Another Low Landmark in Indian Politics

The Indian Confusion

India as a largest democracy in the world has its own loop holes. As an Indian, I know what is the meaning of being Indian. Living in a country where accent of talking change each 10 km and thinking change in each 45 km. As a Indian I also know, how my country after having rich history and background lack certain very important feeling of Modern World – Nationalism.

The biggest Indian confusion which I see that, they are unable to find out difference between freedom of speech and Red line for this democratic right. People, Politician, Social activist, Intellectuals use this democratic right to twist, target the facts and being politically correct.

How much intellectuals and politician scream but seems far away from real feeling from every single Indian feeling. The Most important fact about our politician that they can go any extent to shine their politics, specially against Right wing of India.

An Shocking Incident

A shocking Incident in Jammu and Kashmir, took life of 19 soldier and left their family behind in shock, agony, anger and frustrated. In Uri District, few terrorist attack an Army Post at early morning, and killed many innocent soldiers. Now, the weapons they used had company number and impression of Pakistani army. which was clear indication that, Pakistan using these terrorist as a state instrument to proxy war against India.

Still India took a mature position, and investigate all evidence for 10 days. After being sure that, this attack was instigated from Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Many satellite and Intel used for finding the locations of terrorist launch pad. Indian army used their most dangerous professionals and destroy almost four lunch pads, killed more than 80 terrorist and 2 Pakistani army person in this raid.

DGMO (director General of Military Operation) held a meeting and informed Indian media about these attacks and he accept that this time political will was with Indian army. Now, India was so happy that lets we have taken revenge of those martyrs of Uri.

The Question

After this announcement, one side all political party seems to unite with each other for one and two days in India. Pakistan seems very confusing, they were in state of shock and denial. Their Army release the information that there was no surgical strike happen. Than their Defense ministry called three-time in United state against Indian surgical strike. Prime Minister of Pakistan, held a high level meeting in Islamabad. few days later, Pakistan army moved their western battalion to eastern border. and they had done more than 10 ceasefire and 4 terrorist attack within a week (all are almost fail and neutralized by Indian Army).

Again, a new drama played by Pakistan that they had arrange a handful of reporter and showed them place after three days of attack.(its seems to funny that, after three days an army can clean whole village if they want). according to their information, some low-level news institution such as BBC, New York Times print a news claiming that these strike never took place, later it has been found fake when SP of Mirpur village (POK) confirm that, there was surgical strike by Indian Army during one interview to CNN India.

The New Low in Indian Politics

As everyone know, Indian politics is world largest but dirtiest politics. So, few people after two days started to ask, evidence for surgical strike which was denied by Indian Army at first stage. Some of them were jealous that, because its raise BJP (Right wing) popularity 1000%. These political party was unable to hide their hatred towards This right-wing party and started doubting the Army itself. Another side this situation raise the question of authenticity of Pakistani artist stand who were denied clearly to condemned such attack. Few pro Pakistani Bollywood bridge and boot lickers of dawood jump into the ground to save these people in name of art and cultural exchange.

The bigger blunder start when four days back, so-called reformer party and self obsessed party leader of Aam Adami Party, question the authenticity of Army and asked them to give evidence and sing similar line to Pakistan. Mr. Kejriwal (Chief minister of Delhi, unfortunate my state) show the new low in Indian politics and doubt the moral and authenticity of Indian state. This opportunism used by Pakistani media and trend #PakStandWithKejhriwal was flushed into twitter.

Moreover, following this low-level Indian Congress spokesperson Mr. Sanjay Nirupam started to abuse army and its authenticity. he clearly said that if such surgical strike happen than BJP can not take advantage of this.Seriously, same party has taken advantage of war of 1971 & 1965. These new cheep starts of Indian politics, than followed by Most comic character of Indian politics and unfortunately powerful men in Indian congress Mr. Rahul Gandhi. He started the most disgusting word “Khoon Ki dalai” “Trade of Blood”. seriously after listening this asshole, Indian congress lose their credit in Billion times.

The Question of Nationalism

We all Indians know how much we trust our Army and forces who safe world most dangerous border. We as Indian citizen has unbroken faith on our solider and we ashamed of our leaders and politician. we ashamed of our poltician like Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi & sanjay Nirupam thinking and new low of opportunism.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai


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