Book Review: Aarushi By Avirook Sen.

Book: Aarushi

Genre: Non-Fiction

Author: Avirook sSen

Rating: 4/5


Avirook Sen. is a reporter who reported the case from head to toe. He was present in every hearing of case.



“The most complex murder mysteries of Modern India and famous case which judgment is questionable.”

Aarushi Talwaar, a name which will be remember as most mysterious murder case in Modern Indian history. This case actually jolt the Indian media and Indian justice system which was known for their slow process. A middle class murder stories was higher in TRP more then God game of India-Cricket. Even Initial days, I was personal follower of this stories. Reason behind my following up was:

  1.  This was belongs near by my state where my family live.
  2. This case jolt the Indian family value system first time. during Year 2008, it was unthinkable to an Indian family that a father can kill his daughter
  3. This murder was full of sexist stories like Arushi-Hemraj (domestic maid) sexual relation, Nupur (Arushi Mother) and Rajesh (Arushi father) intra relation ship with many other people.
  4. This case was full of mysteries and till last it was not proven fully that “Who killed Aarushi?”


 (Real Picture of Nupur Talwaar (mother), Aarushi (Victim) and Rajesh Talwar (father)-Left to right)

16th may 2008, In early Morning Aarushi Talwaar was found dead in her bed, where she was living with her parents. She was one week less than completing her 14th birthday. The first incident was witness by Bharati mandol (random Domestic maid) if we exclude parents of girl. She has told the police that door was lock inside and when she click door bell, Nupur comes and said she doesn’t have key to open, may be hemraj (second victim) has gone out for taking milk for breakfast and she was crying. When Bharti comes inside with the help of key thrown by Nupur by Balcony. She witness the crying parents and dead body of Aarushi. But they were saying that hemraj kill Aarushi and run away. After few hours, police witness the place and found that in hemraj room there were signals that last night three people enter the home. So now hemraj was under suspect. But next day, hemraj body found in rooftop of same home.

This was shocking to Indian media, police and family. Now the main question raise. Only four people were living in home the day of murder but two of them are already dead means Rajesh and Nupur is responsible.  The our infamous Uttar Pradesh Police announced “The father has killed Aarushi, when he found that hemraj was doing sex with her and he killed both”.

But here was few doubts on this report:

  1.  Aarushi forensic report suggested that she was not been rape.
  2. Aarushi father belongs to high and open minded society so founding in such situation can not lead to this brutal death.
  3. Age of Aarushi was so low to understand and get involve in sex.
  4. How the dead body been dragged to roof by alone by him?
  5. There is no blood sample and DNA prove that show Hemraj killed in Aarushi room.
  6. No weapon has been discover by Police to prove their charge. Why a doctor kill first with heavy object then cut the throat of both dead person.
  7. A blood pillow was recovered from krishana (hemraj friend) home which has hemraj blood stain.
  8. A evidence which suggest that hemraj was two other person was neglected by police.
  9. There was narco test record in which krishana accepted that he was with hemraj on day of death of Aarushi along with Vijay mondol. this part of story was neglected.

    Life of Aarushi and further development

The Story become popular because of involvement of sex scandal and Indian media play a headless chicken roll to confuse the public sense about this case. Like they did after 2002 riots of Gujarat and evidence less blame Mr. Modi for riots who has been given clean chit by supreme court after 13 years of case. Similar in this case media was reporting every untested stories and serving to Indian public. from Aarushi as a character less girl, then slut to a girl who has been killed due to his father was involve in wife swapping racket. Seriously, some time Indian media react like slut for bites to get TRP high.

Now Life of Aarushi was simple like other 13 yrs kid. she has good friends and many boys who like her (this help media to make her image as slut in Indian media). her text msgs like “I behave like slut LOL” taken by UP orthodox police and claimed she was real slut.

Then case get so fame in media that it is transfer to CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) which was famous for their justice and sharp investigation. This case handed over by many inspection officer. First Mr. Arun Kumar declare parents are innocent because they don’t have proper evidence and hence case can be close.


 (A famous picture of Aarushi in social media-This picture used to make her image as lose charcater, seriously ??? pathetic orthodox police)

 This move of CBI and their 1.5 years investigation will be consider as against their image of James bond. Hence, Court itself ask CBI to inspect the case against. Another Inspection officer Mr. A.G.L. Koul, was very infamous for their records (Comes under PODI-Person of doubtful integrity). He taken case and tested many theory but from the starting he target Mr. Rajesh and Nupur talwar. he done extensive investigation of another 1.5 years and submit closure reports suspecting that Nupur and rajesh was involve into this with poor evidence.


(A picture of Aarushi with her friend)


After submitting the closure report, CBI and Talwaar family, found many evidence which was suggesting to their innocence. Author has tried to portrays this with extensive intelligence and sharpness that this book is worth reading. Author also tried hard to go inside depth and reports submitted by CBI. A great thriller with evidence, forensic reports, lawyers cross argues and court detail. This book stuck to the end and how an system work inside the Uattar pardesh (a state of India). Now why should this book need to be read:

  • To know how all evidence turn against family.
  • What is the real motive of death of 13 yrs old girl.
  • why police denied and hide evidence of domestic maid at first place
  • How writer closely observed this phenomena
  • How can this book highlighted the point which was ignore by High courts.
  • How system and CBI works in India, specially for high profile cases.

At last, this shall be leave upon reader what is his theory for that murder.


AARUSHI TALWAR MURDER Aarushi Talwar’s maternal grandparents wait for the release of their daughter from the Dasa jail. Father (left) is B. G. Chitnis. Mother is Lata Chitnis Credit only: TORONTO STAR PHOTO



Aarushi was just a simple girl in middle class family of India. she has symptoms of modern India, her parents love her, her family and friends love her. How sexist police of UP help to erase real story. She is the girl with high dream. How parents themselves involve into crime or they have been dragged by orthodox thinking of Indian police or CBI.

You can enjoy a Bollywood movie “Talwaar” on same case.

“Dear Aarushi where ever you are !!! Lord Shiva give you peace.”




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