Shorya Diwas and Story behind Babari Masjid demolition


(Disclaimer: Content is taken from Book – Indian culture and Indian future by Michel Danino)

A small Insight into the time of Babari Masjid demolition and real reason behind the strike on Babari Mosque. This is small articles on how just for political appeasement of congress and UP Govt for Muslims will become reason of death for few protester and oppression of majorities religious feeling by a govt who captured and ruined every single religious sentiments in name of secularism.

A long festering controversy which has recently resurfaced with Sept. 2010 judgement of Allahabad High court (case was filled more than sixty years). Here is place spoken in Ramayana and many subsequent texts as the birthplace of Lord Rama , a place where worshiping of Rama has been attested for centuries. (by numerous Muslim documents, an 18th CE Australian Traveler, the Jesuit and Geographer Joseph Tieffenthaler, and revenue records of British times), finally the place where according to Hindu Tradition, a temple dedicated to Rama had existed before it was demolished by Muslim Invaders, who built mosque in its place. In 1936 the mosque was locked and forgotten by Muslim communities due to various claim done by both groups. 13 years later, Hindus find an image of Lord Rama and Sita installed inside it. Tension rose again and British government postpone the decision. Until 1992 hindus were filling the petition in court after Independence. some were more than 60 years old but congress and secular govt denied to take stand on this burning issue.

Beside of above traditional and historical claim, hard evidence existed from other source like textual as well as documented history. The Hindu tradition of Rama birthplace in Ayodhaya is recorded by Muslim writers such as Abul Fazal, Akabr’s chronicler. The demolition of Rama Temple followed by the construction of Babari masjid in 1528 by Mir Baqi (which is mentioned in his historical texts proudly, and killing of Hindus).

Except that, physical evidence like 14 black stone pillars being Hindu motifs and deities could be seen inside mosque which could not be a case if Mosque was built on nothing. In 1975 archaeologist B.B. Lal conducted limited excavation close to mosque; they brought light on pillar based below the mosque level, which suggest pre existing large structure. Crucially a large stone inscription emerges from demolition which was in Devanagari. Its spokes about “Vishnu-Hari” and “to the killer of ten headed”.

Latest in 2003, High court order for fresh excavation by ASI, in which they found layers amount of artifacts, as well as fifty pillars which was truly showing the presence of Hindu structure. This massive evidence convince Allahabad High Court, which allow to Two Hindu organisation to have third of the dispute land.

Many communist and Marxist tried to doge the subject in court by referring that Rama was mythological figure than historical. But I think its irreverent. Ayodhaya is similar place for Hindus, like for Muslims is Mecca and Christens is Bethlehem which is respected worldwide as Jesus birth place without any proof.

In Oct. 2010 All India Muslim Personal Law Board again raise the issue in High court verdict in supreme court on that” this issue can be short out when claim of Muslims upheld”. This predictable stand is challenged by many Muslims and groups as that mosque was not so important pilgrimage for them. Even in UP they collect 15 lakh for Rama Mandir.


Bharat, the land of Hindus, is a continuing civilization, and perhaps the only one which can boldly claim to have had a longstanding tradition of settling disputes, both religious and secular, through discussion and debate which were conducted fairly, before it was tuckered out of existence by Islamic tyranny like so many other things Hindu.

It is a shame to learn that the Ayodhya dispute even after so many years of outcry and bloodshed has remained unresolved. Why? Where is the problem? The problem is the truth or more precisely the inability of the Indian establishment to deal with it. Truth can be inconvenient, and it takes courage and conviction to stand by it, qualities that the Indian establishment lacks totally.

The Indian establishment has been opposed to everything that doesn’t fit into its flimsy idea of India ever since its inception. And what is this Idea of India? It is an idea based not so much on objective truth and historical verities but on the whims and fancies of a bigoted man called Nehru. The crucible of Nehruvian ideas has survived until this day, it dies hard. Even those who claim to have sprung from ideologies rooted in the civilizational past of India have done little to break away from it. On the contrary, they have embraced it shamelessly to gain acceptance.

The slaughter of Hindus at the hands of Muslim conquerors has been unprecedented in the history of mankind. Compared to it, the holocaust of the Jews in Nazi Germany appears but a mild undertaking. Yet, the history books are silent. And even when a mention of such extreme hostilities on Hindus becomes unavoidable, the facts are either distorted or glossed over in the favor of the invader. This has been the norm in the intellectual fraternity of India, which is largely dominated even today by the left leaning thinkers and historians. It is these shoddy scholars who have been peddling the anti-temple argument even when there is a mountain of evidence to suggest to the contrary. What is interesting to note is that so far none of them have actually refuted any of the arguments based on material evidence advanced by the pro-temple right leaning scholars. Far from taking on those arguments head on, they conveniently ignore them in favor of more vulnerable, badly put together, pamphlets meant for the consumption of common man.

The anti-temple scholars maintain that the temple never existed without giving any positive evidence for holding such a position.
If it is true that there was no temple at the site, then what existed there before the mosque was built? There is no reason why the site must be unable to throw up facts about its history. As much as it is incumbent upon the pro-temple proponents to provide evidence for the temple, the anti-temple scholars must provide positive evidence to prove their point. So far, the anti-temple scholars have relied upon finding faults with the evidence furnished by the pro-temple party without advancing their own hypothesis as to what might have existed, if not a temple, at the site before the mosque was built.

But Still Most of Muslims groups (radical and Political) denied to give rightful place to Hindus after having tons of Physical and textual evidence.

This remind me a story in Mahabharata, where Krishna ask Duryodhana to give only five village to Pandvas so that war can be prevented. But Ignorance and ego of Duryodhana denied that small request leads to a war which is devastated for both side.