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European Democracy and Loop Holes

As a Citizen of India, I know what democracy and how this serve the purpose of rule the nation. But from my childhood, I was not very much agreed with definition of secularism and liberalism defined under democracy run by west. I believed that, secularism and liberalism is something which is being a bonding force amongst people but surely it has been used as weapon by many people. I have been a country where minorities and special groups used as a vote bank to get vote or politician and media always victimized them in name of majority. In My Country, every single news related to minority run 24 X 7, but when a person from majority is died in communal violence, media and politician try to hide the news. Now question is that what is actual European democracy and its loop holes.


European democracy : I am not expert in this subject but what can I understand by little knowledge that, democracy is comes against the rule of church. This system allow people to vote for their favorite candidate to rule the country. The things which is defined under this, Freedom of speech, practice and protection of different faith (minor and major), gender equality and fundamental rights of education and opportunity. This sound the perfect idea.

Loop Holes: In theocracy it is impossible to say its a system with loop holes. But lets see few equation:-

  1. Freedom of Speech

For Majority: Use of Freedom of speech is subject of progress and critical examination of faith and secularism.

For Minority: Use of Freedom of speech is subject to attack on their rights for practing faith and protection by govt.

Loop Holes: why not same applicable for majority and why abusing their faith is progress no matter how much few believe into that. doesn’t protection of majority faith is same government and intellectual job.

2. Practice and protection of Faith

For majority: They can practice and protect the faith but when its comes to preference over minorities faith, they have given prime importance over majority. Media shut up majority voice of practice and potrection of faith over minority.

For Minority: Many NGO, Govt, Politician and other liberals and secular are die hard tried to protect the faith of minority. Good !! But then they cross line and support immoral practice of their faith which violet the fundamental rights.

Ex. In India, all Muslims womens are against Triple talaq but secular serving the protection to this regressive practice and opposing united civil code.

I reject United Civil Code- Mr farooq against modernization of regressive practice of AIMPLB

See below example in Europe:

‘He didn’t know the boy didn’t want to be raped’ court throws out migrant child sex charge- EU Court

Loop Holes: This give the chance to minority to blackmail government for vote bank and majority notice such incident as discrimination by law to them. This is also become politically correct things in name of appeasement of minorities.

3. gender equality

For majority: It is accepted in any secular and democratic majority and most of developed countries has achieved it.

For Minority: Same minority patch in developed countries practice discrimination against women in name of religious freedom and practice. while many secular and liberals praise and protect this regressive practice in name of protection of their faith.

Loop Hole: No right minded person would believe that segregation of men and women in name of gender and some satanic urge of having sex. No one will supports polygamy, discrimination on divorce law etc. even the most absurd thing is that packing a women head to toe in name of modesty. You will find many group protecting this practice in name of religious freedom. Now this very idea used for vote bank technics also.

4. Fundamental rights of education and opportunity

For majority: Laws work on this subject very tightly that all majority must get rights of education and opportunity equally. Nice this is great idea.

For Minority: Same law provide special aid, reservation, special cut off in education and even in India, birth base opportunity to SC/ST/Dalit. This same law whip talk about equality actually discriminate in name of minority social welfare and reservation in name of birth base caste. specialy in India, this has become poltical tools to get vote and stay devide.

Loop Hole: This kind of opposition of fundamental rights in name of special acts and law for minority is discrimination in very idea of democracy. Secularism and liberalism is used as tools to create socialism and communism which propagate the idea for surprising Majority. At last it used to become political correctness and vote bank which is quite dangerous.


I am against any kind of discrimination in society, no matter it has to be do with minority and majorities’. you can not give special privilege to set of group and think others will accept it name of secularism. If there is opportunity it should be divide on merit and hard-work, not based on appeasement laws and practice by politician to take vote bank.

“I just want to ask what is the benefit of democracy/ constitution if its violets its own fundamental rights in name of secularism, liberalism and humanity.



  1. I like your blog specially about discrimination between majority and minority on the basis of protection of religious faith but gender equality but when you came to reservation of dalits, sc, st and obc, I am not agree with you. This grop constitute almost 80% of population and these people are exploited right from post vedic period and this exploitation is still prevailing. They are still barred from attaining school, entering temple, using common road, keeping mustaches, riding horse on their marriage and using common water resources by the upper caste dabangs of the villages. you can see the incident of Akhalaq and of dalit was striped and lashed in Mahidpur. Reservation is their right and not the mecy of any onke. they still have the need of reservation for them to uplift them. we are living in welfare state which believe in nation development ( development for all) rather than nation progress ( increasing the gdp or increasing the numbers of super rich in the country).


    • Hi YogiChalisa, Thank you so much. I appreciate your point of view in subject and the things you notice. Well In consideration of your disagreement I appreciate and respect your view but as we are humans and things are very subjective to our experience and understanding. I would like to put my thoughts on your disagreement. Pls consider it as a opinion and if you got time you can check my arguments.

      1. dalit population in india is 200 million as per Indian official site in 2011. By that logic they only constitute 20% of population. I do not consider OBC as Dalit’s, because during 1980 to 1989 many backward group include in this frame for vote-bank politics by congress. You can read Mandate: Ashivin Shagvi book for that detail.

      2. We have very few archeological evidence about post Vedic era. But this will surprise you that Indus valley civilization doesn’t have the warrior class and labor class in their time. it has been break into when mohan-je-daro civilization started in near Sindh which was 2500 yrs. before Vedic era. There is imperical evidence which you are claiming about pre Vedic era. about post Vedic era, yes there was discrimination but as per my knowledge these discrimntaion was mostly belongs to marriage and rituals only. but if you look the history of world of that time, this was universal phenomenon. Greece, Egypt, even so called Arabia was following the same pattern of dynastic rule and labor class.

      3. Your arrguments about education in post Vedic era doesn’t match for few examples. Valmiki, Vyas, Kalidas, even Buddha himself were non Brahman but they were educated in vedas. Second, the comment you have chose is from Manusmriti but Manusmriti was not only one dharmasastra. Vashista, narad and chankaya dahrmasastra was also available that time and widly practice which doesn’t do this particular discrimination.

      4.Local Temple is very recent phenomenon, as per my knowledge before 7CE there is very limited temple (pilgrimage) which was open for without cast n creed. This discrimination grown under Mugals and British rules. Brahmans were used and give preference for their knowledge in Sanskrit by British. So they become egoistic. I believed that this temple discrimination is limited to small pockets now because many religious organizations now condemned it openly.

      5. You will find to know that many dalits been worshiped by Brahmans itself in many local rituals. one of them famous in Karnataka, Uttaranchal etc. so what I widly consider that discrimination against dalits was there but it was continually been challenged by scholar like ravidas, kabir, vyas, Valmiki, dayanad saraswati etc. and accepted/rejected by society
      6. Incident like Akhlaq and dalit atorcities shows the dark side of our societies but that doesn’t give an generalization that all upper caste is brutal and discrimate. I live in a city like delhi where approx. 2 cr people (1.25%) of India doesn’t do discrimination. So the things is that people are changing, but the reservation is doing or creating a birth based discrimination itself. I have seen many Dalits who has enough money to be not called poor or oppressed but they enjoyed it. So my view is that this must be made as economical based reservation now rather than birth or jati base. At least it should be removed from ultra-modern cities. Muslims also involve in attempt of violent act against Hindus in outside n inside the country. So that doesn’t mean all Muslims are extremist. Generalization is first step of extremism.
      7. no we living in hole which run by vote bank politics in name of SC/ST/OBC, religion, ideology and even terrorism against idol worshiper. So this progressive state can be progressive it will understand the very basic definition of equality.
      “Equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities for majority and minorities”


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