Book Review: The Desception Point by Dan Brown

 Information is power.

                                                           A phrase inside white house and intelligence worlds.

Ratings: 4/5

“Deception” is something which we all know and have face at one point of time. Dan brown amazingly portrayed the power game of white house. White house is world  most powerful office in this world and this novel drag you to gallery of this power hangover office and their people who worked inside them( fictionally). This my second continuous read after inferno of Dan brown. I must say, this book is not equally charming of Inferno but no one can denied the power of twist given by Dan in this novel. This novel started with a bitter relation ship between a data analyzer daughter of NRO and power-hungry senator of US (and father of that data analyzer). Their relation ship was become the turning point of this lengthy novel.

The most fundamental thing which I like in Dan novel is “Details”. Yes, he describe things such a minute manner that sometime I need to use Google for understanding the concept. Without doubt its an add to my intelligent also, because most of the things describe in Dan novel is not pure fiction (Except stories). Well again moving towards the plot, Rachel Sexston (NRO data analyzer) get an Invitation from President of United state, Henry for a secrete meeting in White house. His NRO Boss was not comfortable with that meeting and he warn Rachel that President can use her politically because she belongs to his power opponent Sedgwick Sexston (senator who is running for presidential race and has high voting than president). On the other side, Senator has a powerful & Beautiful intern i.e. Gabrielle with him, whom he had fucked hard one night. This intern received mail from some unknown source which lead her the weakness of NASA and their overspending. Senator used President blind love to NASA as weapon to win the election and he was good into that.


The White House The Most powerful place on Earth

William Pickering, Director of NRO is very much concerned about the national security issue raised by NASA. Their advance technology of EOS and PODS has become pain for intelligence agency like CIA and NSA including NRO. He wanted to control NASA through military way so he can monitor their activities and be sure about the leaks will not go public. Now, the problem with Pickering is blind love of president. Now, his one of employee is called by president and he don’t know what is the reason. Rachel reach to the president and he guided her to Arctic glaciers. where she find a truth which is beyond everyone imagination. Initially she got doubt into that NASA discovery, but a collective team of Michel Tolland, Corky (Dr. Marsh…). Dr. Norah and Dr. Ming Yung give her irrefutable prove that she had to believe that. She gave her assessment on discovery of NASA to president.

Now, President want to use this information as political fight with Rachel’s Father. But something happen in NASA lab on Arctic which forced all civilian scientist to rethink their theory of this discovery. They went out for tracing that theory and hit by the most deadly task force in the world. Two scientists died in this course of time.



NRO is the world largest data analysis intelligent agency which work directly under president of United State of America


Rachel and Michel has tried to solve the mysteries on their attack and an mismatched data which they found recently. This journey of understanding the quest and question which raised in their mind thrown them in between of political wars of Washington DC. Novel creates the great sense of thrill and excitement as you down with each pages. Dan brown without doubts put his best efforts to make it excitement, political, thrilling and full of information.

Besides of other things, character of corky and his tuning with rest of team is funny. Technical data provided into novel is authentic and unbelievable at some point of time. My only problem with novel is its description on time of Rachel situation under sea water. Dan drag this situation so much to make it emotional but I think he failed into that. Michel sometime seems no match to Robert Langton. Both are academic but Robert elegant knowledge of symbolism has not match with Michel knowledge of oceanography. Robert is much powerful character invented by Dan brown.


NASA The world largest leading space agency which has monopoly in many sector of space.

NASA has been crucial part in this novel and their thrust for being super space agency is real point of this novel. But I have Spoiler for reader also. While one side stories of Rachel and Michel grab your attention, other side story of Gabrielle , senator and president will not make that happy. sometimes details of political talk is too complex (may be its only for me because I am dumb in politics) . Power hungry senator, confused secretary, opportunist white house adviser, silent and power full NRO director and adventure trusty group of scientist make this story revolve around the truth claimed by NASA and it has been found hoax by civil scientist.

Plot is great advantage while to technicality of things might be a bit bitter to fiction lover. But I would like to end with a note that:

Deception is something which we have our life in various level. The only thing important is we must know what it is.


Arctic glaciers

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