invested billions in country like India, Pakistan, Nepal, sri-lanka, Africa etc. These churches earn money from these countries (by their people) and return back again same country in name of Human rights, church donation and conversion. Means they looted each individual in Third world countries and send money back to convert them in Christianity.

Now those tribes who believed in Local Gods and life style which doesn’t involve any sin and torture has accepted Jesus. These tribe before being christen think that, if they harass someone and killed some, they will be punished by local gods and tribal gods. Before Jesus, karma was part of their life, they used to think about sin and good work. But now, they just know one thing, do whatever you want but on Sunday go to church & accept everything in front of priest and everything is solved. Books like bible is just a medium to show they are on track and follow some rules of morality but general population doesn’t care about holy book. Non of them even read these books due to harsh chronological order.

By this effect, means get involved in addiction, polygamy and other action in which women get torture and responsibility to run the family. In name of modernization they through consumerisation , nuclear family, gap between family members, selfishness is now trend, Inhuman behaviour is new cool in third world countries. Whiskey, cigarettes and sex is become new definition of coolness for metro cities.

But church has nothing to do with this. cause these conversion fulfilled their target of being politically powerful, running business of religion. Now, whole christens in India, do voting in sign of priest. By these, Indian politician started to bootlicking of these priest and Vatican constantly growing such priest. Now in state like Karla and Tamilnadu priest control the power equation between state and center. These acts of remote electoral power now become integral part of Indian election system. Dalit christens are example of this.

Now tribes are in dilemma, in name of education or development they are converted but now in edge of forgetting their own identity and basic religion.

The act of Hindu society is very much needed this time of harvesting of Sole. Hindu societies open some places where they can serve the people but these are very few in number and limited to pilgrimage site. Hindu politician generally forget their commitment towards societies and communities because they taste power, even they lash back Hindus after testing pseudo-secularism. The religious Gurus of Hindus generally enjoyed publicities and preached all religion is one. few of them such cheap that they even don’t have basic knowledge of Hindus fundamentals.

Middle class Hindus are busy in making money, travelling pilgrimage, doing poojas but there is no socialism amongst them. Rich Hindus are way beyond the layers few of them leftist, liberals, Hindu apologist or aggressive but no one is powerful enough to correct the society.  Most of get primary education under grab of convent schools, so they born and brought up as pseudo secular or anti Hindus (Hindu Phobic).

This is not only happened in India, West has largely funded Africa, South east Asia, far east and others nation. Now there target is Middle east. First they ruined them than they start this drama with them. It is the time when we get our consciousness back and learn

Being Modern doesn’t mean become western. China is perfect example, anyone can become modern within same religion if he accept social discrimination and fault-line within religion and eradicate them.

Be Modern, Not Western

By Dr. Vivek Arya