Sanatana Dharma: Power of Trust on Dharma (Series #05)

The Logic of Trust on God

The reason why should we need to trust the existence of God.

  1. An idea direction need in every one life.
  2. Believe in Omnipresent and Shapeless God will help to define sin and good conduct.
  3. Having a trust on originator of Knowledge will help to sustain the power of achieving knowledge.
  4. Believing in existence of creator will help human psychology to create love for nature.
  5. Fearlessness, increase in self-confidence, follower of truth, liberation from fear of death, spiritual progress, inner peace, good conduct of life can be achieved by dharma and trust on dharma.
  6. Selfish behaviour, torture, pain, attachment, jealousy, rage, ego can be eliminated by trust on God.

The Profit of belie on Dharma

The biggest profit of believe is having trust on fundamental force. For example, any student will try to compete with a student who has higher marks and good conduct compare to others, because he believe that by following that student is ideal character to be followed. This similar law is applicable on humans as psychology. we all are want to be something by birth, our ideal has defined from starting like Einstein, Lincoln, Gandhi etc. The society follow a person who has highest stature on society in term of intelligence, character and social service. Humans are incomplete, but God is everywhere. Human no matter how much tried to attain the highest order but can fall in trap of his senses any moments of his life. While God is beyond mistakes. Whatever you follow it will affect you. Hence your ideal for following life can not be any human prophet, Living Guru, Leader etc. Its batter to have trust in something which is ideal in nature and that power of trust in known as GOD.

In short, Trust on God, curved best human from society and trust on his character lead a human to achieved the character like him. Blind believe that no one can be like him, or never get that stature actually hold human to be more perfect as visual in Abrahamic religion. Without idea power, a human can chose millions way to be perfect (No matter if he find raping a child is perfect because he believe it is right) and this million way of life can reduce the gap of right and wrong in society. That is why power of trust lead to human to perfect balance between right and wrong.


Why we need an Omnipresent God

Lets have an Story:

A guru has his three disciple with him. Guru once give three pigeon to them and said “Kill them, where no one can see you”. First student went to a blocked room and closed all window, he killed that pigeon to room. While second student went to jungle and killed pigeon behind the long gulp. Third one return back to teacher and handover the live pigeon to his teacher by saying that ” He was unable to find a place where he was not watched by anyone”. So first Student was superstitious, second was materialistic but third one was dharmic. So the presence of ever watching concept of God leads and carved humanity inside you.

Today in name of religion, all looting and atrocities are result of when we believe that God is not omnipresent and shapeless. Every one has confined God to Worship places. Out of that places we all think that, now no one can see us so time to take bribe, do atrocities on week, do discrimination etc. Those who will be dharmic in nature can not do anything wrong with others because of core believe of introspect and surveillance by higher authority.

When we have trust on originator of knowledge , then only we can persisted for gaining knowledge. This trust also help us for not being egoistic, tyrant, dictator. While increase our level of civilization, code of conduct, sweetness, peace in social life. No human can invent something without natural input. Whatever knowledge he can gain shall be part of this nature and his power of five sense. A student learn from teacher but this teacher must be student any point of time. Hence, Humans are unaware of that knowledge which they have today, without being have nature around them, this trust on nature or believe in natural law we known as GOD. Hence God is not something which is beyond seven sky, sitting on black stone, belonging to church, temple, mosque. he is the very nature which is within us and with us.

Some people ask for prove of existence. The scripture known as darshan, has description the concept of God in term of  Guess, Similarity and Emergency. Guess can be used where there is no direct prove, for example if you have a watch then it is must we have a watchmaker. so this whole authority seems to be constructed which means there must be who is arranging it. The power and law under which these things formed and destroy known as God. But atheist can give excuse that everything can be coincidence and self motivated. But if this is true, why not every single stone moved automatically, it need consciousness to move, without consciousness that thing is failed. This consciousness in each living thing is God. 

The power of Trust

Power of trust increase fearlessness, increase self-confidence, help to follow right path, help to attend extreme peace, spiritual progress, excellence code of conduct within society and help to away from social evil like selfishness, pain, jealousy, fear, ego etc. Fear is human character. Any time we fear from anything from school exam to death. In bad phase of life it increase but in very good phase of life it is very low. Those who trust the omnipresent will save themselves to have a bad conduct because they know that he listened without ear and see without eyes. Those who doesn’t trust these laws and authority have no values for anything. They think whatever they are doing can be punished or not. This give them a psychological pass to do brutal work. Trust of God is not teach us fear but teach us to be aware of our karma.

Sometime we doubt that people who are atheist are much happier than dharmic. But this is an illusion because we think that those who has high material gain is much happier. But reality is that, those who live their life simple and arrange fundamental things to live with honesty are not only happy but satisfied while person who become rich by robbery, killing and corruption is actually in real dismal.

A person who really trust the power of nature can not be cruel. because he know that those who doesn’t follow the law will be track down by Karma. Small material things can not tilt him from the path of dharma. The real profit of being a dharmic is that a person never lost his path of truth.

A dharmic never feel fear from death, poverty, material greed because he knows that the path of dharma will lead him to right code of conduct within society, it will lead him a satisfy life, it will lead him a proud to be made this earth more sentient.

Power of trust on God teach a human true meaning of life:

A human can not be alone power of this universe, He also can not be controller of his action, he also can not be infinite bliss but he can be finite bliss for a finite time. This finite bliss when merge with infinite bliss is known as Moksha. This is the last destination of Human.


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