Nationalist Ambedkar vs. Breaking India Organizations-Periyar Group

Periyar Study Circle

By Dr. Vivek Arya


Periyar Study Circle is one of the notorious organization in IIT Madras. This organization is mess mellow mixture of Dalit’s, Muslims, Socialist, Oppressed, Native, NonAryan, Dravid, Atheist, New Buddhist, Descendent of Ravan & Mahishasur and Nagas. This organization has one special motto to diminished, abuse, instigate the hate against Indian civilization, Indian ancient scripture, and Customs. This is true that in the timeline of 5000 yrs. of history, much social evil has entered into Indian societies. But that doesn’t give the certificate to oppose everything including the great wisdom given by ancient civilization of Hindus. This kind of organization is ready to oppose and abuse anything without introspecting anything and even considering the great philosophy given by Hinduism. This is equal to cut the whole hand for the small wound. But the important fact is that these kind of organization are ready to touch any low level for breaking India. This article will explain how the Dr. Baba Sahib’s students went wrong:

This group follows the blind myth of Bishop Robert Campbell which considers north Indians foreigner based on their white color. According to Bishop Campbell, Aryans has attacked India and killed Native (Deja Vu of the native theory of Europeans killing Native Americans) people. The remaining they started to call them shudra. The whole purpose of this Aryan invasion myth is dividing to South Indian people and converted them to Christianity.  While this Periyar group main focus is to empower politics of Dalit & Dravidian in India.
Lord Risley, an officer of east India company started to divide people based on their wealth. nose size, color, and tribes. He has done this data collection and diversion of Indian Jatis for more than 40 years. Then his book,  The Tribes, and Castes of Bengal  he clearly mentioned how foolishly just based on a physical feature he decides to who will be upper cast and lower cast. At last, they play the trick, and announced that all white north Indian whites are Aryans (but forget to mentioned geological effect) and Blacks Dravidian are natives while brown are the cross-breed of them.

These three myths have been propagated by this group so they can create a vast amount of Vote bank politics to get into the power. Mr. Karunanidhi in Tamilnadu and Left is Kerala is the production of this intellectual group. In 1940, This group instigates the divide to break India into Dravidian but this attempt was failed by British and Nationalist Leaders (Dr. Ambedkar was one of them). This group was indirectly responsible for the Sinhalese Tamils civil rights in Sri Lanka.
This group faced backlashed by famous poet Subramanyam Bharati and the reason was that he produced many poems in Sanskrit while this group considers that Sanskrit is the language of Aryans (But forget to look into Tamils literature that Tamilians literature itself contain many words taken from Sanskrit) . The reality is that this group each and every thing from which Indians proud especially Hindus. Dr. Ambedkar was the sharp critic of this group but now the same group uses that nationalist name as the instrument of creating the divide between North and South Indians. This group was in Illusion that Dr. Ambedkar was against casts system so he will support divide of India based on ethnicity. But Dr. Ambedkar was Nationalist and reject each idea of this group.

1.Book of Dr. Ambedkar “Who is Shudra” they reject the idea of Aryan Invasion and give a scientific base that both shudra and Brahman belongs to the same race. He said if Brahmans are Aryans than Shudra also Aryans. If Brahmans are Dravid than Shudra also Dravid. He rejected the classification based on nose size and shape done by Lord Risley.

2.While Periyar group was hate full to Sanskrit. Dr. Ambedkar wants that the mother tong of India shall be Sanskrit. He thinks that benefits of the ancient text can be understood by the only knowledge of Sanskrit.
3.Periyar group wanted to divide India in between of Dravid and Aryans while Ambedkar was the supporter of a single nation which can be bound with Sanskrit.
4.Dr. Ambedkar thinks that Aryans are not the foreigner but a Periyar group has opposed view.
5.Dr. Ambedkar was against of color classification of brahmans and no brahmans while Periyar was the promoter of that idea.
6.Dr. Ambedkar was the sharp critic of 1200 yrs rules of Muslim rule and during the creation of Pakistan, he pledged to Dalit Hindus to come back India. He was sure that Muslims were unable to give same rights due to the ideology of believer and nonbeliever. He was sharp critics of Mopalla riots in 1921, while this group was silence due to vote bank politics.

7.Dr. Ambedkar thinks that vaishya, brahman, shudra and Kshatriya all are Aryans while this group thinks that shudra was only NonAryans.

8.Dr. Ambedkar was nationalist while Periyar group was reductionist to self-goal.

9.Dr. Ambedkar was aginst of communist because they were tops of British govt. while Periyar was the full supporter of communist.

10.Dr. Abedkar was proud of Indian history and cultures while Periyar group was hate full and Hindu-phobic.

11.Dr. Abedkar was the critic of conversion done by missionaries. Many times British offered him to convert but he rejected. he strongly thought that conversion is equal to treason. While Periyar group was supporter of conversion so they can get political support from missionaries .

Dr. Ambedkar and this group were totally opposed and unmatched still this group used him for misguiding the Dalits, south Indians, and other peoples.

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