The difference between Non Violence and Self defense

The difference between Non Violence  and Self defense-By Vivek Arya

PM Narendra Modi speech on Dasahara has include the description of Buddha and War for righteousness. It is very good in sounding. But truth might be a different. Buddha and War for righteousness is not complementary to each other. Mahatma Buddha was supporter of Non Violence. It is very good. But I think Buddhism missed the whole point of Non Violence hence PM Modi inclusion in contrast of  surgical strike is not appropriate in term of War violence.
In Middle ages of India, two mainstream thought originated in India. One is Buddhism and Second Is Jainism. Both mainstream thought try to understand non violence in different way. Jainism was extreme form of non violence. filter water, walking without sleepers, no use of vehicle and covering mouth so micro organism can be save become prime custom in Jainism.

Jain Rural indulge into so much customs that they declare that anyone who killed parasite of hair will be punished by law. Even many people who tried this will be punished and their property has been sacked by administration and used for temple of dead parasite. The long term effect of this practice was extremely painful.  In India, later facing enemy and killing enemy is consider as sin. killing enemy army become symbol of violence.

Buddhism used a Non Violence in new way that was “Pessimism“. In the time of Mahatma Buddha the human body was called in many name like a heap of vestigial things, a accumulation of blood. The world consider as the place which is made for sorrow, problematic, sacrifice, root of all problems. This influence the characteristic of Non action and pessimism amongst people for material thing. They blame Bhagwat Gita and Upanishad also for same reason while in both books has very optimistic part of material life. This non action has become root cause of pessimism in society. A thought process has developed that who ever rule the country weather Muslims or British, we have to die one day so no need to retaliate. Such thoughts were responsible for slavery of India.

While Vedic wisdom is totally different from these two thought process:-

 One side Vedas says, a person must victory to his enemy and become self confident other side it says all human should be judge as equal and friendly way.
Yajurved 1/18 :  “Oh Human !! You must be capable of defeat enemy”
Yajurved 36/18 :  “All humans should be sighted as a friend”
 There is no combination of Violence and Non-violence which is describe this way.
What Vedas says about Human Body:-
 Atharved 10/2/31 say :
“This body is guard by eight chakras (Conscious cycle from Yama, Niyama to samdhi) and Nine gate ( two pair of eyes, two hole nose, one mouth, two ear hole, one anus and one penis). This golden treasure (Human body) contain three strength – Knowledge, Action and Devotion which is acknowledge by Consciousness. external and internal both is under god and higher consciousness can only understand the God. This structure of body also sugeest how to protect cities and expend state. Like Body every human should protect state. Vedic wisdom doesn’t allowed sacrifice human for no purpose likewise human shouldn’t leave town and state out of any thing.
Vedas suggest that a human body can only live longer if it is happy. Vedas consider body shall be protected and world should be made for Action. Vedic sage consider that human body is like holy home of pure being, temple of ditties and protected fort of lord brahma.
This world can not be live with extreme non violence and fake non violence. A person must understand the difference between Non Violence and self protection. This is the only way to ensure peace in the world.