Sanatana Dharma: Purpose of Human Existence (Series #02)

“The moment I have realized Bhagwaan (GOD) is sitting inside the temple of human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see Bhagwaan (GOD) in him – that moment I am free from bondage everything bind me vanishes and I am free” – Swami Vivekananda

The Most Important aspect of life for an individual is search for self. Search for a purpose which makes us human. In Heavily materialistic world, we actually lived inside an Illusion that things around us will never going to be change. They will be here for forever and materialism which comes as their side product to us will be there forever. But when an average human crossed his fifty after powerful show of youth and Work (Materialistic job). He comes at end to think, what would be next? what will be the purpose of life? what will happen after the death? Is this only I have to do sustain my identity in this world ?

This philosophical question has been answered by every religion and had been taken differently according to the context of time. The answers for such questions is so much deepen but its show the basic structure of society and their wisdom that time religion raise and formation of these answers made by their founder.

What answer the Sanatana Dharma gives about Human existence?

According to Sanatana Dharma, The purpose of human existence can be explained in term of Ataman, Maya, Karma, Samsara and Purusharthas.


Ataman, Most people confused between ataman and soul. Soul is not ataman. Ataman is idea of Sanatana dharma in which every single living and non living things has a kind of consciousness which can be connected with Paramatama (Supreme consciousness, supreme being and God). Sanatana Dharma does not give of excuse to humans that they can not understand Supreme being. In Bhagwat Gita, it is mentioned that glory of supreme being or Bhagwaan may be so much unexplainable but a human can achieved to that supreme being after getting Moksha. (Moksha is sanskrit term which is not equal to salvation or liberation. Moksha is the state of conciseness where a human existence is dilute with this cosmic play run under supreme principle and its manifestation in different form).

So what is the purpose of Human existence. It is to understand the meaning of Ataman and its relation between this cosmic divine.


Maya, is most astonishing concept developed under Sanatana Dharma. Maya mostly misquoted as illusion of world and materialism. The meaning of Maya is cosmic play of supreme being under a constant principle in which a very existence of human is just a lie. Collective knowledge of humans and their experience with five senses and enhanced instruments generally considered as truth in scientific world. But what if their role in this weird world is very illusnative in context of their timeline. can we judge the very nature of this cosmos by just considering the fact that ok , we know enough because we know some basic prinicple of universe. I must need to agreed that some question of human existence is brilliantly driven by science and it is true such as evolution of humans and how identity crises for origination of religion and faith not dharma?

Anyone can ask that, what is the true purpose of Maya and its nature.

So my answer of this Maya is that, Maya is very large play of truth based on observer position in different kind of realm and context of time. A person in earth can consider that, in a distant galaxy is truly visible and have chance of alien life. but consider the fact that this very information is already been old in million years cause we discover it after millions years in its existence. so Observer on earth is actually considering an object which is in past. It may be possible that in some point of universe we are in future in context of other observer and looking towards our past. This very presence of Past, present and future is the basic principle of Maya (Illusion of existence).

So what is the purpose of human existence. It is living and searching the true logic of Maya by understanding the ataman in excellence level to related our self with cosmic divine.


Karma, is the tools the carving the very nature of humans to be enlightened. Karma is also one of the most frequent world misquoted by people. Karma is not only action. Karma is come with a moral responsibility that is, a righteous action in context of time. Karma (Righteous actions) is tools to carved the ataman. One should ask that, why we need to carved an ataman which is already part of human and others cosmic realm? Well, Ataman is part of every living and non living conciseness which is inside us and very thing around us. But as a human we have this higher degree of this conciseness by collective knowledge, enhancing our sense, thinking critically and most important planning and worrying about tomorrow. we are the only living and non living species in earth which can think for tomorrow. So the inner potential of being righteous and extreme productive to society is within us. As per Sanatana dharma this productivity can be sharpen by righteous karma and knowledge of Maya.

What is Righteous Karma and kind of Karma in Sanatana dharma.

Righteous karma is an action which can be propelled by an enlightened ataman/Human when its gain knowledge of Maya (Illusion of this cosmic play) and philosophy of life. This very nature of enlighten as per Bhagwat Gita can be achieved by Study of Vedas (Context of times, we can choose study of anything which we want), being fearless, being pure in thought, uprightness, non violence, truthfulness and charity. Karma in context of life defined as Bala-prastha ashram (Karma for children which is study of current time knowledge, Morals, being fearless, enhancing productivity by understanding etc. ), Grahasth-prastha ashram (This kind of karma defined duty for Married men/women which is one and loyal life partner relation, teaching morality of children, righteous work for earning etc.),  Van-prastha ashram ( This kind of karma is generally provoke people to do social work around the society with being attached to materialism) and sanyaas ashram. () This karma called people for doing search of their identity and purpose, be humble to all and enhanced power to understand the concept of Sanatana dharma. Karma in Context of life is divided into 25 years for each phase. The very purpose of human existence is face all phase of human life learning from society , experiencing inside society, returning to the society , thinking for society.

  • Bal-Ashram (0 to 25 years)
  • Grahasth-Ashram (25 to 50 years)
  • Van-Prastha Ashram (50 to 75 years)
  • Sanyaas ashram (75 to 100 Years)


Samsara, means world around us. The very purpose of Human existence as per Sanatana Dharma is making this world a place where idea, creativity and humanity can be developed with being bonded the idea, imposing the law, churning and manipulating the concept. every concept can be unique and leads to its excellence. Hence in Vedic era, Atheism is also part of society in Vedic age known as Charvaka. These people enhanced the meaning of materialism which is known as today capitalism. Samsara is widen idea of Sanatana dharma about life experience and its returning to society. Samsara can be defined in context of individuals or society.

Samsara for individuals  can be his family, his village and people whom he loved. But as society it can be the people who speak like him, look like him and behave/ practice like him. But the beauty of Sanatana dharma and its wisdom of thinking critically with freedom of thoughts leads this idea of globalization ” This world is one village and path can be different but leads us the single supreme being.”


Purusharthas, the meaning of this word is action to understand yourself. Purush “Men” and “Artha” meaning. It can be dissect like Meaning of Men, but before its termed as wrong way, the real meaning is literally means an “object of human pursuit”. Its contain four section –

Dharma (righteousness duty, moral values), Artha (Righteous prosperity, economic values by righteous karma), Kama (righteous pleasure, love, psychological values) and Moksha (liberation, spiritual values).

I would like to end this here, for my next blog.


What is the meaning of Human existence?

Human existence purpose can be understood by doing righteous karma (within context of time) to carved the ataman into extreme enhancement of good to understand Maya of cosmic play and progress of Samsara within objectivity of human pursuits.





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