Book Review-Mandate: Will of The People By Vir Sanghvi

Book: Mandate: Will of the people

Genre: Non-Fiction, Indian Political history

Author: Vir Sanghvi

Rating: 2/5


Vir Sanghvi (born 5 July 1956) is an Indian print and television journalist, columnist, and talk show host. He has been a member of many professional, academic and government bodies including the National Integration Council. Currently, he is a member of the Broadcast Content Complaint Council (BCCC), a body that regulates content on entertainment TV channels and Co-Founder/Lead Food Critic at EazyDiner.

Vir Sanghvi is an Indian editor and also a television personality. Currently, he is Editorial Director of the Hindustan Times. Sanghvi was brought up in Bombay (now Mumbai) and London and educated at Mayo College, Ajmer, and Mill High school, London.

In 2010, Sanghvi was connected to the Nira Radia tapes. In the audio tape Sanghvi was heard asking “What kind of story do you want?” It is alleged that he made some points suggested by Radia in his article titled ‘Time for some transparency’under Sanghvi’s column “Counterpoint”.Sanghvi denied all allegations and uploaded the article onto his website for readers to make their own judgment.On 27 November 2010, Sanghvi released a detailed statement in the Hindustan Times, clarifying his role, and also raising the possibility of the tapes being edited. Due to the heightened interest in him Sanghvi temporarily suspended his weekly article “Counterpoint”.

In January 2012, The Union Government told the Supreme Court that the Radia tapes broadcast by media organizations were tampered with and the government agencies were not responsible for its leakage.


This book is a very short summery on Indian political history. It has started from 1971 to 2014 and author has highlighted the event in very short description. Book started with death of Nehru and its takeover by Mrs. Indira Gandhi. 40% book is covered by Indira Gandhi political journey. So it’s seems that author is leaned towards Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Moreover, author has done great job to point out important topics and insight view of Indian politics. Like India, History of Indian politics is more dramatic and unpredictable. First three chapters are dedicated to raise and Fall of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, her internal relation with congress leader, their role in starting after death of Nehru. Indira Gandhi has image was a strong women who were initially so much depended, then raise as an iron lady, in later stage dependent on Sanjay Gandhi (while big brother Rajiv Gandhi was Indian Airlines Polite). Books give close insight that Indian National congress was never been united after Nehru (Mostly due to name of Mahatma Gandhi). Many political leader has targeted Gandhi family for their dynasty rules, but unable to demolish their image. Every turn and twist of Mrs. Gandhi has been recorded by writer. What I found amuse

  • Mrs. Indira Gandhi has been saved by writer for imposing emergency on India. All blame been transferred to His secretory Sandi prey.
  • Mrs. Gandhi also saved from Blue-star operation (which was responsible for demolition of Akal thakt (Holy seat of guru Granth Sahib) of Golden temple, Amritsar by mistakes of Indira Gandhi), all blame diverted towards sanjay Gandhi who has nude involvement in politics and President Zail Singh, which is quite strange to me.
  • Mrs. Gandhi also saved from her low stature towards Hindus and highly appeasement towards Muslim community for vote bank.
  • Mrs. Gandhi also saved from her unknown ideology of communism which hurts India, almost 30 to 40 years.

In next move author try to highlighted, Sanjay Gandhi arrogant attitude but digest whole speech which was given by Rajiv Gandhi after riots of Indira “when a big tree falls, the earth is shook” this was the response of a Prime Minster for Sikh genocide which was happened after his mother death. Well, there is no doubt; writer clearly highlighted the week point in congress and what mistake they have done in last 67 years.

But the most shocking line from the book for me was where he pointing “Ramayana Serial for Babri demolition”. I have read the same line by Sheldon Pollock, Wendy and many western scholars. I have strong believed that mid 70’s writer and intellectuals are filled with this ideology by such western Indologist for controlling Indian political structure.

In next chapter author tried hard to sympathized congress new price “Rajiv Gandhi”. Personally, I am fan of Mrs. Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi for there some work which was very important in societies. Rajiv Gandhi vision for creating an electronic India was very powerful and appreciable. But similarly his forgion policy was dangerous. He did same mistake in later years Rajiv Gandhi also tricked himself into politics rather than actual development from India. Gandhi dynasty was still ruling overhead of 960 Million people after 50 years of independence. He was killed due to lack of his policy in Sri Lanka by Tamil

Well Author has written two chapters completely dedicated to right wing of India. In first chapter he shows how congress policy towards Muslims leads an agitation amongst Hindus and other people. How Congress policy of appeasement and their view and love for Muslim vote bank, give a chance to Part like BJP to get control in Indian politics.

BJP is always been grateful to two things:

  1. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  2. Congress and other party discrimination with Hindus and their politics to divide Dalits, Yadavs, Schedule tribe and Hindus for Vote-bank.

But Only Vajpayee was responsible for giving stature to BJP and other right wing to work as a unity and prove them more than religious right wing party. Author describes how Indian election gets affected by Kargil attacks, Parliament attack, waste policy towards Pakistan, and attack on Mumbai.

Again last of few chapter, author become biased towards Manmohan singh (The Last PM), and blamed him for defeat of 2014 election. I am 1000% sure that in his book he tried to clean image of Sonia Gandhi by blaming Manmohan Singh like in his book at many place he did for Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Manmohan singh was puppet of Congress party and it is well established facts. Calling him tyrant, opposite of Sonia Gandhi is like blaming a loyal servent for his master mistake. He tried to highlight the Hindu-Muslim equation in India, and tried to justify Muslims agitation but India and Indian itself know, Indian muslims are now puppet of gang of Mulla-Congress-Left nexus which is desperate to control the power again after 2014.


This book is another attempt of lionizing congress for their past dead and washing all the stain from congress by blaming Man Mohan Singh.

PS: This book can be read as a loop hole of Indian congress and what historical mistakes and decisions made by congress but this book, also tried to clean the image of congress dynasty by blaming their supports. Which I see as biased writing.





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