Sanatana Dharma: The Question of Reality (Series #01)

Question of Reality

This is almost very common phrase amongst us “Know your Reality”. However, do we ever consider and think that what is real? what things constitute a reality? Is the reality one of the most confused philosophical questions?

A Thought Experiment

Let’s I will put my case with a situation in front of you. Suppose you find that someone broke into your home one night and steal some money. What would be your first reaction to that situation?

Let me guess on behalf of you (But I like to you, feel on behalf of yourself), Most people will be shocked for few moments and that after that shock recover, people will fill with an anger for that thief who did that. Right? So let me guess again your reality position for this situation. “Under a social law, if someone takes anything from you will consider as an unlawful activity or tagged as “Crime”. Now, You consider that the person who broke your house is criminal under that law (sure !! that law is in your society is powerful and taught you from your childhood to think that way).”

So your current reality for that thief is that he is “Criminal”.

Now, let’s move and think that thief has been caught and police find that, the person belongs to a very poor family, never get a chance to educate or he has done this robbery for saving her five years daughter who was hungry from two days. So, here you will something is changing in your brain. I mean you are now thinking in the position of him and suddenly your rage seemingly goes down. This low anger status of your brain, allowing you to think for that person condition. Here your brain now changing your position or reality for that person from a “Criminal” to “Victim of System/Condition”.

Now, Let’s go further a few days later police comes with this information that person was actually lying that time to seek sympathy. You reality added two more words for that “Now this guy becomes conman, criminal and robber” and reality change again.

So as you have seen

The reality of Human is changed with information he/she gathered from surrounding. This very idea of mercy, love, sympathy depends on how is social structure is fabricated around that individual.

By above thought experiment, we can actually understand that the very idea of reality is actually very dynamic in term of human understanding and emotions. Many can point out that objective reality is a different case and the reality of the object is never change.

Well, for understanding the objective reality dynamics we need to take help of science. Let’s assume we take a rock and consider that it’s nothing but a heap of Mud. But as per science this heap of mud made up of a different kind of soil composition. This soil composition is set of molecular structure or strength of bond amongst them. The more bond would be week, object change reality from Solid to gas. So, Reality of an object depends on the molecular structure and bonding almost them. after going deep into molecules we will find that every object made of a set of atoms and every atom made up of same numbers of subatomic particle. However, such subatomic particle stays together with a string which has a different frequency.

So one point of time, every single object in the universe is breaking down from different state of matter to different string which shows differ character stick of frequency. Means every solid, liquid and gas is a kind of special frequency. this special wave-particle frequency is considered that thread of dimension. Super String theory is able to find out up to eleven dimensions.
Here, we can see the objective reality is also change or hidden from normal senses. So the reality of objects also not true. They are different than what we see all around us.

The Sanatana Concept of Reality-Maya (Illusion)

Now it is time to open our brain and think a bit different than old school mugged up teachings. Sanatana Concept of Reality is that:

The reality is Illusion. For Humans, it is very hard (not impossible) to understand the nature of reality. The reality is dynamic for all universe. The human Dynamic reality is the result of consequence of social consciousness of Human/Society and Human intelligent. This dynamic reality changes with the proportions of Human intelligent and our consequences as a species.

This concept says Reality for humans is mad made that is why it’s known as Illusion in Sanatana dharma. We have created a web of words, theory, social rules, terrestrial identification, race identifications and symbolism of our understanding that we as a human consider that reality. Religion is a package of all this man made the experience of years.

Humans as a species we have created our own web of reality and we don’t want to change it. changing in such kind of web can lead to social ethical and social structure breakdown. The Concept of God is core generator  of such webs and they are in numbers.

Now, Question is that why Sanatana called it “Illusion”. Calling it “illusion” is not the correct word. The exact word is “Maya” which means which attract you and convince you that this is the reality, Maya also considers that half part of nature.

Nature is characterless but Maya has the power to gain character according to the will of Humans. We humans are surrounded by Mayas and Illusion of Nature. One of the greatest Illusion is “Money”.  “Money” a piece of paper is responsible for killing of living beings, war crimes. Hence, actually humans run behind Mayas and Maya leads them to the destruction of this Yuga (Circle of Cosmos).

How to Know Reality

This is an impossible question to answer that how to know reality. But I think it can understand if first, a person chose to cut off the supply of the elusive world. This world is full of Illusion around us. The way to Know reality is shown by Three method
1.Dhyan (Meditation)
2.Gyan (Knowledge of Things)
3.Karma (Doing Righteous work)
4.Bhakti (Devotion)

Dhayan meditation is a state when human chose to relax his brain. He chose to sit between nature and relax his mind with thousands of input which he received from his self-made world system. This relaxation cause to lower his rage/ confusion about worldview which he sees. then the reality of nature comes to him. his consciousness increase and he started to connect with the things.

Gyan (Knowledge) is divided into science and spirituality. These both knowledge open the barrier of Illusion around us. These barriers were first broken by science & later stage lead by Spirituality. Spirituality does similar things, lower the traffic in the human brain and reload the natural reality.

Karma (Righteous action) is another way to understand reality. Please don’t get confused between right action and righteous action. these both are different. Right action is what looks like right under the web of Maya, while the righteous action is an implementation of such character which is defined by Sanatana as sattvic (righteous) characters. (we will discuss in later series).

Bhakti (Devotion) is one of the most powerful parts of these times but one of the confusing and complex task. actually, it is the side product of this web Maya and its core idea of god. Bhakti leads to an emotional attachment to the reality of nature. This emotional bond leads to human towards nature of reality. The core of this web – God is like a black hole. Bhakti moves humans to core and drag it completely , a true devotee than only can break this web of Maya and expose to Reality of Nature.

all paths in this journey of leading to reality will lead you another different reality. but these all paths after breaking this web will lead you to the divinity.

The divine illusion of Mine, consisting of three modes of the external energy, certainly is difficult to overcome, but those who surrender unto me, those only surmount this illusory energy- Shri Bhagwat Gita (Chapter-7 Verse 14).

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