Extermist Atheist : A Black Box Generation

Extremist Atheist

In my life, I have been atheist for 10 years and read every writer who propagate atheism. As a concept “Atheist denied authority of Super Natural being and his teaching to be morally correct”. I was fond to that idea that people of new age has such great wisdom to break the chains of orthodoxy and accept the new wisdom of scientific age. But One day, I get pushed by Extremist atheist.

My Position on God

I would like to clear my position before moving further. My position about God is simple and clear. There is no god in above sky who watch us, who calculate our sin, who do miracles and who is owner of this universe. If you ask what is god to me. I will say I am god. every single human being is god and it is inside him. so basically I am not complete atheist because I believed in one form of God which is inside us, our consciousness.

First symptom- Follow blindly

So, Lets get into the this. Every time I get into the debate with atheist. I found that they are doing what religious people do. For example, religious extremist never think what they are doing and saying. they just follow what they have been taught for years, if you asked they provide evidence from scripture. so similar, new born atheist, they just want to mock each and every argue presented to them and ask for evidence. Now, if you see closely , extremist atheist are opposite force of religious extremist. one want to quote scripture other want to quote science. Both side, doesn’t understand that science or scripture was in early stage of development. There in this world a third kind, which think out of box.

Second symptom- Considering Science is Only truth

 Extremist atheist believed that science is absolute truth. I do not buy this arguments cause in 500 yrs of history of science. Science change its theory, idea very quickly. And greatness of science is that they accept it very proudly while that is missing in religious extremist. But here my doubt lied, a scientific theory which change with time and technological advancement can be change forever in context of time. so science can be one of the dynamic knowledge of human history. we have seen human behaviour, habits, thinking pattern, living style, intelligent and every other thing in this universe is dynamic so very study of this universe can not be consider as dynamic. Here, extremists atheist relate to religious atheist because they are not ready to accept that any claim made by any other person can be change in future. They don’t have place or space of “It could be”.

Third symptom- Obsession with evidence

Third symptoms, which I found about extremist atheist that their hunger of evidence. They do not understand the basic meaning of evidence. First evidence can be observable or non observable (e.g. Material structure and string theory), second when science can not prove things they create model to test theory and tested it. Third, science do prediction and made theory of current data. like moor prediction of singularity and world future prediction. So when a third kind ask any question, my recent example was question of reincarnation.  When I asked this a group of atheist, they all started to say Bullshit to evidence. let me consider it similar to scientific evidence. This theory of reincarnation is non observable theory. so it need  a model to test, this model has been created by many neuron-plastic scientist and under prototype stage. it is not theory just a hypothesis that neuron plasticity allow save memory after death and when a person die his energy where transfer get these memory with very rare chance. (Sure , Its not that much clear as it written cause still many scientist in denial stage of existence of soul but psychological case of 22 European past life experience shows that people who claimed that their brain capacity is very from normal people). so we have initial stage and last stage, the middle piece of puzzle is missing. here’s come prediction, there is prediction that it can be possible because when few atoms can transport from one place to another place in same time in quantum mechanics than why not whole memory structure. well people can denied my statement but I would like to have benefit of doubt that if scientific knowledge is so dynamic it can be prove this as fact in future. But sorry to say, bullied atheist doesn’t believe in giving benefit of doubt.

The Black Box Generation

The term here define as a generation “who doesn’t allow a new thriving idea comes into existence”. Happen with religious extremist or atheist extremist. People who are core atheist doesn’t ready to sallow a new idea if it talk about spirituality, bending fundamental analogy method to look things. I know it is very hard to challenge the basic method of analogy, which sure developed by science after many experience and experiment. But Question is always been same, as for religion as for science. why only believed blindly. why not hear other side. why declare them bullshit if it is not match with the universal line of science. why ignored many rare incident like reincarnation, meditation peace, power of yoga, wisdom as whole universe. considering people who were behind us was primitive just because their line of wisdom and knowledge doesn’t suit to current time is not we are as human. we are not black box generation. Think, one day in future, if whole generation consider us primitive for not knowing truth which can come from meditation and spirituality.

Well Question for extremist atheist, if spirituality is nothing than why subject like mind science and cogitative science has been picked up by west?.

Might be they will take our spiritual science package into new name and sell us again as western invention.