NDTV Ban- Why Indian Media shall be more responsible and Shut Up. #NDTVBan

NDTV (New Delhi Television Limited) is a part of Indian media TV which is famous for many thing. One of the thing is there reporting from War Zone. NDTV is famous for record breaking journalism during Kargil War and 26/11. This channel also done report uncut version of videos during Pattankot attack in India. This attack is lead by Terrorist Hafiz Syed (based on Pakistan) in revenge of Killing of Burhan Wani (a terrorist from Hafez syed network) by Indian Army. Recently, Pakistan PM also acknowledge that their sympathy to Burhan Wani.

Now Why GOI has impose one day ban on NDTV. This is very controversial today, imposing Ban on media. Opposition of India, blaming Government of India for gauging media and claiming that this is first time in Indian history that any media been banned by any Government.

Now Lets examine the each and every claim of Opposition:-

Fake claim #01  : Government of India, (BJP) is responsible for Ban on NDTV India.

Ban Imposed on NDTV is circulated by The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting after detailed search and information gather in last 5 months. MIB has called this ban under the constitution and law. The Government claims NDTV India correspondent had potentially compromised national security by saying, in a January 4 near-live broadcast, that “two terrorists are alive, and there is a weapons depot near where they are. The soldiers, the National Security Guard officers, who are exchanging fire with the terrorists, are concerned that if the terrorists reach the weapons depot, it will be difficult to eliminate them”.

Lets examine what law permit such ban on media.

Rule 6(1)(P) of the Cable Television Networks Regulation Act makes it illegal for Indian news broadcasters to transmit live coverage of an ongoing counter-terrorist operation, allowing them only to use statements of a designated official spokesperson during this period.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only championed media freedom but also pointed to the importance of editorial validation that is missing in social media but is key with regular media. If the organised media does not meet the information requirements of the public at large, irresponsible rumours are likely to spread on social media. The charge that the news channel ‘disclosed’ that the air force base contained MiG warplanes, ammunition and mortars is ridiculous. In the absence of such disclosure, does the committee imply, those who planned the attack would have expected to find sailboats and no weapons or ammunition? To say that by disclosing that the base contained a school, it endangered civilians is to assume that the terrorists wandered into the Pathankot base, knowing nothing about what all the base contained, instead of scoping out the place in advance and mounting a pre-planned attack.

Yes, the media must show restraint while covering matters of national security.

On a sight on NDTVs history, various cases and controversies against NDTV can be found.

  • A case against NDTV was filed by CBI in 1988 on the charges of corruption and criminal conspiracy.
  • NDTV was also involved in the 2G-spectrum scam, Barkha Dutt, the group editor at NDTV is still being investigated by the CBI.
  • NDTV is also alleged to have violated Indian tax and corporate laws.
  • NDTV was one of the first news channels to report the live coverage (along with live footage) of Mumbai 2008 terror attack.
  • NDTV is alleged to have reported false and biased news against the political party BJP and RSS during the 2014 elections.
  • Biased and manipulative news reporting on beef ban, Pakistani terrorist Naved’s capture, the current ongoing JNU and a few other issues.

Fake claim #02: This Ban on TV Media is first time in History of India

The Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC), which looked into the matter has in their comments, mentioned clearly that the threat to national security cannot be justified on any grounds whatsoever, sources said. The IMC also noted that this was not the first violation by the channel and that there are previous incidents where the channel had violated the Program code of Cable act,” a source said. Senior officials in the I&B ministry also said that this is not the first time when an order has been issued to take a channel off air. Since 2005, 28 such orders banning channels from one day to two months have been issued when the channels had been found violating the cable TV rules and programme code guidelines.

Of these, around 21 orders were issued against different channels during the term of the Congress-led UPA,” an official said. Sources said the IMC had noted with grave concern that the channel had revealed sensitive detail like location of ammunition depot and place where terrorists were held up, location of school and residential areas which could have been misused by handlers of the intruders.


Reason of Fake claims: Why Opposition (Congress) playing this politics when they have invented this idea of banning Media

Detaining opposition leaders, blacking out tv channels- all in a day’s work in Modiji’s India. -shocking & unprecedented https://twitter.com/ndtv/status/794234637820129280 

Office of RG

The Congress vice-president must know that the draconian law that empowers a government to black out TV channels at whim was first brought in by his own party’s government in 1995. Will somebody please tell him that? He should also be told that it was again a Congress government, which actually banned a channel for a month in 2007 though for different reasons.

The law in question goes by the title of The Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act 1995, and has a vaguely worded and absurd Section 20 that gives the government sweeping powers against channels. This Section 20 originally had the following paragraph in 1995 when the Narasimha Rao government enacted the law:

20. Power to prohibit operation of cable television network in public interest

Where the Central Government thinks it necessary or expedient so to do in public interest, it may prohibit the operation of any cable television network in such areas as it may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify in this behalf.

Where the Central Government thinks it necessary or expedient so to do in the

interest of the —

(i) sovereignty or integrity of India; or

(ii) security of India; or

(iii) friendly relations of India with any foreign State; or

(iv) public order, decency or morality,

it may, by order, regulate or prohibit the transmission or re-transmission of any channel or programme.

The words used in (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) are so conveniently vague and wonderfully elastic that any channel can be anytime accused of committing ghastly crimes against the country if the government so wishes.

While confirming the death sentence on Kasab on 29 August, 2012, Justices Aftab Alam and CK Prasad said the coverage of the Mumbai attacks led to a situation where, on the one hand, the terrorists were completely hidden and the security forces had no means to know their exact positions or the kind of firearms and explosives they possessed and, on the other, the positions of the security forces, their weapons and all their operational movements “were being watched by the collaborators across the border on TV screens and being communicated to the terrorists”.

Earlier, the Manmohan Singh government issued “advisories” to TV channels twice in 2008 and once in 2009 telling them to desist from reporting details that would give away the location and movement of security forces during anti-terror operations.

Reader are free to decide that when an law is available under the Ministry of Information and Broadcast, which is approved by constitution of India. How so Practicing such law is crime against free media, will not we should held responsible media also for lose journalism and forced them to take more responsibility. Why not we should called it Opposition opportunism.

Media and news is not only about opposing current government and appeasing one section, it is not about always supporting terrorist in name of Human rights, News are intended to transport truth from every corner of a nation. Any news which is dangerous to National interest shall be dealt with strict law.

India is biggest than any thing and Constitituion and law is above than everything.

No media can harm a nation in name of free speech. No media can harm his own citizen in name of minorities appeasement. Media has every right to ask question, but they don’t have right to be judge of supreme court of this country. This country run by Constitution, Law, media, Public will and progressive leader. Just claiming authority over free speech will drag media into tyrant relation ship with even most of the public of nation.