Sanatana Dharma :Raise and Reason of Atheism (Series # 04)

“Atheist” means rejecting the faith of God creation and its existence. There is thousand logic has been put before theist like “If God exist why we can not see it?”, “If God is exist then why can not we prove his existence by scientific evidence?” “If god exist, why can not god control and help during natural disaster?” “If God exist, why this whole world is suffer from disease, poverty, torture?” Many consider that God is reason for fight and war. Some says, following path of Dharma and God is addiction. Some say be dharmic is primitive act.

But what is reality?  what is reality about existence of God?  what atheist think is right?

The Reason of Being Atheist

The concluded point by me that why people chose to be atheist:

  1. People ignorance towards the concept of God, Character, Concept of Karma and Natural law.
  2. In Name of religion, a narrow mindset which has been developed in last 2000 yrs with superstitious.
  3. Being egoistic and ignorant after having 700- 500 years progress of material or objective science.
  4. After seeing riots and fights in name of religion.

War and Riots due to Religion

In name of God atrocities, promoting illogical customs, forcing people into miracle, fixing god in places like temple, mosque, church etc., telling people that he lives in seven floors of sky, being Godmen and calling himself manifestation of God, adoption of multi-god, framing god to infinity to finite idols can force a neutral person that whether God really exists or not. or God is just an imagination of human being. for example, in Hindu society, stopping Shudras to enter into the temple, if someone enters then punish them and purification of the temple. This all dangerous drama in name of God actually comes from human greed to power and position. The real reason behind this human desired to control things in society. It has no relation to the existence of God.

God itself many places declare that God is justice, charity, and humiliation, he doesn’t discriminate humans in any form. God by nature is omnipresent and without shape then why need to search them in the temple, Kailash, above into seven sky etc. This is evidence that human has construct a frame for God  because they were ignorant towards the infinite concept of God. Then some human added to this with prophet, avatar, religious Guru etc. if a human can understand that God is within him as a manifestation of the divine. He does not need to do anything else except having dharma.

Are religions increase superstitious?

In Name of God, people has spread more and more social evil for being in power, for highlighting themselves. No matter which religion it is, weather it is temple priest who forced to shudra out of temple or religious leader who instigate mugals to do everything inhuman to other faiths in name of religion. or may its a pope who order to burn people in name of the church in early centuries. Suppose, if this middle men would be vanished all these atrocities wouldn’t happen. But the truth was that, this problem of middle men was not solve by early social reformer but they started to gang up against the religion, not the priest who dictated these authority in name of God. These people increase volume against a philosophy not for the people who manipulate these philosophy. a common person who were used this philosophy to distinct himself from social evil, now this gap of good and bed or right and wrong being narrowed by liberals in name of social reform. This leads to the throwing of moral values and the world almost getting agitated in even good point of theist.

The biggest reason also superstition for atheism. General public are fully blind by superstition in name of religion while atheist blame God for this behaviour. Reality is that God gives enlighten of knowledge while superstitious religious customs are originated by Humans. Religious Godmen used this tricks for their living, position and fame. Many Hindu saint who are not even aware of Sanskrit is now being the controller of dharma. Some gives Guru Mantra, some said mugged my name every day, some give tabeez and few said to be non materialistic to be enlightened. Some become such blind and inhuman that kill another child for their own child wish. Irony is that, intellectuals used this chance to spread atheism while the real reason of human lust and control in name of religion. they give reference to scientific evidence for that but forget that most superstition is men made. hence, can not be proven scientifically.

Believing in Miracle is the root cause of superstition. Theist believe in prophet miracles, Jesus miracles of resurrection and water turned into wine. while Hindu God men running their shop by showing using miracle describe in Puranas that God can do everything. (Puranas are stories which was used for deliver Veda’s knowledge in form of Avatar’s stories, but with time its become part of truth in Indian consciousness- Ramayana and Mahabharata is the only Metaphoric History mentioned in Hindu scripture).

Swami Dayanand has given the great example for this, if God can do everything, then can he kill himself or can he create god like him. The answer is NO. Then its clear God can not do everything. The answer of this question is that : Some work has been done by God like creation, destruction, human death and life and controlling the wheel of karma. God doesn’t need anyone for these works. Theist should  ask atheist weather you believe that universe is regular or irregular? . Miracle is disrespect of natural law under regular condition. In real miracle is human imagination which he used in name of god for blackmailing innocent people to stay in power and higher post.

Another reason of raise of atheism in ego on scientific studies. Propagator of atheism has been egoistic on scientific development and they started to think that they have the highest power in this universe. Example before Newton, there was the Gravitational force, but the human was unaware of that fact. But human developed their capabilities to understand it by developing calculus this process known as discovery. The reality is that all discoveries were there before human origin only human framed it his own measurement for understanding purpose. while knowledge of the universe is infinite and the real known to that knowledge is nature itself. Newton itself written his thought about that.

“I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

Relation ship of Dharma and Science

The question is that what is the relation between science and dharma. Because atheist think that they are born enemy to each other.  This ideology of atheism is transported and grown,  when European church was forcing humans to believe in biblical believe and anyone who confront the challenge of biblical believe was killed by the church. Ex. Galileo captured because he challenge the church idea about the center of the universe. church punish him and many scientists like him. This atrocities turn into resistance and people of early Europe and now whole west consider that church is enemy of scientific knowledge. The crime had been done by officials of the church but blame moved to God and this is going on from last many decade that people who embrace atheism follow the blindly European idea of atheism without understanding that biblical Religion and dharma were fundamentally different in nature.

Now the question is remain same what is the difference between Science and dharma.

Dharma and Science are not against each other but they are allies to each other.

Science answer how this world is work, dharma say why the world has been made. Science as say how human born but dharma says why human born.

Answering the philosophical question and religious thrust is not possible by science but that can be answer by Dharma. Hence Science and Dharma is the partner which can be describe by words of Albert Einstein.

“Science without religion is a lame and religion without science is blind.”

This also asked by many atheist that if God exist then it should be proven by scientific methods. But the answer is that,  Mind, Intellect, Happiness, sadness, sorrow, summer, coldness, space all are without the size and can not be traced with human sense. Nationalism, Love, Lust is also similar in categories. But atheist believe in such things but reject God, This really question their character of being neutral to things they believed. reality is that Human can not prove God, is not the mistake of God but an inability of science. while in an ancient age which we called “Rishi” those were the ancient scientist has been discover the truth of God by mediation and Yoga.

Considering Riots and war is a act of god and responsible by God is foolishness. This is already clear that riots or war is the result of Human misunderstanding and race of supremacy within religions.  Example, the riots reason between Hindus and Muslims in 1947 was when Muslim objects Hindus that they can not do their festival in front of the mosque.  But the question is that if someone really doing worship of God how can a single noise disturbed him. That time Muslims made this is a reason of fight because of tension over Pakistan and Hindustan. All middle men has given religious air to instigate the fire of riots during that time.

All the violence in name of religion is not related to God but human understanding of God, their thrust for power, gain , position. All the war is done under a narrow minded ideology while God has nothing to that ideology.


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