Short Story of Indian Fall from 1400 AD to till Now

europe_around_650Through Arab World, when knowledge of India reached the destination of Europeans and British. Than people of Europe in 1400 started a long mission to earn money from this treasure of India. They were thinking that they will encounter a rich culture of philosophy, Power, prosperity, education and business. But till the time surgical strike on India by Islamic invader ruins almost everything in India (specially North India).

That Time India was totally different what European thinking in their mind was. After European enlightenment also, India was the center of poverty, superstition, depression, disease and malnutrition due to brutal rule of Mughals on Indian soil. 

The web of Slavery

britindiaEuropean companies were actually a army establishment in skin of business companies. They were less with the high class of ammunition, technology in weapon and dedicated worker. Their inner completion for Looting India was not able to raise them against each other due to bond of Christianity. They had extra advantage of self-confidence which they had earned after colonizing many colo0ny in Africa and America. They used all tactics to convert people of India.

After distributing the area of profit in India, they started to use selfish ruler of India against each other. They use tactics like bribing, profit in war and started a civil war inside India. They started to become a authority who were more judicial than current ruler amongst them. But at last, Britain win the war of colonization and control the whole system with minute number of people by enslaving mind of Indian people. Now, the selfish ruler of India become agent of East India Company and started to derail each other in chance of gain profit from British Raj.

“Company captain” was new title was given to traitor of India and they looted nation up to 1857. After that control of power and Indian system was handover to British Raj. There were many Muslim ruler in power rather than Hindu ruler but for missionaries it was very hard to convert a Muslim due to extremism in their religion. They were backed by their Muslim ruler also while Hindus were soft targets due to no ruler and no extremism in their religion.

Raise of Traitor “Company captain”

clive1857 freedom fight was last attempt by Indians to save their culture and power from tentacles of British Raj, but it was failed due to lack of nationalism in Kings who involved in this freedom. They all were joined this movement for personal reason. After that British Raj, become more attentive against the revolt by Indians. They started a new scheme to oppressed Indian consciousness. They started a special plane to enslave Indians in name of social reforms; they started to penetrate the web of dharma in name of social work. Then again power shifted to East India Company to Queen Victoria.

For ensuring the power British raj, started to propagate theory of Aryan Invasion so they can create divide amongst south India and north India which was divert due to language, color and culture. They started to propagate that poster St. Thomas visited South India and send message of gospel to Indians (This is pure fake that because St. Thomas was died near Today Pakistan, admitted by Vatican itself in 2005). They formularized that North Indians (Aryans) were outsider and they oppressed native Indians (Dravid) for reforming them, they are doing same thing against to Indians, hence they are not oppressor because Indians itself outsider (same theory they applied during Sinhalese-Tamils civil riots in Sri Lanka, Rwanda Riots, Native American eradication etc.). This was very important for them cause south India was more cultural power full due to less effect of Mughals rule and they had power to unite complete Hindus to be more nationalistic.

Infamous education Policy of Mackle’

portrait_of_friedrich_max_mullerEducation system of Hindus was destroyed during Islamic Invasion in India. They ruined the places like Taxshila and Nalanda. Mughals were not interested to increase education system for common people; they were satisfied /limited with bard writings and Islamic Literature. Lord Mackle’s understand the effect of education hence for brainwashing the Indians against their heritage, religion and culture they started the education institute in Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi etc. The main purpose of that education system was spreading the misconception about Hindus ancient literature, this education system was forced student to consider them myths or part of illogical story. They want to attract people by this education system so; they can work as British under skin of Indians. This education was designed as secular scientific education system (while in Britain’s and Europe were transferred whole bible and missionaries education as part of basic education, it is still part of their education system, but in India, it’s consider communal to learn Sanskrit and ancient text of India). Whatever was cultural, ancient was declare orthodox and unscientific by British Indologist.

Fake veil of Indian National Congress

a406Educated from Meckel’s secular education, many new intellectuals formed a half Political organization in name of “Indian National Congress” which main focus to indulged normal Indians to be part of Queen Victoria Empire which automatically looting them. They want to keep away such intellectuals from social life of normal people of India. Patronized organization was just their B-team and they were right, that such team was failed to stand against them (Ex. Gandhi surrender on Bhagat Singh, Withdraw many revolution by instruction of British). In name of modernization, British done some basic reformation which was good but the moral of such reforms was only strengthen the consumerization spread by British raj. New laws were written for Indians where British specially thrown Manusmriti as a Hindu doctrine (after knowing that this only document is most biased documents in Indian scripture).simla_conference

For educating the local tradition, Pundits and Mullavis were appointed to British administrators. Brahmans were fully depended on rituals but due to British policy of educating English medium snatched their schools of Vedas, so they increase amount of rituals. They complex rituals and added more money on ritual expenditure. Normal people started to demoralized after high price priest and stop all rituals. These results were very positive for British so, they started to abuse Hindus based on their rituals and ancient text without understanding of texts.

Mughals time, social evils like child marriage, sati (johur) and girl child abortion were very high so Hindu reformers were come together and started to eradicate such social evil which later snatched by British Govt.

Tempering with Indian History & ancient text

Ancient text and history were damaged by Islamic Invaders. Ancient name of “Pryag” was changed by Akbar as “Illahbaad”, the ancient city of Mahabhart “Punchal” was changed as “farukhabaad”. The city of lord Rama-Ayodhya and temples of Lord Rama was demolished by Babar and change the city name as “Faizabaad”. Mostly Hindu cities and worship temple damaged by them and mosque were built over it. For understanding, Ancient India British collected half written text from different countries like china, sri lanka, Burma, Tibet etc. and prepared half cooked literature. They manipulated many facts according to their will and which suit their ideology of divide politics.313937_37685984

Rise in Intellectuals slavery

Due to Colonial education we were in stage where our intellectual free thinking was bounded to frame work decided by British. We started to conclude every fact with lenses created by British. The Indian intellectuals started to follow the intellectual trails of Europe and British later America. The Indian intellectuals started to believe what European believed and they started to neglect the truth which was visible. (Saying Ramayana is fake but bible is true account of history is blindness which we follow, In India there is 1000’s of evidence which show the account of Ramayana was geologically, biologically and archeologically correct, But Indian intellectual denied it because that’s what US Intellectuals did). London was become the special temple of knowledge (thousands of documents and archeological evidence which were stolen from different countries collected there and studied by them for colonial history) and this gave power to the British as world power.jawaharlal-nehru-1947

Till the end of 1930, British have collected the strong lobby of Intellectuals which were anti Indian and anti Hindus in name of reform and modernization. Hindus Social values, Traditional dress, Food and education intellectuals were much higher than Muslim populations of India, so British were attracted to that. So they started to indulge their theory and culture into Hindus mindsets and shining of modernization attract simple and innocent Hindus in lack of centralized institute of dharma. This is funny to know that new generation accepted the definition of many ideas which comes from west and manipulation of their own original ideas there, like Yoga, Vegetarian, secularism, women empowerment etc.

After clearing the account of Indian discoveries they stole the patent of every discovery and proven to world that they are chariot of science and technology.

Recollection of Hindu consciousness

bal-gangadhar1After some time, few people realized this prank which had been played by British. Indians were started to change their lenses to see modernized world. Starting of 20th CE first & Second World War was fought by Indians for other regime and blood shaded for maintaining an oppressing regime. This realization was right for Indian mind. People were that time was not scientific and rational so that’s help also. During WWII, they seen how Europe and other countries has developed so this spark a fire amongst Indian to be independent.

Fire of Total Independence

Initially, Indians wanted to be satisfied with only dominance status but as soon as people like Lok Manya tilak and others nationalistic leader into the politics the request become call of Independence. They called for “complete freedom and that’s what was the born right of Indians”. This effect the corroded Raj system of British so they capture all these nationalist and thrown them to jail. When violence was in initial stage with British Raj, these brainwashed secular started to interfere in name of non-violence.

wc1685978But till the time whole India was affected by this total independence. After WWII it’s hard for British Raj, to sustain and maintain all colonial countries under suppressed due to financial and army loss. One side British were abusive to Indian freedom fighters so second side they were successful for this hollow drama of talking, compromising the brainwashed elite class. They chose some specific brainwashed politician as a voice of India (By broadcasting them channel, they made them famous. This was the first used of media for political gain) some of them were Nehru, Jinnah and M K Gandhi. With them they conspired the Muslim Hindu divide of Land (After independent Congress was successful to blame Muslims and Jihhan for this divide). This get them eternal fame and control of a nation as founding party of India.

Divide of India

partition-of-india-1-72815th Aug 1947, a nation has been dividing into two parts. The power of these nation has been transferred to British selected tats who were colonized from day one. A hand full of Muslim invader who convert people on edge of swards during dark ages of Human history were now owner of 1/3rd land of Indians and Hindus (which was basically there origin point due to colonial slavery). In a single night, the broader of India squeeze to miles and remaining Hindus on that areas left for torture, conversion and humiliation.

5502c07cea026_imageThis must be notice that before Independence Muslim population was 40 Million in India and Hindus were 300 Million. Because they were not interested to live with Hindus so 90% Muslims voted for Pakistan during 1947. But only 15% moved to Pakistan and remaining 85% chose to stay back (I don’t understand that they why they even voted) in India because of Pseudo-secular policy of Gandhi and Nehru nexus. Just after partition, Hindus and Sikhs started to prosecuted in Islamic state of Pakistan and many Hindu-Sikh family fled to India for saving their life. Millions of people left their home and property just because of ethnic cleansing supported by Pakistan govt and still it’s going on till now. But in India, many Muslims were enjoyed liberties in India, after voting against India.corpses-lying-among-pieces-of-wood-in-preparation-for-cremation-after-bloody-rioting-between-hindus-and-muslims-2-calcutta-kolkata-1946


Today Muslims of India (Knowingly or unknowingly) still moving this nation to another partition and this has planed very systematically. They had done ethical cleanse Kashmir and thrown our Kashmiri Pundits from valley and now doing drama of victimhood. Now they pelting stones to Indian forces and taking Militant support from Pakistan sponsors non state actors. Every citizen of India (without cast, creed and religion) should be stand against these breaking India forces without putting thinking of their religion, caste and creed. This is most important for Hindus who will be prime targets, that is their responsibility that they now come over from this castes and ready for shape national support for India.

bharat-mata-mother-india-indian-republic-day-creative-illustration-holding-flag-ashoka-wheel-historical-monuments-64703519Mother India has faced many invaders, Colonial rulers, internal fights. If we want to destroy terrorism from the face of earth we should be united and stay together. Cause if we will not stay together may be our next generation will not going to survive due to our spineless acts and decision . My hearts bleed for my soldiers who fight with two kind of enemy-Enemy across the borders and enemy with in India.

(For Memory of Martyred Army Men of Uri attack who laid their life for Indian people. We Salute you for your bravery and pride, Bharat Mata ki Jai (hail to Mother India)


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