My Journey : Atheist to Dharmic

Whenever I see people exchanging thoughts about religion, it fascinates me. As a typical Indian and Hindu background, I was not aware of the religion of mine (Hinduism). In childhood, I was blindly obeying the poojas (Worships) at temples, fast during the Hindu festival. I grew up in a family, where parents were not so educated about Hindu dharma so never get the answer to the curious question in my childhood. I think, it has happened with every single child in this world. After the certain age, they had thousands of question to ask.
There is millions of confusion and questions come to their mind and get unanswered. I consider that almost every child in this world, forced to follow religion without being answered especially in Hinduism.

Our source of knowledge now became very diverse and unrealistic like Internet and Media. In this fast forward world, no one has time to stop and look for the answer but they have one simple choice given my liberal and secular media-“There is no God”.

First Turning Point

Now, my life get a turning point when I started to learn about science. True, Science seemed more logical than any other explanation. It seems very clear that everything in this world has any objective definition. A definition which can not be tested readily checked and even alter. While religion seems to opposite to science, Religion is very stuck in belief. You have to believe in God, without question. Asking the authority of god is kind of sin of this world. Science seems to more logical, with an explanation of how earth rotate? how star formed? Why air blow? After understanding, this was the time of child like me to take the stand. So I started to read about Religion and culture.

I choose my aim to know about this concept of God. I read the voluminous book of Bible and Quran. I read the interpretation of scholar. Simultaneously, I read books of Prominent Atheist Like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hiking, Stephen Hawkings, Michio Kaku, Buddhism and Jainism (which is somehow Indian atheistic religion with less input of materialism).

That was the time when I was fighting in between faith and reality. I chose to be an “Atheist”. Its seems to Logical to me. How can someone believe some question which raises by Many prominent atheists :

Why doesn’t God help the millions of child who are dying outside of hunger if he is merciful? Why God, not saved people who have been killed by other fanatics in name of religion? Why God is not made a perfect world if he is all mighty and powerful. If he was able to control everything, then why he had not stop Adam to eat that fruit of Sin at first place? Why God demands blind faith and never said: “Taste me before you follow me?”. Why he made such morals verdict that thou shall not do this? do that? I mean the lord of Billions of Galaxy why the hell he needs to worry about the morals of such tiny humans. what he will do with our faith? where are hell and heaven? how can a person get this enormous amount of joy-ness by striving himself in this earth?

This question boggled me and I chose to be an atheist.

Second Turning Point

After few years of studying and calling myself so called an atheist. I feel I am being so arrogant to people who have faith. Actually, I am doing the same which extremist do. They don’t listen to another side, they make fun of other believed, they go behind the rhetoric of religion and last they said you will not understand till you will not accept the reality of faith. I was noticing that this similar trend is developing inside me. I was forced to think, how I am different than any other religious extremist. But still, I need a jog to wake up. and I get that jog, two years back.

Two years back, I traveled to my Native place which is near the Himalayas. I was with family to visit a famous temple of Kedar-Nath (I was not theist that time but love to go such places to quench my thrust).

I was waiting for Outside of the temple when I see a Yogi sitting there with He was very noticeable because everyone was touching his feet but he seems to be dissected from the current environment . Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and asked me? “How you feel here? Is it peaceful?”

I didn’t think this question? I said sarcastically, “Yeah !! quite peaceful”

He pointed a sharp question to me “Do you believe in Bhagwan (God)?” I said bluntly “No !!  I Don’t”.

He comes to me and sits nearby me. He said, “why?” I replied all that question from where, why, how generally asked by an atheist.

he smiled for a while and asked. “Do Lord Kedar asked you to come here?”

I said “No” I came here for my parents who want to visit that places and they believed in this so I have to obey them.

He told me “See !! You came here for the faith of them which you didn’t recognize as truth.

So I asked, “How it is related to God and its reality?”

He said ” Faith is not something which everyone believed, it’s something which you wanted to believe. You wanted to be an atheist and it becomes your faith. If you try to replace faith with science , then science will become your faith. “

I said, “how it will prove that there is God?”

He asked, “What is God in your view?”

I said “God is sole authority of this world who watch us every single act of ours and guarantee that he will give best after death life if we obey his rule made in Holy books”

This saint laugh so hard. He said “Here you are wrong” In Hindu Dharma God is not human like sentiments. He does not think like you think. He is not even He and she or it. He is supreme principle who govern the world based on the action of objective things (Human, Star galaxy) and Their nature (Good, bad and medium). God is not interested in giving you morals and heaven. Hindu concept of God, Only asked you to follow the rule of nature. Respect the nature and connect yourself with whole nature as synchronized energy”.

This was quite new to me, I never learn this concept in everywhere, I asked him where he gets this knowledge? He told its in Vedas and Bhagwat Gita.

There is my another drifted question to him. I asked “Oh !! You mean the principle and nature of God have been written by tiny humans in earth”

He replied with more silence and smile “True !! The ancient sages were able to unlock the flame of reality from three dimensions to sixteen dimensions” God has sixty-four dimension of reality. So this world is not only the world and single time of creation.

I was astonished that because his statement was matched with the theory of Big crunch and Superstring theory or Theory of Universe. I thought How this uneducated saint gets this idea.

I started to poke him more. I asked, “What is the purpose of Humans?”

He said “The human purpose is going Karma (Good, Bed, and Medium) according to his nature. He is bounded to do karma and his karma ripple in this Maya (Time space reality difference in term of Hindu dharma), this ripple will lead to Maya at the end of this cycle and this is all play of supreme god principle”

Quite impressive answer, I asked how we can define good purpose or it will lead to heaven.

He said “No !!  There is no heaven and hell. This earth is itself heaven and hell. You will be cyclic to this part of creation till eternity. The good way to complete the purpose that “Human should go through the Righteous karma (action) and earn righteous Artha (Money), never attached himself to Maya (Illusion world of materialism) and try to get Moksha (Liberation) by Gooding good to society”

Another time an astonishing statement by Sage.

I was getting late, so I throw my last weapon to saint” If God is here than where he is? Why did he not listen to poor humans? Why he not correct this earth in one go?”

Sage reply, “God is everywhere. That’s why Hindus worship stone” he said “Worshiping of stones idols is a powerfull message to Humans” When you born , you are like a stone with no shape and value. But when u follow the path of dharma, you shaped himself as Idols and become God. People will worship you.

He said “Look the example of every revolutionary, at one point of time they are ordinary humans but they shaped himself in service of society and revolution. They change the course of time and they become God” So finally he said “God is everywhere, inside you, he speak through you but the question is that would you like to shape himself to be God” “He said he listened to poor through every means where he available, he listen through mercy when you give food to poor, he listen through love when you wipe tear of crying human, he listened through courage when you fight for injustice, he listened through stones when you worship idols of lord and get courage to fight for your problem. He listened through every mean possible.

Again he explains” god can do a miracle that is why he is not God, he is a god that’s why he can go miracle. He has made the rule of karma-fal (action-reaction), primary nature of everything, This illusion of reality and he said he himself bounded by them. In Bhagwat Gita he said I am bounded with the rule I made although it’s not important for me to follow but if I will not, how my follower follow that?

The last question which I asked after this satisfying answer “Why I am having the same trend as extremist ? what is your suggestion to people like me”.

He said “When Lord Krishna dictates whole Bhagwat Gita to tiny Arjuna, he said, “Now it’s your choice”. He said, “When lord Krishna himself not told arjuna to believe what blindly he said, what can I suggest you?”

The Only suggestion for you that “Don’t follow blindly” “Don’t follow blindly to God or science” “Don’t follow Holy Book and Scientific paper” .“Don’t follow blindly Customs, rules, rituals and concept of God”.

I asked, “Then what I do?”

He said “Search”

From that day, I am searching, learning, challenging for God, of God and to God.