#TrumpVsClinton: What we could learn from US election 2016?

Today is the day when United States chose his 45th president – Donald J Trump. Many peoples are shocked by result of the election, because including me, many were not expecting the victory of Republican candidate – Trump. But, Truth is Truth and This truth is bitter in reality. I will try to look back to this election for assessment what is goes wrong with democrats. How it could be possible for Donald J Trump to grab the US president throne after such odd polls and negativity in Mainstream media.

  1. Silent Majority of United State of America.

I consider this one of the most powerful reason for Trump winning this election. Silent majority can be lean towards Trump for his more nationalistic but less world policing image. We all know that after late 70’s US foreign policy has become pain for many countries and US itself. There was an obsession to control the world on US term which was initially appreciated by silent majority as a vision of great America superpower. But in later stage, after failure in Vietnam War, Afghan War and unnecessarily Iraq war produce distaste amongst American silent majorities towards American attempt to be poking all over the world. They don’t want to lose their family members in obsession of world control. They (local American) don’t want to feel hatred from china, Middle East and other countries because their Govt is obsessed with moral policing of world. This silent majority is one of them which have felt the heat of appeasement for minority in Obama era of US rule. These people wanted to be equally treated under US Mainstream media, in eyes of liberals and minorities protectors. They wanted to be heard inside media which never missed the chance to demonized anyone who criticized minorities and their regressive culture example is Robert spencer and Sam Harris (once at a time). In Last decade all countries majority has feel the same way that they have been oppressed by media, liberals and secular in name of minority rights and appeasement by ruling government for vote banks. This sense has thrown them to a person who claims to hear them which is now D J Trump.

  1. Conservatives and theist christen effect of United States.

We all know that democrats are famous for their blunt opinion on religion and conservatives view. But we cannot deny the facts that democrats chose those attacks vary selectively. specially in democracy like India, where majorities religious values and customs has been questioned by free media and liberals in each steps but a full bypass has been given to minorities regressive customs and religious value in name of minorities protection can raise the temperature amongst majorities. I think this gap is clearly visible with the help of social media. Many US devotee christen doesn’t want to be judge by peoples who are atheist, liberals, media liberals & communist for their faith and believe (truth is not matter for them, they are happy in that position), they just wanted to be heard equally like communist and liberals in media and stage provided to them. While media always shown them as a regressive and primitive people who has faith in some divine thing. This bitterness has turned them against the democrats.

  1. Nationalist who don’t want to be betrayed in United States.

We know that in every country we have population who love their nation more than anything. They don’t want to break the old image of their nation as a superpower. They are not ready to accept that their soldiers die in war and government only talks about cold solutions. They want to be stand for their dignity and national security. Obama support or use of Veto against a case for 9/11 which has turns off these people towards democrats. Obama lame talk about radicals around the world and forced impose image of Russia as a competitor of US has irritate them. They don’t want to hear the same broken record after each terrorist attacks in US and anywhere in world. They want some action against the people who killed in name of extremist and suddenly they find Clinton funding from same countries which has been portrayed by media as funded nation to terrorist groups. This double standard of democrats turns them down this time.

  1. People who fear from intrusion and terrorist attack.

In US last 5 years, US faced many attack in local level, people been killed for being gay. Pakistan’s terrorist been killing all over the US. Radicalization level has been ignored by Obama Govt in last two decade. They just want to get rid of this in once. I think this will help republican to create fear amongst the people for their security and win their votes by claiming the tough action on intruders and suspected immigrants.

  1. Not so liberal religious core as they claim in United states.

India chose his first female PM in 1972 as a “Indira Gandhi” and people trusted her because people of India believed in female power in form of Goddess Durga and Kali. Even opposition has said to her as “Goddess Durga” during war with East Pakistan in 1971. This shows mindset of people. India always was believed women power and their capability of rule the world due to their religious values. While US Judo-christen deep religious core never accepted women as a leader and very important person. No women was pope, no women was prominent member of any church. This show how Patriarchy American deep values have. They can never accept women in powerful post after claiming being most liberals and gender equal. Please don’t compare with local people life of India to US because India religious structure is not same at local level. in many places women consider most powerful or many places they consider second class citizen. But in religious term no one can denied women worship as a goddess.

  1. United states internal break down which is has been hidden from world.

US are always been successful for portraying themselves an equal and powerful nation. But reality is something which has not cover up by MS media. US still has highest number of rape (reported), US still has racial behavior, US still suffering from Obama care, US still has gender inequality, US still has hatred for minorities, US is under radicalization breakdown, US is facing internal state war for power and breaking. US have low quality education and less completion. US have de-industrialization which is hurting people. US power belongs to lobbyist, matchmakers, liberals and secular, people who can exploit the system. Middle class know this truth. This thing which is not part of mainstream media but has big circle in social media is concerned to middle class. They don’t want to live in coco land anymore. I think this has turn off many voters of United States of America.


  1. Silent majority need a stage to be heard, their thought shall be taken by MS media without mocking them.
  2. People of theist shall not be forced to guilt on their faith. No faithful is mental patient or no atheist is super intelligent. They both be treated equally, no matter how much disagree they are. You cannot make a global world by just rejecting someone thought because that’s not match with current science.
  3. US need more action than talk. They need to cut any tie with terrorist country, no matter how much that country important for their financial and future goal. Terrorism is the real threat to world.
  4. US need to convince people who, every terrorist shall be treated equally without cast, creed and religion.
  5. US need to be more liberal in term of women acceptance as a leader.
  6. US need to look his own country before claiming HR violation to other country. they do not need to be monitor of world. People are not that fool now.